How To Make Glow In The Dark Golf Balls and Why ?

How To Make Glow In The Dark Golf Balls

Is it possible to play golf in the evening when it is dark? The answer is definitely yes. But how to make glow in the dark golf balls?

Playing golf is always enjoyable, but playing at night with a glowing golf ball in the dark is even more so! Golfers who are passionate about the game want to have fun and get some extra practice at night, so glow in the dark golf balls is unquestionably for them.

If you want to have a good time with this, we’ll show you how to make glow in the dark golf balls in the article below. Check it out now or you’ll be sorry later.

What is Glow Ball Golf?

A glow golf ball is simply a ball that glows in the dark. The light bulbs remain illuminated after charging for about 15 minutes, and then you will need to light them again with a UV flashlight tool.

Glow Ball Golf is a fun and exciting new game that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is played by hitting a glowing ball with a club or stick like you would play traditional golf.

But instead of hitting the ball into a hole, you hit it onto an illuminated, colour-changing surface and then try to hit it back to the start position.

Glow Ball Golf can be played anywhere: inside one of the company’s many large warehouses or outside at any park or green space where there’s enough room and light for the illuminating surface.

How does Glows in the Dark Golf Balls work?

Glow in the dark golf balls came onto the market in 2012. They were invented by Chemtron Corporation, a company that was established in 1951.

Glowing Golf Balls
Glowing Golf Ball

Glow in the dark golf balls is created by using luminous material that is injected into balls during their manufacturing process. It absorbs light and glows when there is no light or when it’s dark.

To activate your dark golf balls, you will need to shine a UV light on them, which comes with each set.

It will ensure that the glowing balls will be as bright as possible in the air and more comfortable to find when on the ground.

Surprisingly, it is easy to get balls in the dark when you have a nice ball of light in the dark.

Types Of Glow Dark Golf Balls

There are usually three types of light-dark golf balls.

                   Balls                    Types
UV-enabled golf ballsExcellent type
Glow-stick golf ballsSometimes for a break of fracture clubs; you have to be careful.
LED golf ballsHard work, not bright, inexpensive.

How to Power Up UV Powered Golf Balls?

You can put UV-enabled golf balls in the sun to charge in advance if you are ready for the game. Then turn on the UV energy lamp to expose these balls for up to three minutes before starting your ground.

UV Powered Golf Balls
UV Powered Golf Ball

You can charge a second ball after hitting your first shot. When you go to the first ball, you can charge it less if you want more light. It also ensures that the ball stays as bright as possible in the air.

All procedures will be done properly with a flashlight tool; the glow of each golf ball often triggers an active UV lamp.

If you want to speed up charging, let’s take a high-power UV flashlight to light a golf ball very quickly.

After considering all the light-emitted UV-light balls, we conclude that the GlowV1 style is the best. There is no need to argue about its efficiency, lightness, and ease of use.

It’s a piece of cake to see and experience GlowV1 at night. Similarly, many professional golfers love this product because it brings the feeling and performance of the daytime work accurately.

The game of golf there will be a lot more fun than you think.

As mentioned above, this UV-absorbing ball is advantageous over two other types, especially LED’s running on batteries.

How to Light a Golf Ball with a Glow-Stick:

Golf Ball With a Glow Stick

The glow in the dark golf ball is ideal for nightly practice on the course or in your backyard.

There is a step-by-step guide below that will show you how to use the glow-in-the-dark golf balls correctly.

1) Activate the installation of the Glow rod by bending once. The glow-stick will take a few minutes to fully work.

2) On the other side of the golf ball near the hole, you will see a small “S”, and it shows a short tunnel. Insert a light rod into the opposite end of the glittering golf ball.

3) Before each stroke, you must reset the light ball so that the clubhead hits the ball equal to the stick.

4) To maintain the correct balance of the glowing golf ball, make sure the stick is centred inside the ball before each shot.

5) To replace a light stick, use tea or pencil to press old light sticks. You should press from the small end of the hole marked “S” to the large end.

6) Every player must mark their light ball at night with a fallen pen.

Glow-stick golf balls can explode or place a small section on your driver if the glow-stick is not in the right place on the ball.

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How to Light Up the LED Golf Balls:

The LED golf ball works with an internal lithium battery to power the LED light. This type of golf brings a different feeling compared to other types of golf balls.

The LEDs are attached to the golf balls with a rubber band. A battery is put in the hole and when you turn it on, it lights up like a Christmas tree.

This will be helpful for those who love night golfing or playing in the dark. Night golfing is an activity that has been on the rise over recent years. The main reason why it is so popular is

because of how much easier it is for players to see the ball while they are out there hitting around on a course at night time. 

The actual type of this LED ball is turned on by tapping, hitting, or knocking. After lighting for about eight minutes, you need to beat it to make it work. 

But now you have a Night Eagle Glowing LED golf ball for convenience. It comes with a light that allows you to quickly open the ball using your smartphone flashlight.

One of its great advantages is that the ball will continue to roll until you turn it off. How easy it is!

Factors to Consider

Before purchasing glow in the dark golf balls, consider the following factors.


Colored Golf Balls

A golf ball usually arrives white before it shines. Once charged, the colour will vary depending on the ball. Some pockets of gold balls come in only one colour, while others come in a variety of colours. These include: pink, green, blue, red, orange, and white.

Glowing time

All of this will light up for about 8 to 15 minutes. The type of UV will continue to have bright effects after a little light, which lasts for several hours.

The LED ball type will glow brightly for about eight minutes and then stop. It will light up again if you hit it. The LED light can last for 150 minutes in total.

Weight and Size of Golf Ball

A glow-in-the-dark golf ball is typically the same size and weight as a PGA-approved ball. However, the material may feel different depending on the style.

LED balls are made of a harder plastic, which may affect the results, whereas UV-powered balls have a softer urethane cover.

Recharge Time

Think about how long it will take to re-install the lighting. The UV-enabled golf balls can be renewed in minutes, while LED balls using a lithium battery will take longer to charge.


Although UV golf balls are generally more cost-effective and last longer, LED golf balls to shine brighter. This means you’ll be able to identify where they land on the golf course or spot them in the air.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Does a Glow-in-the-Dark Ball Last?

Glowing golf balls typically last eight to ten minutes. That means you have to have a lot of save balls or be able to fill them up during the game quickly. Remember that each golf ball has a different effect when it stops shining. 

UV-powered balls will shrink slightly before the light is completely gone. However, the light rod and LED golf balls will dry completely after the allotted time. After that, you will need to replace the batteries or light sticks to continue the light effect.

How Do You Charge Glow in the Dark Golf Balls?

There are two ways you can charge light golf balls. If you have UV-powered balls, do not light the UV torch on the ball for 1-3 minutes. 

The second way to charge these golf balls is to use rechargeable batteries. Some lithium batteries can be easily charged with a battery charger. This way, you can still have enough light to stay up all night golfing

What Other Glow in the Dark Golf A Products Are Available for Night Golf?

There are a few other golf balls that have been made to glow in the dark. These are the most popular and easiest to find:

  • Golf Balls: This is one of the oldest ways of making a ball glow in the dark. The material used inside these balls is phosphorescent zinc sulfide powder.
  • Golf Tees: Like with golf balls, these tees are coated with phosphorescent zinc sulfide powder, which lights up when it’s hit by light.
  •  Glow in the Dark Markers: These markers emit light against a black background when activated with an ultraviolet light source such as sunlight, fluorescent bulbs, or black lights.
  • GPS LED clock: when it’s dark, it’s hard to see how far your ball is from the hole. A bright GPS clock and tell you the distance between you and the hole or green can be very helpful.
  • Golf lights: having a light bulb can add light to your surroundings and allow others to see you.

Final thoughts

If you are busy during the day and do not have enough time to practice, then light golf balls will help you.

There are many ways to light black golf balls, and you can choose anyone. These balls are undoubtedly beneficial for playing at night or in the evening. You will be able to follow your ball easily as they shine brightly in the dark.

UV Light and LED Charge on black golf balls is helpful. So you can behave without risk. Also, you can charge them in the short term.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and we will respond as soon as possible. 

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