Why is Golf So Hard ? And The Solution!

why is golf so hard

Do you know why golf is so hard? Let’s understand about it. We know that golf is one of the most popular games Currently on the planet. And golf is holding so many strict rules. That’s why golf is difficult for an amateur golfer.

Golf is one of the most perfect games ever. Because you have to play well every round and every shot has to be hit perfectly. If you are an amateur, you have to practice continuously. Mind it, only Practice can make a man perfect.

Let’s talk more deeply about why is golf so difficult?



If you watch golf on TV, you may have noticed that the game is becoming extremely physical. Golfers must be in better physical shape to participate in the game.

It used to be that no matter what your appearance or physical condition was, you could learn how to play Golf. You have to be patient and practice continuously, and after, you can be an expert golfer day by day.

When Tiger Woods began to excel, it was discovered that he spent as much time in the gym as he did on the golf field.

Physical conditioning was a relatively new concept for golfers, as it was previously believed that it had little impact on the game.

Bryson DeChambeau is the most recent example of how physical fitness is affecting Golf. Bryson spent some time working on his physical conditioning to improve his ability to hit the ball further.

This shows how important the physical aspect of the game is.

You’ll need more muscle and less fat if you want to increase your speed and distance. Golfers who are in better physical shape can not only hit the ball further, but they can also hit it more accurately.

People will become tired at the end of the round when tiredness sets in, and they will hit terrible shots. Those who are in superior physical shape can go through the day without becoming exhausted and missing shots.

Golfers must have good hand-eye coordination in addition to being in good physical condition. Golfing is likely difficult if you can’t make contact with a Whiffle ball thrown at you.

You’ll be a better golfer if you have greater hand-eye coordination.


A crucial aspect of golf is the mental game.

If you’re new to the game, you might not realize how both good and bad ideas can affect your golf game.

How often have you told yourself that you won’t hit the ball in the water just to hit it there?

When it comes to your golfing success, your mentality plays a significant role. If you intend to play this game for years, it’s a good idea to begin researching mental methods and thinking.

Besides these mental tactics and positive thoughts, you should have a serious conversation with yourself about your capabilities.

It’s fantastic if you hit the ball 230 yards; if you continue to say you hit it 250, you’re going to get in trouble. Make an honest assessment of your golf abilities so that you can change your mental game properly.

There are a variety of activities you can take to begin assisting yourself in achieving the mental level required for success in golf. All it takes is a couple of positive swing thoughts to get you on your path to shooting lower scores.

In fact, improving one’s mental game can be more beneficial than changing one’s physical game in some cases. Remember that the mental game also applies to the putting green, chipping green, and tee.

3. Golf Course

Golf Course

The golf course is another reason why golf is so difficult.

Not only does the golf course vary from one round to the next, but it also changes during your round. Because of the morning dew, the course may be wet and the greens may be slower if you play golf at 7 a.m.

The fairways will be dry by the time you reach the 18th hole, the ball may roll an extra five yards or so.

This isn’t to say that there is a specific time of day when you should play golf. It just indicates that the golf course is constantly changing.

If you’re aware of this, it can help you improve your golf game dramatically. Each time you play golf, the weather will be different.

Humidity and coldness will affect how the ball reacts, as well as how your body reacts. Some golf courses are simply more difficult than others.

When you look at a golf course like Bethpage Black, which has hosted the US Open, there is even a disclaimer that the course is difficult.

You read the notice before teeing off, and it says that unless you are an expert golfer, you should not attempt the course.

We’re not sure what else would turn a new player off.

Golf courses can also be very simple, making the game easier to play.

However, only a small percentage of golfers have ever learned to “master” even a simple course.


The management of a golf course differs from the management of a golf course. Another reason golf is so difficult is because of course management.

When playing a sport like a basketball, you have the full court in front of you. You can clearly see where you’re headed, and all of the essentials are laid out for you.

Although you can take shots from a variety of locations, you are restricted to a specific region.

You’re dealing with miles and miles of open space when you look at a golf course.

Each hole is played uniquely. You have the option of hitting a seven iron or a driver off the tee.

You’ll need to manage the traps and trouble on the course regardless of which club you choose to hit. Some people are better at it than others.

You will have an easier time with the game if you have a lesser handicap and can keep out of trouble.

Golf can be difficult and frustrating for higher handicappers who hit from one sandtrap to the next.

Learning to manage the golf course takes patience and some honesty with oneself about the course’s difficulty.

5. The Pressure

You know the pressure of golf if you’ve ever stood on a tee box with a bunch of people behind you. This game becomes considerably tougher when you’re under pressure.

The Pressure

Most folks do not want to stand on the tee box and hit a shot that travels approximately sixty yards. Golf will become embarrassing as a result of this, and some people may give up.

When all of your mates are skilled at the game, but you can’t keep the ball on the course, it might be stressful.

Of course, this occurs in other sports, but with golf’s increased complexity, it becomes a little more difficult.

A person can learn to catch a ball, hit a tennis shot, or kick a soccer ball in most cases; however, not everyone can learn to hit a golf ball.

The difficulties and pressure only rise when you consider hitting the golf ball with a high launch and proper spin.

Why Is Hitting A Golf Ball So Difficult?

When you look at a golf club and a golf ball, you might not think getting the ball to do what you want it to do should be that difficult.

The problem is that you can’t think about the full golf ball or the entire golf club.

You only need to gaze at the centre of the clubface and a dime-sized spot on the golf ball. Consider taking a cent and swinging it at 100 mph till it lands on a dime.

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This game appears to be a lot more challenging, yet this is exactly what happens when you play golf.


Golf is a challenging game that is also a lot of fun. If you enjoy this game, the difficulty will not deter you from returning to play round after round.

The difficulty of golf does not deter individuals from playing the game; rather, it draws them in.

People enjoy the challenge of a challenging game that allows them to spend time outside, especially given how easy things have become in this world.

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