How to drive a golf cart | Step by Step Instruction

how to drive a golf cart

A golf cart is a vehicle for golfers to take their bags, clubs, and many things. So, every golfer should need to know at least basic about drive a golf cart. We will try to learn how to drive a golf cart in this article, step by step.

As a Smart golfer, you should have a cart, but if you haven’t, you can rent a cart from a dealer because a golf cart is necessary to move such things of golfers. You also need to know how to operate a golf cart as well.

The golf car looks like a simple and small car. This is not very hard to drive a Golf Car. If you are a beginner, you can also drive a cart, but you need to know how to operate it before the drive.

Requirements and the Regulation before the drive

According to the New rules of NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), Almost all of America’s local judiciary states are permitted to use a golf cart on the road. But before you begin, there is some condition to driving your golf car in the street.

Let’s discuss about those:

  • Don’t cross the speed limit. 25 MPH should be the maximum speed when you drive.
  • When you drive a golf cart, you need to ensure your safety first. Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Always take your driving license with you. Otherwise, you can go to jail.
  •  A maximum of 4 people can sit in one cart.
Avoid kids to drive a golf cart

Last but not least, there is also an age restriction to drive a golf cart. If you are under 14, you cannot drive a golf cart anymore. You have to be at least 14+ to drive the vehicle, but 18+ is the proper age limit.

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A closer Look Before Driving a golf car

how to drive a golf cart

A golf cart is a small LSV (Low-Speed vehicle) vehicle. A cart average speed between 15-25 MPH. 2 types of carts are available in the market “Electrical” and “Gas” powered.

There is steering, 4 wheels, 2 paddles are available in a golf cart. 2 paddles are “accelerating” and “brake” paddles.

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Step by Step Instruction for driving a golf cart

Step 1: Start Your cart. 

Before driving first, you have to start the cart engine. To start a golf cart engine, you have to use a key. After inserting the key then turn it right to start the golf cart engine.  

Electrical golf carts do have not much sound as gas-powered ones. So, when you hear the engine sound, that means the cart is ready to drive.

Step 2: Wear a Seat Belt

There is always a risk to drive any car. After the engine start, you have to put the seat belt on. Safety is always first. If you ignore your seat belt, then you can Face an accident.

But if your cart max speed is under 20 MPH, you don’t need to wear a seat belt. But we recommended always wearing a seat belt before driving a golf cart.

Step 3: Now Time to Move Forward

After wearing a seat belt, now use some gentle pressure on the accelerator to move the cart. The accelerator should be pressure sensitively. Otherwise, the cart moves very fast, and you can lose control.

And also, remember that the accelerator and brake should be far from each other. Otherwise, if you accidentally press the accelerator and brake at the same time, that can be cause an accident.

Step 4: Control the golf cart by Steering 

Control the cart with steering

After you start moving, both your hand should be on the steering all the time. Always focus on the road and maintain the speed at the same time. If you don’t concentrate, that can be cause an accident.

Step 5: Use Horn, Light, and indicator at the proper way

Use the horn when you need it. Always try to avoid Using Horn (School, Park, Library, Church) Form those places.

At night, Turn on all the lights. Because at night everything will be darker and you also need light to see the road and prevent the accident.

When you try to turn left or turn right and stop the cart. It would be best if you used indicators all the time.

Step 6: Decelerate and braking

accelerator and breaking paddles

When you need to slow the cart, you just release the pressure from the accelerator. Then the cart becomes slow and reduces speed. 

For stopping the cart, you need to gently pressure the brake and stop the car immediately. But remember that you should not pressure a lot on the brake.

Step 7: Reverse the Cart if Want

For turning back, there is a reverse setting and after accelerating the paddle. You have to turn around and see what is happening on your back. Then you reverse the cart. Otherwise, that can cause an accident. 

Step 8: Don’t Drive Recklessly

Drive Recklessly can cause an accident. if you are in hurry, you can be drive recklessly but your safety is more important than anything. so, always try to be patient and drive slowly and try to avoid drive recklessly

Step 9: Maintain the rules of the road

Maintain Traffic Rules

A golf cart is basically used on golf courses. But if you want to drive the cart on the road, you have to maintain the road rules. You can not exceed your speed of over 25 MPH onto the street. Otherwise, you can be fined by the traffic police, and that can cause an accident.

And always try to maintain the symbol (Stop, Speed limit, Don’t Overtake, No Parking) of the roads. And also have to maintain the traffic rules and always keep your license and other papers with you.

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Safety Instruction while driving a golf Cart

Always ensure your safety first because we don’t know when and how the accident will be held. So, we always ensure our safety before we drive a golf cart.

Safety Instruction while driving a cart

After your lesson is done and you are ready to drive a cart Hold on, you must have to read those safety instructions below.

  • You have to concentrate everywhere and focus on your driving.
  • Check your cart properly. If you feel anything wrong, then try to avoid driving the golf cart.
  • Always wear a seat belt properly.
  • Avoid dangerous turns and slow down your cart at that moment.
  • Speed cause accident. So, always maintain your speed (recommended under 20 mph).

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(FAQs) About How to Drive a Golf Cart

How Long Can a Full Tank of Gas Last In a Golf Cart?

A full tank of gas in a golf cart can last for about 18-20 miles.

Who Can Use a Golf Cart?

Anyone can drive a golf cart as long as they can operate a manual transmission. Golf carts are typically small and easy to use, making them an excellent option for those not comfortable driving a standard car.

But a person must be at least 14 years old to operate a golf cart.

Why is Driving a Golf Cart Dangerous For Children?

It is dangerous for the children to drive in the golf cart because they might not be able to see well, and they might not know how to operate it correctly.

According to a 2008 study, children are responsible for more than a third of golf cart-related injuries. It is far safer for a girl or boy to wait until they reach the age of 16 before operating carts.

If a child is too small to touch the ground with their feet while seated, you should not drive them in one of these carts. They fall out of the golf cart much more quickly and frequently and are more prone to severe injuries.

How Often Should Electricity-Powerd Golf Cart Batteries Be Charged?

You should charge Electricity-powered golf carts every day.

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Can you Stand in a Moving Golf Cart?

Yes, a person can stand in a golf cart that is in moving. But this shouldn’t happen.

While attempting to stand in a golf cart during the ride, not only can they quickly lose their balance and fall off the couch, but they can also distract the driver, resulting in a variety of accidents, incidents, and injuries.

Is Driving a Golf Cart Similar to Drive a Car?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people might say that driving a golf cart is the same as driving an automobile, while others might say some key differences.

For example, golf carts are typically much smaller than cars, and they may not have as much power. Additionally, golf carts are often used on golf courses, which may have different driving conditions than regular roads.

Can a Golf Cart Tip Over?

A golf cart can tip over if it’s not stable, has low clearance, or if the driver doesn’t have experience driving a golf cart. If the cart tips over, the driver may be injured.

Are Golf Carts Equipped With Review Mirrors?

Some golf carts have review mirrors, while others do not.

What Should I do If I’m Driving Along the Main Street?

When driving across the main street, you should always look both ways to ensure no oncoming traffic. If there is, you should wait until it is safe to cross.

Our Final Thoughts

Every golfer needs a golf car while he/she plays on Golf Courses. And as a golfer, he/she has to know at least basic about the golf cart. A golf cart is a simple and small vehicle this can be operated by anyone.

In this article, we are trying to clarify how to driving a cart safely and smoothly step by step. But everything depends on you. You have to maintain the rules and focus on your driving. And always ensure your safety before go to driving—best of luck.

Here is a Video Instruction for you.

After Watching this video hopefully your all confusion is over. Now you are ready for drive a cart.

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