How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh? Here’s The Answer!

how much does a golf cart weigh

Do you know, how much does a golf cart weigh? A golf cart is a vehicle used in golf to transport players from one spot to another, as the golf ground is huge and walking from one spot to another would take hours.

Sitting inside a more than comfortable golf cart and travelling through the greens of a golf garden is a treat for the mind and soul. And as a Golfer A cart is Very Important For him/her. And before buying he/she also need to know about the golf cart weigh.

Golf carts come in various sizes to serve different purposes for different people. As a golfer, we should know about Golf car weigh and the dimension. Because if you are planning to buy a Cart you have to know every information about the cart.

Weigh of a Golf Cart?

Let’s come to the facts now. The average weight of a golf cart ranges from 500-1100 pounds and it depends on how the manufacturer makes the cart and what components are there in the cart. Greater the number of components, the greater the Golf Cart weigh, and vice versa.

There are so many Golf carts in the Markets and so many models as well. you can choose what kind of cart you need as per your requirements. If you need a Personal golf cart you should go with a 2 sitter golf cart. 2 sitter golf cart weigh is less than 4-6 sitter carts.

Dry Weigh of a golf cart

It is the weight of the total golf cart, minus the total weight of all the components in the cart like Tyres, seats, batteries, etc.

Curb Weigh of a golf cart

It is the total golf cart weight, including the weight of each component in the cart like Tyres, seats, batteries, etc.

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Example of some Golf Cart weigh and their models

You can find different models and different weigh of carts in the market. Below this table, you can find some of the popular golf carts with their models. You can Choose Carts from Here as per Your Requirements.

Golf Cart Models  Golf Cart Weigh in PoundsGolf Cart Weigh in KG
Yamaha The Drive Electric Cart 535242.6
Yamaha The Drive Gas  536243
Yamaha G22 Electric Cart  549249
Yamaha G22 Gas  670304
Yamaha G19 Electric  560254
Club Car Precedent Electric  495224.5
Club Car Precedent Gas  606274.8
Club Car DS IQ-System Electric  498225.8
Club Car DS Gas  619280.7
EZGO RXV Electric  571259
EZGO RXV Gas  697316
EZGO Medalist/TXT Electric  550249.4
EZGO Medalist/TXT Gas  750340

Types of golf carts

How much does a Golf Cart Weigh

There are three types of golf carts, 2-seater, 4-seater and 6-seater. 2-seater is used to carry 2 people, 4-seater to carry 4 people and a 6-seater to carry 6 people.

Usually, 2 and 4-seaters are battery-run, while 6-seater is gasoline-run. This is due to the fact that the more the number of passengers, the faster the charge on the battery dies.

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4-seater golf cart Weigh and Dimensions

The average weigh of a 4-seater golf cart is 1000 lbs. The average length is 7.5 feet and the average width and height are 4 feet and 6 feet respectively.

The maximum capacity of a 4-seater is around 200 pounds per passenger, but sometimes the maximum capacity of a particular cart depends on the manufacturer of that cart.

6-seater golf cart Weigh and Dimensions

The average weigh of a 6-seater cart is 1050 lbs. The average length is 9 feet and the average width and height is 4 feet and 6 feet respectively. The maximum capacity of a 6-seater is the same as that of a 4-seater, which is around 200 pounds per passenger.

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The capacity of a golf cart

A 4-seater cart has a maximum capacity of 600-800 pounds of weight of passengers, while a 6-seater has a maximum capacity of 1000-1200 pounds of weight of passengers. Therefore, a golf cart has a maximum capacity of around 200 pounds per passenger seat.

What powers golf carts?


How much does a Golf Cart Weigh

Battery-run golf carts are powered by batteries and thus they are cheaper compared to gasoline-run carts, as battery costs less than gas. Besides, they are environmental friendly with no harmful emissions into the atmosphere and can work in all types of weather. Golf Cart Without battery also affects golf carts weigh.

However, they do not work well in steep inclines and hills as those conditions eat up battery charge quickly and the cart ultimately stops. Even in smooth conditions, the battery charge runs out fast, resulting in less distance covered by the cart. 

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How much does a Golf Cart Weigh

Gasoline-powered carts run smoothly in steep inclines and hill and as gas runs out way too slow compared to a battery charge, gasoline carts can travel 10 times farther than battery carts.

However, they are not environmental friendly, due to harmful emissions into the atmosphere and using up too much gas, and they sometimes fail to start in cold weather, as gas freezes in extreme cold surroundings.

They are also very expensive to maintain compared to battery-run carts, as refuelling gas is done more frequently than replacing batteries.

Things to consider before buying a golf cart


how much does a golf cart weigh

A golf cart costs between $5000-$20,000, depending on the size and facilities of the cart. A 6-seater will certainly cost more than a 4-seater since it can carry two additional passengers in it. And a 2-sitter cart is more reliable than a 4 or 6 sitter golf cart.

A person with a high budget should buy an expensive cart, while a person with a low budget should buy a cheaper one. This is all about your requirements and needs. if you want a small car you should go with 2 sitter cart and if you need an average size of carts you should choose 4 sitter carts.

Some cheaper carts can be of low quality, so the person must do thorough research on the quality of the cart, before buying it. There are so many models out here on the market you should study those models and their price before buying a cart.


A person must decide why he wants to buy a golf cart. If he wants to buy for his own personal use, he can go for a 2 seater, which he can easily park in his garage and move through the roads easily with it.

how much does a golf cart weigh

However, if the person wants to earn some cash by transporting passengers in a cart, he can go for a 6-seater, in which he can easily give rides to 5 passengers to their destination and earn some good money.

How do you move a golf cart?

Golf carts are large vehicles, they usually have very strong wheels, big batteries, etc. if you want to move carts, you need a pickup or truck to move it away. This is very tough work for a single man.

You need 2-3 peoples to move the carts away. A golf cart’s average weight is 500-1100 pounds, and You cannot move it alone you need help from your partners. You definitely need a truck or pickup to move the carts away from the golf course.

A 2 sitter cart is thinner than the average weight golf cart. If your cart is a personal two-sitter cart, you need a medium-sized pickup truck to move it. But if you have 4-6 sitter heavier carts, you need a big truck to move it away.

Brand and model

It is important to choose a good brand and to buy a good model of that brand so that the cart renders excellent service and lasts for a very long period of time and you get your money’s worth.

Some of the popular brands that manufacture golf carts include Club Car, EZ-Go and Yamaha and some of the famous models include Club Car Precedent I2, Club Car Onward 2, EZ Go RXV, EZ Go Express S4, EZ Go Express L6, Yamaha The Drive 2, Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2 + 2.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my article about golf cart weigh and got an idea that golf is not just about putting the ball in the hole, instead of more elements are part of this sport, like using the anatomy of a golf ball to bring up your best performance, it’s about improving from time-to-time until you play like a pro and it’s about never giving up.

If you are still confused about golf carts weigh you can watch this video below.

After watching this video hopefully, you can understand the weigh of golf carts. Now you can buy golf cart as per your requirements.

In short, golf is about hard work, patience and discipline.  If you are planning to buy a Golf Cart you should know How Long is Golf Cart and its Models?

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