16 Best Golf Push Carts For An Easy Golfing Experience

best golf push carts

The originator of the statement “Golf is a Good Walk, Spoiled?” is a point of contention. Many people credit Mark Twain with coining the phrase, but it’s more probable that novelist Harry Leon Wilson coined it in his novel The Boss of Little Arcady.

It doesn’t matter who coined the statement; what matters is that more than one golfer has felt that way while carrying their golf bag for a round of golf.

Today’s courses aren’t like the old link courses, which can make walking the entire 18-hole course extremely challenging. Walking with a push cart is the way to go if you want to conserve some energy.

A quick search on Amazon reveals that there are plenty of possibilities available. Some have three wheels, while others have four, and some even have pop-out seats nowadays.

Despite the fact that a growing number of younger golfers are taking up the sport, there is still a great need for a high-quality push pull cart. Continue reading to discover the best one for your game and budget.

To help you, here is a list for you to choose the best golf push carts to buy today:

  1. JEF World of Golf Deluxe Steel Push Cart
  2. SereneLife 2 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  3. SereneLife 3 Wheel Golf Pushcart
  4. SereneLife 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  5. Clicgear Model 4.0
  6. Clicgear Model 8+
  7. Tangkula Golf Push Cart
  8. Tangkula Push Cart with Seat
  9. QWIK-FOLD 3-wheel push-pull golf cart
  10. Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART
  11. CaddyTek Explorer V8 Push Cart
  12. CaddyTek CaddyLite V3
  13. CaddyTek Superlite Explorer
  14. CaddyTek 3 Deluxe Golf Push Cart
  15. Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX
  16. Cube CART 3 Push Cart

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 5 Best Golf Push Carts

Number 1


The JEF World of Golf Deluxe Steel Push Cart is of two wheels. It has very wide wheels, folds in half with one fluid motion, lightweight, foot brake and a waterproof scorecard holder.

It has incredible user reviews even though its small but it does still work with larger bags.



Number 2


It is made with good material and looks great and much more relaxing to use on the course. There’s also room for tees, a scorecard, and a pencil if you need.

It also has ball bearing wheels, a height adjustable handle, flat fold design and simple breaking system with great reviews from our customers.



Number 3


The black and gray heavy-duty frame of this lightweight SereneLife folding golf pushcart is equipped with upper and lower brackets enabling you to load your golf bag and it is also manufactured from aluminum.

There is space for a scorecard, liquid beverages, and an umbrella holder to be attached to the storage compartment.

It weighs in at a respectable 19.62 pounds and has a load capacity of up to 33 pounds. This should be sufficient to transport most amateur golf bags.

For multiple pushing positions and height, a padded handle is height-adjustable.

To provide ultra-smooth movement, there are 3 non-inflatable clip-on wheels with tetrad ball bearings in variety of terrains. The Eagle V2 black core rear wheels have a diameter of 11 ½ inches.

When parked, stopping the cart is done via an easy-to-use quick braking system to prevent the cart from rolling away.

It is a straightforward process to load the bag into your vehicle as it folds flat into a compact size measuring 27.8 inches high, 7.3 inches wide, and 23.2 inches long, It slides into position to unfold you simply lift the handle.



Number 4


SereneLife is building a name for itself, and easy to see why it’s one of the best golf push carts on the market right now. The four wheel push cart is awesome too while the three wheel model is great.

From SereneLife, it’s another great product and this is a great option if you prefer the extra wheel and have a larger cart bag.



Number 5


The Clicgear Model 4.0 is a force to be reckoned with, providing excellent folding for storage and incredible strength when pulling a hefty set of clubs.

This three-wheel cart comes with an umbrella mount, a cup holder, and various tabs for attaching some of the company’s accessories for even more helpful features.

Overall, the Clicgear 4.0 is ideal for the experienced walking golfer looking for an easy-to-use hand brake with a sturdy and dependable aluminum frame that can hold larger bags easily.



Number 6


The Model 8+ is the successor to the ever-popular successful Model 8. This is one of the best and finest push carts on the market right now. It’s also designed to require the least amount of maintenance over its lifetime.

It has excellent features and makes extensive use of technology to ensure that you receive the most support and feedback possible from one of the most modern four-wheel carts on the market.

For added stability The Model 8+ IS created with lightweight materials and an extra-wide base which is of four-wheeler. It comes with loads of functions that fluently glide over the grass with little effort. All of this comes in at a remarkable lightweight 10 pounds.

Built-in storage for your scorecard and a mount for your umbrella and cup holders can be found on the console houses. The front wheels are effectively stopped by the powerful brake system, which is controlled from the handle.

The revolutionary V-slide feature makes folding this beauty for storage easier than you might think, resulting in a folded up package measuring 15′′ x 27′′ x 17′′.

Laden with many of features and technologies, it is one of the most robust yet lightest pushcarts on the market now. The Model 8+ with its expensive price is justified by the features it offers.

According to us, The Model 8+ is the best push cart available on the market today.



Number 7


With a three-wheeled pushcart and a steel frame, The Tangkula Golf Push Cart can handle even the heaviest of baggage. The weight of Tangkula is an unusually heavy of 19 pounds because it is made of steel and not aluminum like most of its competitors.

The height can be adjusted to meet your requirements and the handle can be moved and turned in any direction and also the changeable handles make it easy to carry.

The handle’s flexibility is a great feature, as it may be used by right-handed or either left-handed golfer without any adjustment needed. Ball bearings in the wheels make it incredibly easy to push and smooth and change directions.

However the brakes are not connected to the handle but still they work well. Regrettably, you’ll have to use your feet to operate them. The normal equipment including your umbrella, scorecard, a net bag, and beverage container can be found on the console.

Slow play has now become a hot topic these days, and it can be found at all levels of the game.

The adjustable stool is a feature that you won’t find on many of the competitors and it makes this a standout option for those difficult days when you have to wait for the group ahead of you to finish their hole.

Tangkula is easy to store because it folds into a 65” x 27” x 48” container. Also, you can easily remove all three of its wheels to fit it into even the smallest or tightest areas if it still takes up too much room.

The Tangkula’s performance and workability are unaffected by the fact that it is heavier than the competition due to the steel structure. It’s simple to put together and includes a stool to assist when you’re bored of waiting.



Number 8


Tangkula is known for producing lightweight and dependable golf push carts that can roll effortlessly. The Tangkula Push Cart with Seat adds a small cushioned seat that elevates the game, allowing golfers to unwind while on the course.

This seated golf push cart may be too much for golfers who just want a sleek golf push cart. But the Tangkula Push Cart with Seat is excellent for low-handicappers searching for a few extra features with fun accessories and solid constructions.



Number 9


With its stripped-down stylishness, the Qwik-Fold 3-Wheel push-pull golf cart appears plain at first glance. There aren’t many gimmicks for you which can be considered a deficiency.

The lightweight pushcart weighs only 17 pounds and it’s built of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it easy to put into your vehicle.

It can easily handle a load of 38 pounds due to its durability and strength. Securing the bag is a breeze with expandable straps.

Patented bullet-system technology makes it simple to debacle the cart and loads it into your vehicle by merely pressing a button, and then erects it by lifting the handle until it snaps into shape.



Number 10


With its aluminum frame, Qwik-Fold has created a push/pull cart that is made of high-quality materials. The word “durable” conjures up images of heavy items that are difficult to transport. However, this is not the case with this product at all.

So, don’t waste your time, check out this one quickly.



Number 11


The CaddyTek Explorer V8 Push Cart is the best among the best golf push carts because it provides all of the reliability and durability you’d expect from a CaddyTek cart in a four-wheel version.

This golf cart deserves high acclaim for its construction and design, which includes an adjustable handle, quick folding and secure handling.



Number 12


The CaddyTek CaddyLite V3 keeps the company’s dependable and popular series of top golf push carts well and alive.

For easy storage in your vehicle, the lightweight cart folds into a small square. The Caddytek cart handles uneven terrain and moves smoothly on the course.

The ergonomic handle with four pushing settings, as well as the patented bag holder that secures your clubs firmly for reduced rattling on the links, are two of the CaddyLite V3’s greatest features.



Number 13


The Superlite Explorer 4-wheeler’s frame is made of strong aluminum and is built on a large base with expanding front wheels for added stability and easy to move on various terrains. It is extremely light, weighing only 14 pounds.

There is a scorecard storage compartment, a mesh net for the balls, an umbrella holder and a large beverage holder in this cart.

This is a reasonably priced pushcart with some good features, but it faces up against some stiff competition.



Number 14


The CaddyTek 3 Deluxe Golf Push Cart is one of the strongest aluminum frames on the market, providing sufficient strength to this push cart.

Despite its lack of bells and whistles, the CaddyTek Caddylite EZ V8 3-Wheel earns our highest recommendation for excellent build and durability.

It’s a fantastic golf push cart for experienced golfers who require the robustness of an aluminum frame.



Number 15


Sun Mountain has consistently brought some of the greatest golf push carts and golf bags to the market. We’ve added their newest golf push cart creation, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX, to our list of fantastic product from the company.

The GX is not only packed with great functionality, but it also folds up in two simple steps for easy storage in your vehicle. The GX is also lightweight, at around 18 pounds, making it easy for even a junior golfer to manage during their round.



Number 16


The Cube CART 3 Push Cart is a high-quality and a lightweight push cart for golfers. Setting up the cart is simple, and with the CART 3’s assistance, you’ll be able to get onto the course in seconds.

The Cube CART 3 is lightweight and has a robust, foundation, albeit narrow and offers quick collapses for simple storage in your vehicle. The Cube cart, which folds to less than two feet, won’t get in the way of your clubs during your journey to the club.



Know What to Look For In the Best Golf Push Cart

When shopping for the best golf push cart, seek for the following features:

Easy to open and close

If your cart is giving you trouble every time you try to use it, your honeymoon will be over before you know it. The latching mechanism that prevents it from opening when you don’t want it to is included in this issue.

Smooth Ride

A golfer wants his carts to be so smooth that he hardly even knows he was pushing it. The breadth of the front wheelbase and whether or not your bag rubs on the tires are two things to consider.

To address this issue, several of the top golf push carts have an adjustable front wheel base.

Size When Folded

A big SUV or pickup truck isn’t for everyone. Space is a superior to most of us. How much additional room will your cart require if you have one or two sets of clubs in your trunk?

There are push carts are available that will meet your requires while taking up very little space you believe it or not.


There’s no need to be too technical here. On this cart, you are going to spend more than $200, and so you want it to last a long time.


The most important decision that golfers wanting to buy a push cart must make is whether they want a two-wheel, three-wheel, or four-wheel push cart.

When it comes to balancing the cart, two-wheel push carts use the base where the bottom of the bag sits to do so. Golfers must learn the bag down toward the handle in order to move the cart as it’s the biggest difference for golfers who use two-wheel push carts.

Due to the location of the front wheel base, a three-wheel push cart is balanced and can be readily pushed to move around the course.

Many golfers can’t make a decision between three wheel and four wheel golf carts. Let’s look at both options so that you can make a more sensible decision.

3 wheel

Three-wheelers have one wheel in the front and two in the back and are shaped like a V. The front-wheel can be fixed or swivel. On the course, the swivel option creates less stress and more flexibility when you have to turn it around.

It’s much easier to steer than a four-wheeler because of its only one wheel in the front. In all conditions, the V shape makes it much easier to push whether it is over some clumps in the rough or on the fairway.

On the gloomy side, three-wheelers have a tendency to become top-heavy, making them easier to tip over when it’s fully loaded.

4 wheel

On the other hand, four-wheelers have two front wheels that are more stable and less prone to tumble over no matter the load.

However, make sure the load is assigned as soon as possible with any vehicle that you load; otherwise you will find yourself picking it up as well.

The stability they acquire is counteracting against maneuverability. Not that they are tough to move around, but they are more difficult to turn than their three-wheel competitors.

If somehow you damage the wheels beyond repair, you will be able to replace them.

It is strongly recommended that you receive the replacement directly from the supplier to guarantee that you do not lose any of the benefits that you have become so addicted to.

Storage & Weight/ material

Most golfers’ experiences with pushcarts have been almost painless. The storage in the cart and the storage of the cart after the round are two areas that cause some problems. Both of these issues will be addressed by us in this section.

It’s best not to overload your cart for the round with beverages, snacks, and other items, even if they’re necessary in moderation. You should add some weight without it impacting too much on the spirit that you are preserving for your shots to assure that the cart remains stable.

Your golf cart should be able to transport and make all of your necessities easily available. Search for a spot to store your scorecard and writing equipment’s, as well as your umbrella for those rainy days, and a sufficient amount of liquid drinks and snacks to keep you fueled and energized during your round.

Other factors that may influence your decision are whether or not the storage compartment is watertight and lockable.

To fit into the vehicle that you use most frequently for golfing encounters, the pushcart should be able to fold up into a tiny enough packages. It should be simple, if folding and/or dismantling is necessary before loading it.

The majority of pushcarts require manual folding, but some of the higher-level pushcarts have computerized the folding action. The automatic options will cost more, but they may be well worth the extra costs if you are exhausted after a long walk.


Old two-wheel push carts were prone to tipping over and spilling your clubs on the ground. This is becoming less of issue with the arrival of three wheel and right now four wheel push carts.

It is a side to side problem when cart assemblers now talk about stability. Some of course have a longer wheel base that is more stable.

Braking System

The brake is now frequent equipment in this price rage. The brakes capacity to protect your cart from getting away from you should be of a priority.

You can extend their life time through taking care of the way you use your brakes even though it is possible change the brakes rather inexpensively.

Without engaging the brakes unnecessarily, you can park your cart by looking for flatter ways or surface.

User comfort and handle

With your cart, your handle will be your primary point of contact. Because you will be pushing up and down hills, flexible handles are exceptional to fixed handles.

It cannot have a specific impact on your golf game if you try to turn or twist your wrists just to keep your cart aligned.   

Aside from being flexible, search for handles that allows you to control the brakes with height adjustability.

So you tell me, to save your back, why would you use a cart and bend down every time you stop to put the brakes on?

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to pushcarts, golfers are spoilt for choice. You have to prioritize up front what will be your major selection criteria with so many options. In your selection, their layout will play a big role with the type of course that you frequent.

A good braking system that Hilly courses will require could play a big role in the decision.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Best Push Carts

Do you have any other concerns that were not covered in our buyer’s guide? If that’s the case, maybe the answers below will guide you in locating the best. Let’s face it.

Why do I need to buy a golf cart?

Perhaps you’re considering, why should I get or buy a golf push cart? And the answer is it determines your golf habits.

It’s a best idea if you’re a die-hard stick who can’t get enough of this crazy game. Even if you don’t use it frequently, having the choice to walk when the weather is nice or you want to burn some calories is a great thing to have.

Plus, some of your golfing companions may prefer walking VS. Riding and it’s less expensive than renting a generic course cart.

Not to add, if you’re planning a golf bucket list vacation, getting in the habit of walking before your trip is a great idea. Many courses require you to walk, which is sometimes more enjoyable because you can take in all the sights.

Walking on a regular basis will help you get in better golf shape so that you are prepared for the journey and don’t feel weary or tired on the way back.

How Can I Maintain a Golf Push Cart?

Regular maintenance is always a great idea if you’re a serious golfer who wants to make sure your cart lasts a long time. Straps, brake cables, and wheels are some of the most common components to go bad.

If you’re using inflatable wheels, make sure to check the tire pressure on a regular basis to avoid a flat on the course. Otherwise, be sure to clean your carts on a regular basis to avoid debris/dirt accumulation.

Repairs are rather simple if you are a handy type of person, and also you can always contact the manufacturer for new pieces if it’s necessary.

Why Are there so few Golf Push Carts Available?

One word (which you’re probably sick of hearing): epidemic. Since the COVID-19 breakout in 2019, an increasing number of golfers have chosen to keep their distance and play it safely.

Furthermore, because many gyms are closed for a long time, walking would be a great method to get more exercise.

It’s all about supply and demand, of course. Despite the fact that storage has decreased since mid-2020, some push carts may still take longer to arrive.

Fortunately, if you order on Amazon and are a Prime member, you will know exactly how long your cart will take to arrive.

Do They Make Push Carts for Junior Golfers (kids)?

While the top push carts on this list are for adults, there are options for kid golfers as well.

Because their bags are typically considerably smaller than a normal stand or cart bag, it’s advisable to purchase them their own push cart so that their clubs fit and they can easily push it.

Here are our top two recommendations:

Caddymatic Junior Golf Cart: This 3-wheel folding cart is ideal for junior golfers and provides them with a piece of equipment that they can grow into. Its flexible design allows it to grow with your children, reducing the number of times you have to replay.

It also includes mash storage pouch, a beverage holder, scorecard/pencil holder, tee shots, and other features that a proper push cart should have. Furthermore, the foot brake is simple to operate.

Young Gun Kids Adjustable Golf Cart: This two-wheeled push cart is perfect for your favorite junior golfer and is quite affordable. While it lacks the Caddymatic’s attachments, it costs less than half as much.

It also gets high marks for its ball bearing wheels and steel construction. It’s designed for junior golfers aged 3 to 14.

Our Final Thought

As you can say, now-a-days on the market, there is no limited shortage of golf push carts. Every golfer can get the benefit while preparing for a big trip, from having one for more exercise, or simply wanting to enjoy being outside.

All of these are great options as long as you like the look, style and price of the cart. It’s totally depends on if you want cooler, a 4th wheel, or the ability to accessorize with a cup holder, scorecard holder and other accessories.

On the other hand, you can find a good golf carry bag and start walking more rounds, or you can pick one of the best golf push carts. This will help you to enjoy the game and exercise more in the way founders of this great game intended for it to be played.

Get into the best health of your life and make this your best golf year by walking with your favorite golf carts and course. A well-crafted push cart can make it easy to focus solely on the next shot for those golfers who are looking to enjoy a good walk on the links.

 With the ability to brake on sloped terrain and wide wheel bases, a push golf cart is incredibly handy for golfers of any age and skill level.

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