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How many Clubs in a Golf Bag

Do you know How Many Clubs in a Golf Bag? I will explain, golf is one of the most popular and modern games on the planet. We also know that golf is not a very easy game to play. Because this game holds the Strictest rules and regulations than other games, including the number of golf clubs, are allowed in a golf bag.

Every Professional or non-professional golfer needs to know how many clubs they can carry with their bags in a tournament or competition.

let’s discuss how many clubs you can carry with you?

According to the USGA (United States of Golf Association), 14 clubs are the maximum allowed in one player’s golf bag during the round played under the rules of golf. Any number below 14 is fine but more than 14 is not. 

14 Clubs

When we read the history, in the early 20th century, a professional golfer could take 20 to 25 clubs during the round. But nowadays the rules have changed, a professional golfer cannot carry more than 14 clubs with them. 

How Many Clubs Are Allowed in the PGA Championship?

According to the USGA (United States of Golf Association), a golfer can take a maximum of 14 clubs in their golf bag. This may involve three types of wood, eight irons, and a putter. Usually, those 12 clubs should be carried with every golfer while they play a round.

A Professional golfer cannot break the rules of the USGA (United States of Golf Association) because PGA tournaments are held under the USGA rules. But as a Golfer you should play under the rules of USGA in any tournament.

If you carry more than 14 clubs in your bag What will Happen? 

While you play golf, you have to maintain so many rules, you can use just 14 clubs in your golf bag. If you exceed the limit, you will be penalized and you cannot participate in any recognized tournament which one held under USGA (United State of Golf Association) rules.

Expert golfers Always try to maintain USGA rules. An expert golfer always avoids being penalized while playing a tournament. You Should not break the rules of USGA either you cannot participate in the PGA Championship. 

If you carry less than 14 clubs What will Happen?

If you carry less than 14 clubs, nothing will happen. You can carry any numbers below 14 but you cannot carry more than 14 clubs. Moreover, if you want you can complete your whole course with a putter only.

But Experts Says you should take 14 out of 14 clubs because of your extra safety. So always try to full your golf bags with clubs if you can.

Sharing Golf clubs with partners?

how many golf clubs in golf bag

Officially you can share golf clubs with your partner, but you cannot share or use your opponent’s golf clubs. AND also, you can carry your partner’s golf clubs in your bag.

But if you play a Big Tournament like the PGA championship you should not carry or share your golf partners’ golf clubs. Because PGA is a big tournament to play you should concentrate on your clubs and yourself when you play a big tournament like PGA.

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Why the limitation in golf clubs?

We know that golf has so many strict rules, one of them is “you cannot carry more than 14 clubs”.     And if you are an expert golfer or want to be an expert you have to maintain these rules. And if you maintain the rules, you will become more creative and dynamic players.

Extra known Advantage are:

  • You can quickly Move or Carry the golf bag around the golf course. (14 is already heavy)
  • If you carry more clubs, that will be heavier and more expensive (14 is already expensive and heavier).
  • It will make you a more creative and dynamic golf player.

Can you carry any type of club?  

According to the USGA rules, you can carry any kind of club in your golf bag. This is your choice if you want you can take any club, it can be putter, driver or a wedge. It does not violate any governing law rules.

But as a Professional golfer you should take the right clubs before you play, it depends on the condition and the tournament you are playing. You should not take unnecessary clubs with you because that will not help you when you play the course. 

Can you add Extra clubs while You are playing?

“Yes” you can carry extra clubs while you play a course, but remember that you have to carry less than 14 clubs in your golf bag. otherwise, you can be penalized for carrying extra clubs with you. For example, if you carry 10-12 clubs you can add 2-4 more clubs depending on your needs.

How many drivers are in a set of golf clubs?

There is only one driver in a golf club set. These drivers are used for particular tee shots. You should not use more than one driver in your bag because more drivers mean more clubs, one driver is enough for a professional golfer.

Can you carry 2 putters ?

According to USGA rules, you can carry 2 putters, but remember that you cannot carry more than 14 clubs. one extra putter means one additional club in your bag.

Expert golfers also prefer that every golfer should carry 2 putters with them because one for short-ranged and another for long-range putting. You always try to follow expert’s golfer and their suggestion.

What kind of clubs should you take in your golf bag?

how many clubs in a golf bag

A professional golfer takes one driver,2 woods,6 irons,2 wedges, and 2 putters total of 13 clubs when he plays around. Those are necessary clubs for every Professional golfer.

Depending on the course, you can add an extra wedge or another putter if you need. Always try to follow a professional golfer that will become you also a professional golfer in future.

And if you struggle to find the best golf club set, you can visit this blog Ram Golf Clubs Set. As a golfer, you should try to play better than others, for that you have to take good quality clubs with you.


1. Clubs in your golf bag.

2. Should not play the wrong ball.

3. Should be Punctual as per rules.

4. Be patient but be Predictable.

5. Dressed yourself as per Rules.


Becoming a professional golfer is not so easy, you have to maintain so many rules and regulations. And also play better than others. If you want to play better as per rules you have to depend on which kind of clubs you are carrying.

You can carry a maximum of 14 clubs in your golf bag. Less than 14 is okay, but you cannot carry more than 14 clubs. And if you break the rules then you will be penalized by USGA.

So very carefully to Take your clubs with you while playing. Before you start to play you have to count your golf clubs properly. If you took or forgot an extra club you will be penalized for breaking the rules of USGA.

You have to choose the right clubs before you play, it depends on the condition and the tournament you are playing. If you are still troubled to find the best clubs for you. you can watch this video is below.

After watching this video, I think your confusion is gone. now you can choose the best clubs as per your needs. Always try to maintain the rules that become you an expert day by day.

If you choose the best 14 clubs for you that game will be easy and you will score a good result. if you want to know what is a good golf score? you can also read this article that will help you for sure.

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