How Does a Golf Cart Governor Work?

How Does a Golf Cart Governor Work

A golf cart governor is a device that helps keep golf carts in check. One must be on your vehicle to ensure the golf cart will not go too fast. This article will discuss how a golf cart governor works and why you need one on your vehicle.

What is a Golf Cart Governor?

What is a Golf Cart Governor?

A golf cart governor is a device that regulates the speed of a golf cart. It helps to prevent the golf cart from exceeding the posted speed limit. The governor can be installed on the Golf Cart, or it may be built into the controller.

Why You Need a Golf Cart Governor?

A golf cart governor is critical for two reasons. First, it helps to prevent the golf cart from going too fast. If the golf cart were to go too fast, it could cause damage to the vehicle and other drivers. Second, a golf cart governor can help you adhere to the posted speed limit. If you drive a golf cart at speed beyond the posted limit, you may be ticketed or fined by authorities. By using a golf cart governor, you can avoid these problems.

What is Golf Cart Top Speed Without a Governor?

What is Golf Cart Top Speed Without a Governor?

A golf cart governor is a device that helps regulate the speed of a golf cart. Without a governor, the golf cart could potentially travel at a much faster rate than is safe. This could cause severe injury or even death if the golf cart crashes. A governor helps keep the golf cart at a safe and comfortable speed by reducing its engine power.

The typical top speed of an EZGO golf cart is 19.9 mph, with an average speed between 14 and 15 mph. The EZGO cart’s speed can be increased by 5 to 10 mph by adjusting the governor.

The adjustment can increase the 15 mph speed to 22 mph. Typically, you can adjust within five minutes.

How Does a Golf Cart Governor Work?

A golf cart governor regulates the power sent to the engine. The governor allows for a set speed but will cut off power if the golf cart exceeds that speed. This prevents the golf cart from going too fast and ensures you drive within the posted limit.

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Why Is a Golf Cart Governor Important?

A golf cart governor is critical because it helps regulate its speed. It does this by controlling how much gas is put into the engine. If the golf cart is going too fast, the governor will cut off the gas flow to the machine, and it will slow down.

It is also essential because it helps regulate the engine’s RPMs. This is important because if the engine’s RPMs are too high, it can cause damage to the engine and the vehicle.

A golf cart governor can also help you adhere to the posted speed limit. If you drive a golf cart at a speed beyond the posted limit, you may be ticketed or fined by authorities. By using a golf cart governor, you can avoid these problems.

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Step by Step Installing a Golf Cart Governor

1. Locate the Governor Mounting Bracket

A golf cart governor mounts to the engine and controls the speed of your vehicle. This is important because if the golf cart governor is not set at a reasonable rate, your vehicle will go too fast and potentially cause an accident. Setting the golf cart governor to the correct speed is essential for safety.

2. Remove the Governor Mounting Bracket

There are several governors on golf carts, but the most common type is the V-belt governor. This type of governor consists of a belt that rides around a pulley and pushes or pulls the throttle closed or open, depending on how fast the cart is going.

The problem with this type of governor is that it can be affected by things like moisture and dust, which can cause the belt to slip. This can lead to problems with your engine, including reduced fuel efficiency and even possible engine damage.

Many golf cart owners install a removable governor mounting bracket to combat these issues. This bracket attaches to your golf cart’s frame near the engine and houses a separate motor that operates the throttle. This eliminates any chance of belt slippage, so it’s so important to have one on your vehicle.

3. Install the Governor Mounting Bracket

To install the governor mounting bracket, remove the old bracket by unscrewing it and removing the bolts that hold it in place. Next, install the new governor mounting bracket by screwing it into place and bolting it with the bolts removed from the old frame.

4. Test the Governor

Once the governor mounting bracket is installed, you’ll need to test it to ensure it’s working correctly. Driving your golf cart around, ensure the throttle closes or opens when you hit the gas pedal. If there are any problems with the governor, you’ll need to fix them before continuing with the installation process.

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How to Uninstall a Golf Cart Governor

The removal of a golf cart governor requires little time and skill. You can do this yourself if you have a basic understanding of mechanics and standard tools. The procedure is essentially identical for all golf carts.

Items Required

  • Wrench
  • a screwdriver with a Phillips’s head
  • Normal screwdriver


  1. Disconnect the cable from the carburetor. This is typically a thin cable that it can easily extract. You can use a Phillips-head or a standard screwdriver if the screw does not come out.
  2. Now, disconnect the opposite end of the cable from the governor. Frequently, the governor resides on top of the engine.
  3. Locate the gas pedal’s connection to the governor and disconnect it.
  4. Redirect the accelerator pedal to the carburetor.
  5. Remove the bolt from the shaft of the accelerator pedal.
  6. Slide the shaft upwards to increase the play on the gas pedal.
  7. Start the golf cart after tightening the bolt.

You may have to repeat steps 6 and 7 multiple times before the golf cart reaches the desired speed. To determine if you have achieved the desired rate, it is recommended that you play a golf course of known length at full speed.

Note that the preceding steps only apply to gas-powered golf carts. An electric golf cart does not have a throttle.

How to Adjust the Governor on an EZ-GO Golf Cart

Typically, an EZ-Go golf cart has a top speed of approximately 15 miles per hour, and adjusting the governor can add 7 or 8 miles per hour.

However, this depends on the type of cart you own. This section will describe the four-stroke engine, one of the most popular EZ-Go models. Adjusting the governor on an EZ-GO will take no more than five minutes.

5 Steps to Adjust EZ-GO Golf Cart Governor

Step 1: First, raise the engine seat to reveal seat cousins. Ensure that your toolkit contains a Philips-head screwdriver, as removing screws from certain carts with such heads may be necessary.

Step 2: Remove the seat cushions from over the engine. You may need to use a screwdriver or two hands to remove the black plastic cover.

Step 3: Remove the cover made of black plastic to expose the motor. Using the proper screwdriver, remove five screws.

Please keep all of these in a small container to ensure their safety. Locate the governor’s spring. It is simple to locate because it is wrapped around a metal rod and has two nuts, one small and one large.

Step 4: Loosen the smaller and tighten the larger to increase the speed of your cart. Do not travel too quickly; initially, turn it only a quarter of a turn; exceeding this speed will damage engines and cause them to fail.

Step 5: Adjust the seatback to its proper position by retightening the nut. Check your cart’s speed now. Check to see if it is moving as quickly as you would like.

How to Club Car Golf Cart Governor Adjustments

Club cars owners should understand how to adjust their governor to achieve the ideal speed. The procedure may require some time and effort, but it will be worth the investment. Up to 10 miles per hour may be gained by specific models.

5 Steps to Adjusting the Club Car Golf Cart Governor

Step 1: Locate a plastic plate secured by two small screws to the console from the driver’s seat. Verify the type and size of the screws. Ensure that the proper screwdriver is used to remove them from the panel.

Step 2: Once all of the screws have been removed, place them in a plastic bag for safekeeping. Please remove and secure the panel by placing it in a small bag.

Step 3: You may observe a metal T where the panel once stood. This controls your speed and prevents your Club Car’s governor from activating.

Step 4: loop a small rubber band around the top of the T near the thicker portion. Ensure that you stretch the rubber band and twist it while pushing the metal T to maintain its position.

Step 5: Ensure that you have pulled the governor to the right and are securely in place. Verify that the rubber band is securely fastened, then remove the plate from the bag and hold it in place while you replace the screws.

Your Club Car is now capable of driving at a faster rate. Determine the maximum speed of your cart. If it accelerates, you have correctly adjusted the governor; if not, you have sent the governor in the wrong direction.

The Drawbacks of Changing the Golf Cart Governor

  • The warranty on your golf cart is immediately voided if you make any adjustments to the governor. If a golf cart repair shop discovers that the governor has been tampered with, they will refuse to assist with engine-related issues.
  • If the cart is operated at excessive speeds, engine damage may occur.
  • The cart was designed to travel between 12 and 15 mph. If the speed is increased any further, it could be dangerous.
  • Adjusting the governor of a golf cart for high speed is ineffective for slow operations.

Risks of Removing the Golf Cart Governor

The golf cart manufacturer installed a governor on their vehicles for a good reason; they wanted to ensure they were safe and wouldn’t pose a hazard or injury risk when driven.

Removing the golf cart’s governor increases its speed and likelihood of crashing. Please remember that the faster you travel, the more strain and pressure you place on your cart.

Contact the Golf Cart Garage Support Team if you have any concerns or inquiries regarding golf carts.

FAQs About How a Golf Cart Governor Work

Where is the golf cart’s governor located?

This is one of the best locations from which to observe the carburetor. The majority of the time, the governor rests atop the engine.

Where is the electric golf cart’s governor located?

When an electric speed governor is in operation, you must replace the metal rod with your golf cart’s clutch.

The Governor for a Golf Cart Performs What Function Does a Golf Cart Governor Perform? The fixed speed of a golf cart governor allows the cart to operate more quickly and uniformly on flat terrain. As a result, engine revolutions per minute (RPMs) may only increase by the specified maximum.

How can the speed limiter be removed from an EZ-GO golf cart?

  • Using a straw, remove the cable from the carburetor and invert it so the line falls in.
  • Follow the disconnected cable to the office of the governor.
  • Reconnect the gas pedal cable to the governor and ensure it is correctly inserted into the carburetor.
  • You must remove the shaft of the gas pedal with a wrench.

How do I disable the club car’s governor?

To attach a metal rod to your club car, you must locate a metal rod with a secure connection. Stretch the rubber band over the metal rod until it reaches the metal rod.

Replace the plastic plate with a new one by reassembling it using screws. A reinstated license plate is the state’s new engine of growth.

Final Fate

Golf cart governors are a part of the engine that controls the cart’s top speed. They are designed to keep the engine from going over the maximum speed you decide on.

Golf cart governors are a great way to keep your golf cart from going too fast, especially in a crowded area.

We hope you have found this article an excellent resource for information on Golf Cart Governors. If you have any questions about Golf Cart Governors, don’t hesitate to contact us at Golferspark.

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