Weight of a golf ball?

Weight of a Golf Ball

How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh? It is a question that is asked more often. So that we can help you to know the weight of a golf ball. As an expert golfer or a beginner, you have to know every specific information about golf.

Weight and size how much does a golf ball weigh

A golfer needs to choose his golf ball ideally. Otherwise, he may not perform well in a golf tournament, even though he has both the skill and experience. As surprising as it may seem to us, golf balls have a significant impact on golfers’ results in golf matches, and golf balls are of different types to suit other playing techniques of golfers.

According to the USGA (United States Golf Association), the weight of a golf ball can be a maximum of 1.620 oz(45.93 grams), and the diameter of a golf ball cannot be less than 1.628 in(42.67 mm). Weight can be less than 1.620 oz but cannot exceed this weight as the more significant the weight, the farther the ball will travel.

Similarly, the diameter of a golf ball can be greater than 1.628 in but no less since the smaller the ball, the easier it will be to put into the hole. The USGA has also set limits to the ball’s initial velocity after being hit by the golf club, distance in the air of the ball, and total length travelled by the ball, in addition to size and weight of the ball.

Interior of a golf ball

golf balls


The Core is located at the center of the golf ball and can be made of liquid, gel or rubber.  The energy with which a golf player hits the ball is transferred to the Core, allowing the ball to fly. The Core can be surrounded by one, two, three or four layers of plastic or rubber to make the ball hard or soft.

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2-layered balls

The core is surrounded by one layer of plastic, called Surlyn. Due to the hardness of Surlyn, 2-layered balls feel hard and thus travel a great distance in the air when hit by the golfer. 2-layered balls favor golfers with low swing speeds.

3-layered balls how much does a golf ball weigh

The core is surrounded by two layers, which are made of rubber, called Urethane. Urethane is soft, thus giving the ball a soft feel and, as a result, allows more spin on the ball rather than distance. This kind of ball favors golfers with high swing speeds and those who want more control of the ball.

4-layered balls

The core is surrounded by three layers, which are also made of Urethane. One extra layer makes it achieve more excellent spin than 3-layered balls and thus greater control. 3-layered and 4-layered balls are made for control, while 2-layered balls are made to gain distance. 

Exterior of a golf ball


Dimples that you see on the surface of a golf ball are made to give the ball a greater travel distance in the air by letting go of the air trapped on the ball during its flight. A ball without dimples would experience aerodynamic drag, which will slow down its motion in the air, and thus it will fall down quickly.

However, dimples oppose this drag force and let the ball travel farther. Golf balls have an average of 300-450 dimples.  

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Colors of golf balls

Golf players have the independence of choosing colors for golf balls, but they must not select a color that would be unidentifiable in the greens. For example, he cannot choose a green color ball to play in the green ground. The most common color of golf balls is white. A golfer can also choose any brand of the golf ball to play with.

Types of golf ball how much does a golf ball weigh


Distance balls consist of a single layer of surlyn wrapped around the core. This allows all of the energy, with which the golfer hits the ball, to be transferred to the core, thus creating more distance covered by the ball. The hardness of surlyn also contributes to distance. Golfers with low swing strength and speed prefer distance balls.


Control balls consist of 2, 3 or 4 layers of urethane wrapped around the core. The softness of urethane allows a great spin on the ball. Thus golfers can have more control during situations where the ball and the hole are just a few distances apart. Golfers, with great swing speed and strength, prefer control balls.

Factors affecting purchase of a golf ball


A golf ball can cost between $12 per dozen to $80 per dozen. The price of a golf ball depends on the manufacturer and the materials used in making the ball. Usually, single-layered balls are cheaper than multi-layered balls due to the materials used in making the layers.

An amateur golfer who wants to practice and learn should opt for more affordable golf balls, while a professional golf player going into a tournament should opt for more expensive ones.

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     There are 6 brands of golf balls in total and their names are :

The best balls of these 6 brands for an average golfer are:

  • Srixon Soft Feel.
  • Callaway Supersoft.
  • Taylormade Noodle.
  • Wilson Staff Fifty Elite.
  • Bridgestone E12.
  • Titleist DT Trusoft.

A golfer has the independence of choosing any golf ball of a particular brand but he/she must make sure the ball suits his playing style, for example, a golfer with less strength on his arms must go for the ball which favors distance, while a golfer with impressive strength on his arms must go for the one which favors control.


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