Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game?

Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game

The golf grip is the golfer’s most significant accessory. Some refer to it as the game’s lifeline. A secure grip enables the golfer to exert maximum control over his shot. They would be wise to value these grips because they have a direct effect on the pace of their swing.

If you have larger hands, hand arthritis, or a tendency to grip the club too tightly, Midsize or Jumbo golf grips could significantly improve your game.

As a general guideline, if you wear a Large / Cadet Large or larger golf glove, a Midsize or Jumbo grip will suit you properly.

Oversized golf grips are gaining popularity. Historically, these grips were saved to assist seniors who suffered from arthritis. This has altered significantly in recent years.

Players are discovering that moving to bigger grips has a number of substantial advantages, as long as they are capable of swinging with them.

If you are a golfer who likes to play with a small cadet golf glove, this post is not for you.To play with a larger golf grip, you must have a certain hand size.

Golf grips that are oversized are primarily used to assist golfers with larger hands.

A golfer with larger hands will experience improved wrist movement, less grip pressure, reduced discomfort, and possibly improved ball trajectory. Without a doubt, these are all advantages that any golfer may grow accustomed to.

Now the question is why do oversize golf grips improve your game? So let’s discuss it.

Why Choose an Oversized Golf Grip?

Using a larger golf grip has a noticeable effect on the four main bases:

  • Grip Pressure
  • Wrist Motion
  • Helping Balls Trajectory
  • Comfort & Relief Pain

Even if one of these variables is incorrect, it can have a significant impact on your game, and for many players, the typical grip size simply does not fit the bill. Thus, it’s always worth experimenting with a larger grip to see whether the overall feel improves.

Grip Pressure

The amount of pressure you can apply to your grip is a critical factor in determining the quality of your swing.

If you apply too little pressure, you will quickly lose control of the club. Excessive pressure results in shocking errors such as duffing, topping, and severe slices and pulls.

Large golf grips simply allow you to apply greater pressure without putting your fingertips under unnecessary strain.

This is undoubtedly beneficial for golfers with larger hands, but it is also beneficial for anyone who believes they must grip their club too tightly in order to generate sufficient pressure.

Possessing slightly relaxed hands while retaining adequate grip pressure can be really beneficial.

Wrist Motion

Along with increased grip pressure, a primary objective of bigger grips is to reduce wrist motion. Excessive wrist motion is a fairly prevalent golf swing fault and one of the primary causes of inaccuracy.

Simply put, the more excessively your wrists move, the more likely you are to veer drastically left or right.Large golf grips are designed to make wiggling your wrists more challenging when you swing back and through.

After some practice, your wrists will develop the ability to maintain a steady position, freeing your shoulders and club head to perform the heavy lifting.This can significantly improve the cleanliness of your swing, resulting in more consistently accurate shots.

Helping Balls Trajectory

Larger grips can help golfers with larger hands feel more in control of the club without having to grasp it too tightly. A player’s confidence and control over the golf club will improve their compression.

Comfort & Relief Pain

Golf, like any other sport, can result in bodily harm. Arthritis is a prevalent ailment among enthusiastic golfers, a condition that causes joint discomfort and swelling.

A golf club grip that is too tight takes its toll on the fingers, compromising their long-term health.

Apart from arthritis, even moderate discomfort while holding a golf club might have a detrimental effect on your game.

Not only will it damage your physical grip and swing, but it will also have an effect on your psyche, distracting and upsetting you to the point that playing the game becomes unenjoyable.

A big golf grip can be an extremely effective way to alleviate pain and suffering. By needing less tension from your hands, large grips promote relaxation, reducing strain on your fingers.

If you feel more secure, your game will improve significantly — and you will also be safeguarding the long-term health of your hands.

Golf Club Grip Sizes

According to a research conducted by “Golf Magazine,” the majority of golfers use grips that are too large for their clubs. The test entails hitting shots with a variety of club grip sizes.

As a result, 92% of the golfers tested said they would choose a different grip size. This study demonstrates that the standard grip size, or the size that the player is equipped with, is not always the optimal size for the player. Additionally, experimenting with different sizes can help them improve their skills.

The size of a golfer’s hand dictates the size of his or her club grip. The distance in inches between the wrist crease and the tip of the middle finger is the golf grip’s length measurement. There are numerous sizes available on the market, allowing players to select the size that is most comfortable for them.

Apart from the regular size, little hands (ladies’ grips), large hands (men’s grips), tiny hands (junior grips), and extra-large hands (jumbo grips) are also available. We’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent formal grip sizes in golf circles.

                         Size                           Inchs
                     Jambolarger than 9 ¼ inches – 1/8 inches Larger than standard
                    MidSizefrom 8 ¼ to 9 ¼ inches – 1/16 inches Larger than standard;
                  Undersizeless than 7 inches, 1/64 inches smaller than standard;
                   Standard7 to 8 ¾ in.

20 Potential Golf Benefits of Oversized Grips

Using bigger grips is not simply a fashion statement; it is a proven theory that can help you enhance certain parts of your game.

Numerous professionals adhere to this ideology for a variety of reasons. The following list summarizes twenty reasons why bigger golf grips can help you improve your game.

While most of the reasons may sound identical, even the smallest distinction can make a significant impact in golf.

  1. Square hit
  2. Reduces the amount of wrist movement
  3. Reduce grip pressure during the entire swing
  4. Large hands
  5. Control
  6. Shot Accuracy
  7. Shot shape
  8. Better absorption of the shock of impact or a mis-hit
  9. Trajectory impact
  10. Additional power for distance
  11. Create slice
  12. Prevent hooking or over swinging
  13. Weak grips
  14. Joint pain or other pain relief
  15. Clubs feel lighter
  16. Smooth putting stroke
  17. Reduces nervousness
  18. Arthritis
  19. Comfort
  20. Relaxed grip

Which Golf Grip Sizes Are the Best?


Our Ratings

One of the most popular oversize grips is Super Stroke. These grips are made to be comfortable while still giving you a good sense of what’s going on with your hands.

They are slightly tapered to facilitate balanced hand pressure and feature a multi-layer design for balanced performance.

Additionally, Super Stroke manufactures grips designed exclusively for putters that are well worth checking out.


Our Ratings

This Lamkin grip is soft, elegant, and durable, and can provide months, if not years, of comfort – rain or shine.

They are tapered similarly to a regular grip, but the larger diameter combined with the sensitive rubber compound provides a far more comfortable grip.


Our Ratings

This Lamkin grip is soft, elegant, and durable, and can provide months, if not years, of comfort – rain or shine.

They are tapered similarly to a regular grip, but the larger diameter combined with the sensitive rubber compound provides a far more comfortable grip.

Pros & Cons of Oversized Grips for Driver, Woods and Hybrids

Using larger grips on longer golf clubs requires the correct hand size to release the club.

Releasing a longer golf club, like as a fairway wood or a driver, requires a significant amount of swing speed and coordination.

If you select an enormous grip that is too large for your hands, you may find yourself frequently leaving the ball to the right.

The advantage of converting to an enlarged driver grip is that it provides players with larger hands with additional surface area on the club, allowing for a better connection and maybe higher club head speed.

Pros & Cons of Oversized Grips for Wedges

If you have large hands and use oversized grips on all of your clubs, it makes perfect sense to incorporate them into your wedges as well. There is one advantage and one disadvantage to using a larger grip on your wedges.

On the plus side, the oversized grip should keep a golfer’s wrists from being overworked when playing chip and pitch shots.

On the downside, the oversized grip can occasionally make it more difficult to feel and control shots. Almost always, it boils down to ensuring that your hand can accept the golf grip’s size.

Pros & Cons of Oversized Grips for Putters

If you’re considering moving to a bigger golf grip, start with the putter grip. Additionally, oversized putter handles are beneficial for individuals with small hands. You aim to eliminate all wrist motion in your putting stroke. When your putter grip is enormous or supersized, it makes it much more difficult to flip your wrists and direct the ball with your hands.

The only criticism some users have with the extra-large grip on the putter is that it causes them to lose some feel on the putting greens. While this is not true for all gofers, it may take some trial and error to locate the appropriate large putting grip.

How to Know If You Are Using the Accurate Size of Grips

Most of the golfers use the wrong sized golf grips for years without realizing they can adjust it. Knowing different grip sizes and reading this guide will put you ahead of the game.

Grip sizes are ideal for golfers who wear medium to large gloves. If your hand fits comfortably inside these gloves, a conventional grip will be sufficient for your game.

If you wear an XL or Small glove, you may need to adjust your grip size. If a medium or jumbo golf grip is too big for you, there are other options.

Double-sided tape covers your golf grips. The double-sided tape keeps your golf grip on the club and prevents it from moving when you swing. The tape can be applied in one layer or in layers. Adding layers of tape thickens the grip and accommodates larger hands.

A personalized fitting should include selecting the ideal grip for your hand. A local club repair shop can help if you don’t want a fitting but suspect that your grips are too small.

Then try a few clubs with varying grip sizes to determine which one feels the most natural. If you can, attempt to take a few swings with the grip on.

A grip’s setup feel can differ from its impact feel. Before you regrip your complete set of golf clubs, think about both options.

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What do PGA Tour Champions Think About Oversized Grips?

In 1979, Paul Scott Runyan, one of the 1930s’ greatest players, stated that golf clubs with thick grips provide a solid stroke.

Paul won the 1934 and 1938 PGA Championship tours.

In addition to winning five PGA Tour events and a total of 18 tournaments, John Daly and Bubba Watson each enlarged the grip size by wrapping three or four wraps of tape beneath the grip.

K.J. Choi, a 29-time winner on the PGA Tour, was credited with establishing a trend in 2007 when he utilized the SuperStroke Fatso grip on his putter and went on to win the AT&T National, the Sony Open, and The Players Championship.

Choi stated that employing these grips aided in the improvement of his strokes by enhancing his wrist movement.

Jordan Spieth, the 2013 John Deere Classic champion, utilized SuperStroke’s Flatso Ultra-grip throughout the game.

He stated that after he installed the thick grip on his club, he found that it enabled him to comfortably place both of his thumbs on the grip.

F.A.Q About Oversized Golf Grips

Is a Large Golf Grip the Best Option for Me?

If any of these questions are yes, it’s probably a good idea to look at some larger grips. If you want to make a selection only on the basis of your hand size, you can use this Lamkin guide to find the optimal grip for you.

What Happens When Golf Grips Are Overly Large?

Oversized golf grips have a plethora of advantages, many of which we have already discussed. However, grips that are far too large for your hands may have some negative consequences.

You can anticipate erratic shots or even mis-hits. Failure could occur as a result of an extra-large grip altering the angle of your wrist on the downswing.

It will decrease your swing speed and, as a result, your square hit onto the ball at impact. As long as you can handle them comfortably, oversized golf grips improve your game.

How Do Oversized Golf Grips Help Me Play Better?

Oversized golf grips provide a secure hold on the club, which considerably enhances golf ball trajectory.

Additionally, due to the reduced wrist activity and complete leverage of the shoulder movement, oversized golf grips support more significant golf swings.

Many people, particularly pros, favor this sort of grip for putting due to the relaxed motion that significantly improves the putting stroke. Additionally, oversized grips aid taller or older players with arthritis, allowing them to continue to enjoy this excellent game.

Who Should Use Large Golf Grips?

In general, everybody can benefit from oversized golf grips. However, in some extreme cases, such as small hands with large grips, the effect may be reversed.

As previously said, some advantages may work for some types of golfers while others may not. It is recommended that before selecting to play with bigger golf grips, you hit a few shots to get a feel for the grip and see how it affects your game.

Apart from that, tall golfers with huge hands and elderly who suffer from arthritis or joint pain are

major benefactors of oversized golf grips.

Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game – Final Word

We sincerely hope that our explanation of big grips and the benefits and drawbacks they may have on your golf game has been helpful.

The huge golf grip can help golfers with larger hands or seniors with arthritis or stiffness in their hands.

Before changing up the grips on all of your clubs, try and hit a few shots with a bigger grip to see how it will impact the feel of the club. You may not be prepared for how a little alteration like this may make a significant difference in your game.

Starting with an enlarged grip on your putter is a fantastic way to ease into the world of larger golf grips.

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