How To Score A Good Golf Score – A Comprehensive Guide

what is a good golf score

Do you know What is a good golf score? Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, but it is also a very difficult sport and requires years of practice to be an expert in the game.

The basic knowledge that we have about golf is that a golf player tries to put a golf ball into a hole by hitting the ball with a golf club. However, golf is much more than that.

If you are an expert or Ameture you need to know what is a good golf score is. In this article, we are clarifying this.

A Good Golf Score

A good golf score is a score that is better than the average.

There are many ways to calculate this, but the most common way to figure it out is by taking the total number of strokes and dividing it by 18, which would give you your Handicap Index (HI). For example, if you take 18 holes and have a total of 100 strokes, your HI would be 5.4.

The goal of every golfer should be to improve their game to lower their handicap index and ultimately get their best golf score possible.

Average golf score

An average golf score for an average golfer is 100 on a 72 par,18-hole course. This means an average golfer requires around 100 strokes to complete an 18-hole round. The score may be more or less than this number, depending on the skill of the golfer.

A professional golfer would require fewer strokes, whereas an amateur golfer will require more strokes to put the ball on the greens.

But don’t worry one day you will be also an expert golfer with your experience and practice. You need to Practice Regularly to become a Professional.

What does a golf score reflect?

A score of 90 or less is a good score and it will reflect the level of practice and hard work put in by the golfer to achieve this range. The less the score, the more expertise the golfer has in this game.

 A score of 70 or less is a fantastic score, accomplished by only the best golfers. On the other hand, a score of 100 or above would certainly state that the golfer is at the beginner level and needs much more practice and hard work to come to the 90s range.

For an amateur golfer, a score of 100 is a good golf score and it is expected to reduce with time as the golfer becomes better day by day.

On the other hand, for an experienced golfer, a score of 90 is a bad score because he is expected to be skilled enough to be in the 70-80 range.

An average golfer, for instance, could easily exceed a good golf score of 120 if he or she played nine holes on the course. A first-time golfer, on the other hand, could barely get to a rating of “seventh.”

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Is 85 a good golf score?

If you read the history, this is a rear case for an average golfer to Score below 90 consistently on regulation 18-hole courses. Maximum Golfer Score more than 100 in course. But if you are a Beginner, 80-100 is a very good score. As an amateur, you need more practice to become an expert.

If you are an Expert Golfer, you should score Less Then 85. Because less than 85 score is a good score for an expert to win the match. So, 85 is an Average score for professionals, but this is a Very Good score for a beginner.

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Par 72

It is the expected number of strokes that a professional golf player will achieve in an 18-hole round in a given tournament. Value of Par can be set as more or less than 72 but 72 is the most common value.


A Par value of 72 will mean a professional golfer is expected to take an average of (72/18=)4 strokes to put the ball in each hole. Golfers can achieve scores greater than or less than par depending on how good they are. Setting the value of par depends on the weather and the golf ground.

For instance, the Par value will certainly be higher in bad weather and difficult grounds, as odds will be against the golf player and so golfers will be expected to score higher. Par 72 is the most important part of your golf course.

Factors that affect golf score


Bad weather can disrupt a golfer’s performance by affecting the flight of the ball after being hit by the golfer. For example, windy conditions will create more drag on the golf ball and therefore prevent it from covering the expected distance.

This will certainly hamper the score of the golfer. It is not unusual for a player, who shoots an 80 on average, to shoot 85-90 in bad weather. For bad weather conditions, even 90 is a good score.

Golf Course

Golf Course

Difficult golf courses make it harder for players to achieve a good score. For example, a golfer, who averages 80 in a flat course, will find it harder to achieve that same score in an uneven course. He/she may score 85-90 in that condition and will still have a good score.

 Usually, golf championships such as PGA Championship, U.S. Open, The Masters, Open Championship, all have difficult golf courses to make it challenging for a participant to earn a score of 70 or less.


A golf player should give his/her full concentration before hitting the ball. He/she is required to do some calculation in her head to deduce the speed with which he/she needs to hit the ball so that the ball reaches the required distance.

Even a slight distraction can hinder a player’s performance. If you Wanna be an expert golfer you should always focus on your game and play freely.

Handicap what is a good golf score

What is a good golf score

Handicap is the number of strokes above par, which a golfer is expected to have for a given round of the game. If Par is 72, then the total number of strokes that will be required after 72 strokes is called Handicap.

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Handicap reflects the average performance of the golf player.  The lower the handicap, the better the player is at golf and vice versa. 

Measurement of Handicap

Handicap is measured for the last 5 rounds of the golf game. It is calculated as Handicap= (score -course rating) times 113/slope rating.  The course rating is the expected number of strokes a scratch golfer would require to complete an 18-hole round.

Slope rating is the expected number of strokes a bogey golfer would require to complete the same round in the same game. A scratch golfer is one whose handicap score is 0 and a bogey golfer is one whose handicap score is 18.

Low handicap

A single-digit value for handicap (1-9) is considered to be a low score and if a golfer has a value within this range, then that will mean he only needs 1-9 strokes above par and he is a very good player. Golfers should improve their game on a daily basis to lower their handicap scores.

High handicap

A value equal to or greater than 10 is considered to be a high handicap and golfers with a high handicap need to spend more time on the ground to work on their golf skills to lower their handicap.

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A high handicap value is not necessarily a bad value, for example, 20 is a good value for amateur golfers but a bad value for professional golfers. As a Professional, you have to mind it in your memory.

Zero handicap

A player with a zero handicap has the ability to shoot at par or less, which means the player can finish a par-72, 18 hole course with 72 strokes or less.

Zero handicaps are difficult but not impossible and it requires a golfer to learn day-by-day and keep practising with determination and hard work to come to that GOLF score.

Comparison of handicap scores

A player with a handicap score of 8 or 9, who regularly plays on easy ground, does not mean he/she is better than every golfer with a higher handicap value.

 For example, a golfer with a handicap of 15 or 16, who plays regularly in difficult ground, may be as good as a golfer, who has a handicap of 8 or 9 and plays regularly in an easy ground.

Importance of handicap

A handicap can be used as a tool by golfers to improve their performance. Through a handicap score, an amateur player will get to know his/her current condition in golf and how hard he/she needs to work to come to their target score.

It is a slow process and golfers must keep their patience and keep practising hard, without giving up, until they reach their target.

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What’s the best golf score ever ?

jim furyk

58 is The Best golf score ever in golf history. Jim Furyk is the man who scored 58 in the 2016 PGA Tour Tournament. This happens just once in golf history. Jim Furyk is the man who created history.

If you Wanna be like Jim Faryuk you have to practice regularly and concentrate on your game.

(FAQs) on What is a Good Golf Score

What is an average golf score for 18 holes?

A typical golf score for 18 holes is around 86.

The USGA, the governing body of golf in the United States, measures a “par” or average golf score as 4.25 for 18 holes of regulation play on a course with par 3s and par 5s. The term “par” is short for “par for,” which is also called “score for” in some countries.

What is the best score in golf?

The best score in golf is the lowest number of strokes that a player has taken during a round of golf. The best score in the game of golf is traditionally considered to be 18 holes with no penalties or strokes.

The best score in golf is 18 holes with a par of 72 or 36 points.

Our Final Thoughts what is good golf score

As an Expert or Beginner, we have to know every specific information about golf. And We also have to understand what is a good average golf score for golfers. You can find so many articles about golf on our website, that may help you to become a good and professional golfer.

As you can see, the average score is only a ballpark figure depending on several factors. Your age, experience level, and handicap will all affect the averages. It’s essential to know your current situation and then match it to the expectations outlined here.

If you’ve been playing golf consistently for 6 to 12 months, the results should be higher. You should be at par or 1 under par after 12 months of routine play if you have any time on your hand. And Practice is more important for beginners and professionals also. Practice Become a Man Perfect.

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