How Fast Does a Golf Cart Go – Gas vs Electronic Cart

how fast does a golf cart go

Before buying a golf cart, several factors are taken into consideration. One of the most important factors is how fast does a golf cart go. A person, who wants to experience a thrill ride, will certainly buy a high-speed cart, whereas, a person, who just wants to take a stroll in the park, will require only a moderate speed cart.

The quantity, which is generally used to determine which golf cart to purchase, is maximum speed of the cart. Different golf carts have different maximum speeds and people purchase carts according to their preference of maximum speeds.

Average maximum speed of a cart

The average maximum speed of a golf cart is between 12-14 mph, which means a typical golf cart will be expected to cover a distance of 12-14 miles in 1 hour.

Many golf carts have been designed to produce incredible maximum speeds of 20-25 mph and many have been designed to produce moderate speed limits of 8-10 mph.

 Maximum speed depends on how fast the manufacturer wants the cart to travel.

Different speeds of different manufacturers

The maximum speeds of both the fastest electric and gasoline golf carts of Yamaha are the same at 19mph.

The fastest electric cart of Club Car can accelerate upto 23mph, while the fastest gasoline cart of the same brand can reach upto 19mph.

The fastest electric and gasoline golf cart of EZGO have a maximum speed of 25mph and 19mph respectively.

Electric golf cart speed vs Gasoline golf cart speed

 A battery-powered golf cart can have the same speed as that of a gasoline powered cart, as the type of resource, used to fuel the cart does not affect the speed much.

 It only affects the total distance covered before fuel/charge runs out. With a gasoline golf cart, a person can travel a distance of 120-180 miles until the fuel runs out, whereas, with an electric cart, the person can only cover a distance of 30-40 miles until the charge runs out.

However, the highest speed recorded with an electric cart is about 23 mph while that with a gasoline cart is about 19mph. Hence, electric carts are slightly faster than gasoline ones on average.

However, electric carts slow down significantly if charge becomes low, while gasoline carts don’t experience this problem.

Fastest golf cart

The fastest golf cart is manufactured by Plum Quick Golf Club Racing and its speed is recorded to be approximately 119 mph.

This record made up to the Guinness Book of Records and the company has received many awards for their fine build. This cart can outpace many cars in the world.


I talked about the fastest golf cart and also the highest speeds achieved by an electric and gasoline golf cart. Notice, the highest speeds of the electric cart(23 mph) and a gasoline cart(19mph) go nowhere near the speed of the fastest golf cart(119mph).

Why does this difference exist? This difference exists because of upgrades. Upgrade is the additional components installed or modifications done in the golf cart to make it run 5-6 times faster than before.

 Without upgrades, the highest speed a cart can achieve is 23-25 mph, but with upgrades, it can achieve a lot higher, like the speed of the fastest cart.

The three upgrades to speed up your cart

Speed code:

A manufacturer sets the speed limit of a golf cart by a speed code and the cart cannot go beyond this limit. However, it is possible to increase the speed limit by changing the programming of the computer system of the cart by altering the speed code.

Raising the speed code will program the cart to run faster than its previous speed limit. For example, a 15mph speed limit cart can even reach 19mph by just increasing the speed code.

Speed code values range from 1-5, with 1 being the lowest speed and 5 the highest.

Larger tires:

Golf Cart Tires

 Using larger tyres in a golf cart will increase the speed. A larger tyre has a larger diameter and thus a larger circumference, and thus it will move the car much more forward compared to a smaller tyre, using the same axle and same timeframe.

 Hence, golf carts will have more speed with larger tires.

Engine Upgrade:

 An upgraded engine will provide the required energy for your cart to move faster than the speed with which you are travelling now with your current engine.

golf cart engine upgrade

Engine upgrade can be expensive but it will help you drive your cart at your desired speed. If you don’t know How to Drive a Golf Cart? Visit Here.

When you implement the three upgrades together in your golf cart you can even reach a speed of 80-100 mph. The manufacturer of the fastest cart achieved the fastest speed by making the 3 upgrades in his cart.

There are companies which will make the upgrades in your cart for you and help you reach your desired speed. You can also make the modifications or install additional components all by yourself to cut down on cost.

A golf cart can only be run on the street on the condition that it does not exceed the speed limit of 20mph. Exceeding the speed of 20mph can be dangerous in roads for both pedestrians and other vehicles.

 Hence if you are looking for a place to have a thrill ride with your cart, the road is certainly not the option for you. If you want to do some grocery shopping or visit a friend’s house, then you can take your cart on the streets to serve your purpose.

If the maximum speed of your cart is, let’s say 30 mph and you want to bring it down to 20mph to run it on the streets, you can make an upgrade in your car to slow it down. Note that, upgrades are not only for speeding up the cart, but also for slowing it down.

In conclusion, speed is an important attribute of a golf cart and it is the most important factor affecting the purchase of a cart.


You may argue that electric golf carts are a better option than gasoline golf carts, but everyone’s priorities are different. As a result, your decision should be based on your priorities.

A golf cart with a top speed of above 25 miles per hour is unlikely to be offered from the manufacturer. Many golf carts will never reach this top speed.


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