Best Women’s Golf Shoes in 2023 (Top 14 Picks by Expert)

Best Women Golf Shoes

Ladies seek shoes that are comfortable and stable, as well as attractive. The best women’s golf shoes for 2022 all have qualities in common that set them apart from other golf shoes on the market.

Women’s golf shoes that stand out combine style, performance, and a reasonable price. A women’s golf shoe should have a well-balanced midsole to manage the torque of the body’s motion throughout the swing, in addition to a waterproof top layer and outstanding traction.

You don’t have to go out and purchase new golf shoes if you’re a novice or are just attempting golf for the first time. They are, however, an investment that your body and performance will appreciate you for if you play more frequently.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 14 best women’s golf shoes that combine style, performance, and budget.

So, here they are:

  1. Skechers Women’s Go Drive Spikeless Golf Shoe
  2. Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe
  3. Adidas Women’s Response Bounce Golf Shoe
  4. Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe
  5. PUMA Women’s Rs-g Golf Shoe
  6. FootJoy Women’s Pro/SL Golf Shoes
  7. ECCO Women’s Soft Hydromax Golf Shoe
  8. New Balance Women’s Minimus SL Comfort Golf Shoe
  9. Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe
  10. Skechers Women’s 600 Spikeless Golf Sandals Shoe
  11. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Max Honey Golf Shoe
  12. PUMA Women’s Ignite Spikeless Sport WMNS Golf Shoe
  13. Adidas Women’s Climacool Cage Golf Shoe
  14. FootJoy Women’s Premiere Series Boa Golf Shoe

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 5 Best Women's Golf Shoes for You

Number 1


How can you tell if a shoe is ideal for golf? When there are small dogs golfing on them!

This pattern is not only adorable, but it is also really comfortable. This Skechers golf shoe features a playful design with a lightweight sole, rubber traction plate, leather uppers, and moisture-wicking lining.

With the go golf drive dogs at play golf shoes, you can bring your passion of dogs to the golf course. These shoes have Padded collar and tongue in a lace-up style. A design of dogs playing is included on the side panels. Ultra Go cushioning is light and responsive. It also has Rubber traction plate with no spikes.



Number 2


After initially focusing on casual wear items, Sketchers has moved into the golf footwear market with great ease. The shoes are attractive and of exceptional quality.

When you consider the color options, it’s no surprise that the shoe is popular among female golfers looking to make a stylish statement on the green. The lightweight shoe includes a waterproof mesh top layer. The spikeless TPU outer rubber sole has a robust grip.

The Ultra Flight midsole, which is light but dense and responsive for cushioning that keeps you comfortable. Resalyte technology is included into the footbed of the Goga Max, providing rebound cushioning. The Agion insole absorbs moisture and keeps odor at bay.



Number 3


Adidas is a brand that is connected with sportswear and casual wear. Over the years, their offerings have created a buzz in the golfing industry, and they have a roster of top female and male players.

They provide a huge selection of women’s golf shoes that will give them a distinct and fashionable style on and off the course. The Response Bounce Golf Shoe was created with golf in mind. On those scorching hot track days, a breathable microfibre outer layer delivers great comfort.

On all surfaces, a 6-spiked Thintech rubber outsole is robust and pleasant. For added comfort, cushioning, and performance, the full-length bounce foam midsole is designed with grooves. A water-resistant shoe made entirely of leather.



Number 4


The Adipure Sport is another attractive adidas shoe with a great midsole, a robust outsole, and a breathable upper layer. Ladies enjoy the Adipure Sport shoe for its flare and versatility when looking for a high-end pair of golfing shoes.

The flexible outsole has a spikeless technology that provides excellent traction in all weather conditions. These shoes are not only lightweight, waterproof, and comfortable to wear, but they are also priced reasonably for top-tier golfing footwear.

The Adipure Sport does not have a leather outsole. Instead, the company chose to build it out of a synthetic hybrid material that is more breathable and performs better.



Number 5


The RS-G (Running System – Golf) is a hybrid of sport and street design, inspired by Puma’s popular RS series of shoes, which debuted in the 1980s.

This trainer-like shoe’s outsole features a traction pattern with accentuated and noticeable carbon rubber lugs carefully arranged in different zones for durability, and the shoe’s seam-sealed upper keeps it entirely waterproof.

Even when facing tough terrain, Puma’s Fusion Foam cushioning in the midsole and Softfoam sock liner provided great comfort. The sneaker is on the list mostly because of this reason.

With more and more golfers prioritizing comfort over all else, you’ll be hard pressed to find a shoe that’s more appropriate than the RS-G.



Number 6


The Pro/SL has earned a spot on this list of the top women’s golf shoes because it allows ladies to concentrate on their swing rather than their feet.

The all-new Infinity outsole has more traction points and a larger surface area in the heel for superior grip and ground contact in all circumstances.

Furthermore, we discovered that the integrated harness provided more medial and lateral support than the prior Pro/SL model, implying that our feet felt more secure for optimal stability. The shoes have a one-year waterproof guarantee and are made of quality Chromoskin leather for super-soft comfort.

This is, without a question, one of the top golf shoes on the market.



Number 7


Our pick for the top ladies’ golf shoes for low handicappers is the Ecco Hydromax. The Hydromax is the only shoe with the same level of durability, superior leather outer layer, and cushioned foam insole.

The upper leather layer provides stability, while the sole’s innovative spikeless technology provides excellent traction. To keep your feet dry, the outer layer is waterproof. The Hydromax is extremely comfortable to wear when walking, with a midsole that keeps the foot stable and supported.

Certainly, this shoe has a higher price tag, but for expert golfers, the Hydromax is the best shoe to wear on the course.



Number 8


The New Balance Minimus is an excellent choice for golfing shoes with a superb top outsole that breathes properly and an athletic, lightweight style.

The Minimus is the company’s standard-bearer for golfing shoes, and for valid reason: it’s loaded with features including a sensitive midsole that assists with balance and traction.

The permeable outer layer, which is light and lowers weight on the foot, is another area where the Minimus shines. The synthetic material and foam sole that make up the shoe help to keep the weight down, making it one of the lightest golfing footwear on the market.



Number 9


The adidas Tech Response is a cutting-edge golf shoe that features a lightweight leather outsole with foam inner that cushions and supports the foot.

The upper appearance of this shoe was one of our favorites. It has a level of breathability that you won’t find in a shoe at this price point, and it has good features that any casual golfer would appreciate on the course.

If you’re searching for a pair of fashionable ladies’ golf shoes, the Tech Response’s style is a bit of a letdown, but it’s important to note that, despite its traditional design, the shoe does come in numerous pastel colors, such as pink and energy blue.

The Tech Response is another good model from adidas that comes at a reasonable price.



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Number 10


Skechers developed the 600 Golf Sandal for the casual golfers, and we were pleasantly surprised by the performance given with its inexpensive price.

The 600 sandals allow the foot to breathe easily because there is no upper layer of cloth, and there is clearly a benefit to having lightweight footwear that works well for amateur golfers who play in warmer regions.

The spikeless design surely helps the golfer stay balanced during the swing, which is one of the most important qualities, which golfers would be concerned about in a sandal. It’s a great choice for leisure golfers.



Number 11


Skechers is well-known for manufacturing comfortable, durable, and waterproof golf footwear. The Eagle is another shoe from the company that features a breathable leather top layer, a sturdy midsole and outstanding grip at an affordable price.

The Eagle is available in a variety of colors and has a conventional leather golf shoe style with a little flair and a contemporary design. The waterproof top layer is soft enough to handle your walking step while also supporting the foam outsole for better traction.

Mostly on course, the Eagle impresses thanks to its sensitive midsole, which provides excellent bounce back with each step, reducing arch strain.



Number 12


The Puma Ignite shoe is a great alternative if you’re looking for a pair of ladies golf shoes at a decent price. It has good traction for a spikeless shoe.

The Ignite is a sleek, lightweight women’s golf shoe with a one-year waterproof warranty for reliable protection. The foam outsole adds color and provides a solid basis for grip on the ground.

Mesh makes up the upper outsole layer, which is incredibly breathable. The shoe’s midsole responsiveness is fantastic, especially on swings where you need extra power.

The Ignite boasts a number of qualities that make it one of the better value options for starting golfers searching for low-cost golf footwear that is also comfortable on their feet.



Number 13


The adidas Climacool Cage shoe is a powerful piece of footwear for golfers who are looking for a robust outsole, breathable outer layer over the feet, and a reasonable pricing for high-quality footwear.

The business has updated the shoe by removing the typical leather outer and replacing it with a synthetic upper layer that keeps the foot cool and dry all day.

Despite the weather, the spikeless system provides excellent traction. The Climacool Cage has exceptional cushioning, with a solid foam footbed that helps keep you stable during your swing, which is a great feature for golf shoes.

The shoes’ waterproof layer aids to keep feet dry by reducing inside dampness. The Climacool Cage by adidas is a low-cost option with good foam sole and a fantastic upper layer for optimal comfort on and off the course.



Number 14


FootJoy is a well-known golf shoe company that has been around for a long time. Their quality is unquestionable, and they’ve kept up with the times by moving to soft spike shoes and using innovation to attract the female golf market.

Pittard’s premium full-grain leather has a great fit and resists stretching. Throughout play, the complete OrthoLite Fit Bed delivers underfoot comfort.

A synthetic sole with a wide range of traction is excellent for all circumstances on the course and ensures stability throughout each shot. For a traditional style, the Laser Street Fit has a rounded toe and a relatively narrow heel.



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What to Choose While Purchasing the Best Women’s Golf Shoes?

There are many things to know about while choosing the best women’s golf shoes. All of them are equally important because you can choose easily which one is suitable for you.


Every golfer, of course, desires footwear that is both comfortable and enjoyable to wear. The days of golfers wearing thick leather that required months to break in are long gone, which is a welcome change for this generation of weekend warriors.

A versatile outsole and a soft and comfortable insole are essential for finding suitable golf footwear. When it comes to golf shoes, performance is still the king, but that doesn’t hurt if the shoe can easily withstand walking 18 holes without producing blisters and hot spots on the golfer’s heels and pressure points.

If you want to walk rather than ride in a cart, the most crucial element to remember is comfort. Playing 5 hours on a golf course in uncomfortable shoes is a terrible experience that will destroy your game.


Golf shoes that provide foot stability and support during the swing are quite beneficial. At the time of downswing, power is created from the feet upwards, resulting in improved shot-making!


One of the most essential elements of modern golf footwear is waterproofing.

Let’s be real about this. When it comes to golf, no one likes to get their feet wet. Nothing is more annoying than walking off the first tee box and having your socks become moist due to the damp grass.

Fortunately for golfers, manufacturers have made significant advances in waterproofing technology over the last decade, providing a wide range of footwear alternatives that will keep the player’s feet dry during the round.

Water-repellent, water-resistant in normal circumstances, and a few additional terms are used by many manufacturers to represent their products. Find the ideal shoe that will keep your feet dry if you play in damp or wet situations on a frequent basis. It’s not fun to play in damp, squishy sneakers!


The section that wraps around the foot is known as the insole. It is important for not just ensuring a secure fit to protect the foot from slipping around during the swing, but as well as for the shoe’s warmth and breathability.

All golfers seek an insole that provides an immediate sense of comfort and durability when walking the course, reducing stress and strain on the foot. The golfer’s stance will be accommodated by a well-made insole, which will provide great balance throughout all phases of the swing.


Turf interaction, traction, and waterproofing are all handled by the outsole. The area is prepared to keep the water out of the shoes, is the outer layer of the footwear that surrounds the top of the foot.

If the layer is made of leather or a synthetic hybrid, it must be flexible enough to cooperate with the shoe and not generate resistance with each movement.

Golfers have a spiked or spikeless sole on the top of their foot that interacts with the turf for traction. Despite of the sole type, the shoe must attach the golfer to the ground in order to offer additional traction and maintain balance during the swing.


Women golfers are more fashion-conscious unlike men golfers, and color and style are major considerations in their purchasing decisions. Obviously, it looks excellent with the outfit’s matching shoes and gives you a confident attitude when you walk out onto the course. But never put fashion ahead of comfort!


Every amateur golfer cares about the cost of their golf shoes. Golfers demand outstanding performance at the lowest possible price from their shoes. Golfers can devote more of their disposable income to acquiring golfing equipment that will improve their game if they save money.

When we are considering about price, we should also consider about the value that the shoe gives for the final cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you came this far, you must have some questions on your mind, right? Hey! Don’t worry. Why am I here? Obviously for you and for your questions that’s roaming on your mind hehe. Here is some of the most asked questions hope they can help you too.

Which golf shoe is the most water-resistant?

Skechers makes the greatest water-resistant shoe on the market. The company has long prioritized developing a golf shoe with a longer waterproof guarantee to assist amateur golfers in finding a low-cost shoe that lasts and keeps away moisture from the foot.

Skechers is an excellent shoe for the mid- to high-handicapper who doesn’t play as many rounds as they’d like but still desires a reliable performance at a reasonable price that provides a firm grip on the ground and comfort as they walk.

Which golf shoes are the most comfortable for women?

FootJoy, Skechers, and ECCO are some of the most comfortable golf shoe brands for women. Soft insoles that conform around the foot have been prioritized by these companies to assist golfers in establishing a stable foundation for their swing.

Ecco ranks above the other of the footwear manufacturers for high-quality footwear that keeps shape, durability, and performance for ladies golfers who genuinely want a shoe that enables them play the course without injuring their feet.

What are the benefits of golf shoes?

Golf shoes assist in the golfer’s ability to anchor their body to the ground when swinging by offering comfort to the foot. Golfing footwear can be spiked or spikeless, but both provide a foundation that increases traction and keeps the player rooted to the ground when they swing the golf club.

A suitable golf shoe can relieve tension on the foot while preserving grip on the ground and preventing blisters throughout the game for walking players.

What kind of golf shoes do the pros prefer?

The majority of professional golfers utilize footwear from larger companies such as adidas and FootJoy, which are more expensive. The cause that professionals chose certain brands has less to do with overall performance and more to do with sponsorship negotiations.

That isn’t to argue that these manufacturers produce poor shoes; on the opposite, adidas and FootJoy have a reputation for producing high-quality, high-performance shoes at a cheap price. Furthermore, depending on feel and comfort, all golfers should pick the shoe that is suitable for them.

Why Should Golfers Wear Shoes?

Golf shoes are recommended for golfers since they assist in maintaining balance and traction during the swing. Non-spiked golf shoes, like as running shoes, have a tendency to slide around on the course, losing critical traction, especially in wet environments.

The golfer can improve his fundamental strategy for making solid contact by obtaining a good pair of spiked footwear. This enables the lower half of the body to stay planted and modest throughout the swing.

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Our Final Thoughts

Every sport has particular equipment, but golf appears to have the most distinctive attire! This fashionable pastime is a fun way to pass the time with getting some fresh air.

Shoes have an essential part in performance, and the designers cover all of the recommendations in this article, so choose wisely and enjoy the moment.

That’s all for today! Hope to see you guys with another helpful article. Take care my lovely readers and share your experiences with us without any fear. And if there’s anything that you’re not getting please write down the comment below so that we can help you immediately. That’s why we are here for! Hehe…

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