What is a Sunday golf bag?

What is a Sunday golf bag?

The word “Sunday golf bag” may have been heard, and you wondered what that meant.

What does it mean or what? We explain all knowledge.

You may hear someone say he plans to use his Sunday Golf Bag. This is not just a golf bag you can use on Sundays. Instead, the Sunday golf bag is lightweight and easy to carry.

While you may have heard that standing bags and carrying bags are easy, Sunday bags are very small. These bags are used by golfers who want a good ride and don’t have to worry about packing the whole bag.

Sunday was regarded as a relaxing day many years ago. Although some people still view the Church this way, it is not unusual. When this happens, however, the cards are given a day off.

So golfers who wanted to play on Sunday would have to manage their clubs. Carrying your golf bag was not uncommon at the time, and the bags were very heavy golf bags.

The Sunday bag is designed for people not used to managing a complete set of clubs.

Why do they call it a Sunday golf bag?

A few decades ago, officials were not allowed to work on Sundays. Enthusiastic golfers had to carry their bags. Since the players were not accustomed to carrying heavy bags, they relied heavily on the caddy. The best way they could play golf was to carry the essentials on Sunday. So the name of the fund, “Sunday,” was born.

Although many people believe it probably did not exist on Sunday after Sun Mountain released the first golf bag in the 1980s. Here it is again! It makes sense that a Sunday golf bag weighs much less than a standard golf bag. Remove the mess that you don’t need. You have a bag that you can easily pull out.

What Are the Most Important Features of a Sunday Golf Bag?

If we have sold you into the idea of ​​getting a Sunday bag, there are a few factors to consider and decide on before you buy.


Some bags have space for a jersey or a few hats, while others only have space for several golf balls. You’ll have to fit it in your golf bag realistically.


It is important to remember that this bag is very likely to lie on the floor from time to time. Although a white bag may look good, it will not remain white for long. In general, the black color works best for this type of bag.


The choice of a heavy Sunday bag defeats the objective. It would help if you got something weighing three pounds or less. Especially if you will be carrying this on your shoulder, heavy bags don’t work well.


Some bags come with a stand, while others will not. You have to decide if this is important to you. One piece of advice is that these stands are not very strong. The stand will not stand if you plan to include all your 14 clubs in your Sunday bag, the stand will not stand.

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What should I put in my Sunday golf bag?

Your Sunday golf bag should have the essentials. Here are a few items that should be in your Sunday golf bag 

  • A pack of golf balls 
  • A driver 
  • A putter
  • An iron or two 
  • Rangefinder 
  • Water or Beer

You can also include a compass to find your way around the course. Some people like to bring their drinks, while others are content with the drinks they buy on-site. You might also want to bring a towel if you are out for a while.

Features of a Sunday golf bag

Important Features Of Sunday Golf Bag

The manufacturer is the first thing to consider when picking out a Sunday golf bag. There are a few different manufacturers with different styles of bags, so it is important to know what you like and what will work best for you.

There are three main types of Sunday golf bags: cart, pull cart and carry. 

Cart bags have an extra strap that attaches to the back of your golf cart, so you can put the bag on your back and not have to worry about carrying it around. 

Pull carts require two people; one can pull the cart while the other handle the equipment.

Carry bags are small enough to be carried and pulled and usually have straps for easy transport.

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How many clubs go into the Sunday golf bag?

Some Sunday bags are bigger than others, but most are designed to fit 6-8 golf clubs.

A regular golf bag is designed to carry 14 clubs, but most golfers carry fewer than that. A club is one of the four types of equipment used in golf: a driver, a putter, a sand iron, and a wood (usually a 5-iron).

Players generally carry between six and nine clubs for stroke play because they are allowed 14 shots at the ball. For match play, they can only have six shots at one time, so it is more common to see players carrying around nine clubs with them at any given time.

Can I use a Sunday golf bag as my daily bag?

While this is possible and an excellent option for beginners, it is not long. Sometimes, you will probably play golf in a cart or need all your golf teams to play the cycle. If this happens, the Sunday bag will probably not fit well.

When it comes to golf balls, tires, and other things, you will not have enough space in your Sunday bag to use as your bag only If you play several times a week.

A Sunday bag should be able to properly carry six or more golf balls over your other items.

Can you put a Sunday bag on a golf cart?

Yes, a Sunday bag is a small bag that can be placed on a golf cart.

A Sunday bag is sometimes used to carry the few things people might need or want to bring with them on a golf outing. It is usually more essential than the standard equipment like clubs and balls one takes to play the game.

The name comes from how it was originally intended to be carried by one of the players, as they could enlist their spouse or partner to carry it in their vehicle on their way to the game.

Can a Sunday Golf Bag Carry 14 clubs?

No, a Sunday bag cannot hold 14 clubs. A Sunday bag is designed to carry clubs up to 9 degrees. It can only carry up to 6-8 clubs when golfers use fairway woods, hybrids, or long irons.

The reason that a Sunday bag cannot hold all 14 clubs is due to the clubs’ weight and the bag’s design. The heavier golf club heads will pull down on one side of the bag, making it uneven in weight distribution without more space in the bottom of the bag.


Sunday golf bags are becoming increasingly popular in the golf world. People want to get out of the golf course and go for a walk, but they do not want to hurt their backs and fight against a heavy cart or a standing bag.

Or you own a full bag because there may be times when you don’t need your complete set of teams on the course. Some even come up with extra space to hold a few clubs and some of your valuables. You get the best of the world, space, and a heavy-duty friend in the study.

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