What to do with old golf balls | Here is Some Unique Ideas

what to do with old golf balls

Do you know, What to do with old Golf Balls? Nowadays, the golf ball is too expensive to buy because of their popularity. So many golf players use their old balls to the field for about 3 to 4 shots. After the shot, they throw those thinking it has become useless now. Then they buy a new golf ball with so much money. 

But the funniest thing is they don’t know the fact that these old balls can be used for any purpose in creative ways. Many golfers lost their balls when they hit it with their club and it goes too far to get. 

Many golfers don’t even try to find their golf balls. They think it’s just a waste of time. But those who waste their some of the time to use the old golf ball after recycling it or to make some fun things with these disable old balls are really a creative person. 

There are so many things that you can make using the old golf balls. Here given some information on what to do with your golf ball and how you can recycle them and make many creative things in a creative way. 

How Can I Recycle My Old Golf Balls? 

how can i recycle oldgolf balls

Recycling your old golf is the most important thing you should know about. What we just do with our golf balls? We play with it for about 2 to 3 shots and then we just throw them and buy a new one.

But have you ever thought about how can I recycle my golf balls again? If you haven’t, then this post is for you. When you hit your golf ball with your club and play with them, it becomes dirty in several cases because of mud and many other things.

But you can clean them and use them again. You should have knowledge about how to recycle your golf balls.We know that golf balls are made of two major and distinct parts. They are the cover and the core.

The cover is made of a rubber material and the coat is made of liquid or rubber particularly.

But the main thing is that these balls don’t have the potential and strength to go through the recycling process and it has proven in several cases too.

That’s why local recycling outlets, many organizations and recycling programs don’t collect the old or used golf ball or any type of used objects.

If in any case, you able to recycle your golf balls from any recycling programs, you can recycle them. But otherwise, there is no better option than to recycle your old golf ball.

If your golf ball is not so old and looks dirty you can clean your old golf ball in a proper way. Here is an article where you can learn How to Clean Your Old Golf Balls.

Can you sell your old golf balls?

Yes, you can sell your old golf balls. But the question remains how and where? There are so many pages where the old golf ball is sold and all thanks to our networking sites and technologies. 

People also ask if they can sell their old golf balls for a good amount of money. Well, it will be a wise decision to sell your old golf balls and bring the new one with the money that you have got after selling your old golf balls.

After selling them, you can’t get so much money but can get a good amount of it.  Want to know more? visit here.

What does old golf balls worth? 

We know that golf balls have a long and fascinating history. There are several community collectors of the white balls where you may find many persons who are trying to collect old and used golf ball together in a large quantity, and now you wonder what they actually worth. 

There is a large demand for them due to their versatility and the numerous things for which they can be used and also you can make your luck from getting a pile of them for sale. 

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What can we make with our old golf balls?

Golf balls are capable of doing crafts with their small, compact design and light weightiness. Even, you can draw or decorate golf balls as they are white in colour. Moreover, a golf ball has become the canvas for children’s to express their creativity.  

Some creative ways to create magical thing with your old golf balls 

Golf balls are great for their craft projects for their uniform shape and size. You can use them to make Christmas tree ornaments shaped like a snowman or glue them all together caterpillars, ants and other critters.

On the other hand, white golf balls can be painted and you can make coloured spheres for your various projects. 

It might seem like a great choice when you throw away your old and used golf ball but there are other ways you can put your old and used balls into use without requiring that much expertise, which you will find if you read on. 

13 Creative ways that you can make with your old and used Golf Balls 

Number 1: As a Massager

It may sound like a weird idea but have you ever thought of reusing golf balls as a body massager? Well, it is possible to do it. As the stones’ shape in hot stone massage, the golf ball also have the same curvy shapes and rounded angles.

They also have the same feeling and weight when pressing them on the human body thus you can reuse your old and used golf balls as a body massager. 

Please sterilize them carefully before letting them in contact with your skin because if you don’t spend much time cleaning them properly, It will affect your skin as used gold balls are unhygienic. 

To use golf balls as a massager, you should wash them under fresh tap water, clean them with alcohol, and sterilize them. Even you can use them as a back massager but putting them on the ground and then lie on it with the bareback.

So we can say that old golfs can be used as a body massager for the human body.  

Number 2: light dimmer switch 

You can turn your old golf balls into a boring round dimmer switch using just a drill and a long screw. Moreover, you can use the whole ball or it could also work if you cut them into two pieces. 

Number 3: Vase filler

Commonly, people fill their vases with everything from coloured gems to seashells also to pinecones and pea then why not golf balls? You can select any colour that you like and paint them with white balls and decorate them as a fun accent for your room.  

Number 4: Drainage for potted plants

Do you know how to make drainage for potted plants with your old and used golf balls? First of all, line a pot with some golf ball and place dirt on the top. Thus the golf ball will allow water to drain more easily and there is less danger of overwater flow.  

Number 5: Critters for your garden

You can transform your old and used golf balls into small animals, insects, spiders and fogs with a little print and some small wires. All you need is to make whimsical decoration for your flowerbeds.

Number 6: Christmas Ornaments 

For some funny decorations to hang on your Christmas tree, golf balls are a perfect size and weight for it. To make a snowman with white old golf ball, it’s easy to glue three golf ball together and make them. Or you can just use 1 ball to make a face of Santa or other characters easily. 

Number 7: Table cloth weights

When the table cloth keeps blowing away in the wind, but here you are all set up for the picnic, then what will you do? By sewing each of the four corners of the table cloth around a golf ball, you can solve your problem easily because it has enough weight to keep the shoo-fly pie and watermelon off the ground.

Isn’t it a great idea?

Number 8: Bathtub plug

If your stopper/plug of your bathtub is missing or broken then you may find that a golf ball fits perfectly into the drain of your bathtub. The ball will gradually roll back into the drain on its own once you remove it, it will prevent the heat from escaping your home according to one YouTube user. 

Number 9: Coat/Hat Rack

First of all, what you need to do is glue or drill a few old and used golf balls to some small pegs and then attach them to a plank of wood to hang your jacket, coat, hat/cap. You can also use them by painting any colour that you like so that it looks a little creative. Thus you can make a coat/hat rack with your useless old golf balls. 

Number 10: Meat Tenderizer

So, if you can pound your steak with a fancy kitchen mallet, but you have one hardly then you can take a golf ball and roll it over the meat with some hard pressure.But what you have to make sure is the golf ball isn’t the one that you just retrieved from a scummy pond.

Number 11: Laundry ball

Let me tell you an interesting fact about laundry ball. Do you know? Washing with laundry balls is as effective as or less effective than washing without detergent. If you use hot water instead of cold water, the effect can largely be attributed to the mechanical effect of the ball.

We are delving a bit into the realm of pseudoscience here but some companies have sold specially designed balls. They claim that adding them to your laundry cycle will clean their clothes without using the detergent.

Some sceptics say the mechanical action of a ball in the laundry may have a positive effect even if the claims of these products have been largely debunked. An old golf ball will work just as in this case.

Number 12: Sun direction

From your used old golf ball you can also make sun directions. Isn’t it amazing? First of all, what you need to do is screw your balls with an eyelet screw and then pour the hot glue onto the golf tee’s face and attached it to the golf ball.

Adhere nine golf tees around the golf ball consequently and paint them with yellow colour or any colour you like and complete the sun’s rays.

Number 13: Creating insects with the balls

We have a great idea, why can’t you make your balls weirder and more creative for other animals if you can decorate golf ball into a snowman? By making insects you can use it later as jokes, isn’t it a great idea to apply?

We will guide you on how to make an ant from a golf ball easily. You just need to take out three golf balls and glueing them vertically to make the body shape of the ant. It will be better if the balls are whiter. Then what you’ve to do is to take two hangers, cut them into six pieces and draw details to the ‘Body’.

Bend the wire to make the body standstill in the two bottom legs. Thus you can create an ant with your old and used golf ball.

Here is a Video Instruction for you :

Our final thoughts 

If we can creatively show our creativity by using old and used golf ball then why do we need to throw them away? You just can save your money, or earn money, or just create many funny and creative ornaments in a creative way by using your old golf balls.  

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