The 10 Best Golf Towels On The Market For Increased Accuracy And Game Improvement

Best Golf towel for golfers

Isn’t it true that playing golf in the heat of the day is hot, sweaty, and exhausting? What about the weather, which is chilly and rainy? The best golf towel will assist you in most situations.

A golf towel is an absolute need for every golfer playing the game. In addition to keeping your clubs clean in muddy circumstances, a nice towel may also be used to wipe off your shoes or grips, as well as any damp benches you may meet during your round.

As a result, we’ve gathered all the most significant information that can assist you in choosing the best golf towel for your demands.

Many golfers are reckless while purchasing a towel, and they subsequently regret not getting anything they desired in their golf towel. I don’t understand why. 🙂

Here are our best 10 picks of the best golf towels for our lovely readers:

  1. TaylorMade 2019 Tour Towel
  2. Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel
  3. Mizuno Microfiber TOUR Towel
  4. Team Golf Embroidered Sports Golf Towel
  5. Team Effort Collegiate Grey Microfiber Towel
  6. Team Golf NCAA Embroidered Golf Towel
  7. Stixx Microfiber Golf Towel
  8. Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towel
  9. Frogger Golf Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel
  10. Titleist Golf-StaDry Performance Towels

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Reviews of Our Top 10 Best Golf Towels for Golfers

A variety of materials, forms, colors, and functionalities are available for towels. We’ll go over each of them in more detail so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Number 1


The TaylorMade Golf Company has a long history of breaking with tradition to achieve new performance levels.


TaylorMade’s tour towel is 24″ x 42″ and is constructed of soft Terry cotton, much like the ones used on the PGA and European Tours.


Because there is no loop or clip, it can easily be kept between your clubs. The TaylorMade logos are mixed excellently in the towel.


With the unique Taylor Made 2019 Tour Towel, you can clean your clubs like a pro.



Number 2


The Callaway Uptown Golf Towel is an excellent option for golfers who want a more traditional look. When it comes to cleaning your clubs, the thin high-quality carabiner clip towel does a great job.

The Callaway towel’s microfiber material is thin, but it performs an excellent job cleaning your irons and wedges during the round. The towel also has a carabiner clip attachment method that offers security and ensures the towel won’t fall from the bag.

The Callaway Uptown Golf Towel comes in four colors: black, grey, blue, and white. The additional fabric helps the golfer remove the grass from the club after each shot.



Number 3


Despite its premium price tag, this all-blue towel has been one of the best on the market. It has a large Mizuno embroidered logo and is quite absorbent.

100% polyester is used to construct this Mizuno Microfiber TOUR Towel. An embroidered logo and a fabric strap handle complete the design. 42″ x 22″ (106. 7cm x 55. 8cm).

It’s easy to attach to a bag and has a long reach. It is unquestionably of high quality and performs admirably. Cleans thoroughly and removes any dirt, muck, and other debris from your clubs/shoes, etc.



Number 4


There is a high-quality towel to symbolize your favorite sports team that is available from the Team Golf Company. Towels like the Team Golf Embroidered Sports Golf Towel allow sports enthusiasts to decorate their bags with the colors and logos of the teams they adore.


Team Golf has built a consistent line of the best golf towels on the market thanks to license arrangements with MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA, and the US Military. Although they’re on the smaller side of the useable surface area, they’re durable and operate well on the golf course.


Assuming you don’t care about the team’s name or emblem, the towel itself is thick enough to absorb a lot of water. Using a checkerboard design, the business has lifted the fabric to collect impacted dirt from the club’s grooves to provide the golfer with a cleaned club.


The Team Golf Embroidered Sports Golf Towel is a great golf towel that allows golfers to support their favorite team.



Number 5


The Team Effort Grey Microfiber Towel has been designed with a dimpled surface to assist golfers in removing grass from their clubface grooves after strokes. 


It’s a little on the thin side, but the Team Effort towel does an excellent job of soaking up water over an entire day of golf. A golfer may have to re-moisten their towel a few times more frequently than with thicker towels on this list, but the towel’s effectiveness balances this.


The well-designed towel includes a prominent logo that sits near the connecting point at the top of the towel. When it comes to towels, this one has one of the most vital connections we’ve ever seen to a golf bag, thanks to its carabiner attachment structure at its top.


The Team Effort brand is an attractive choice for golfers looking for a trendy, sports-centric towel.



Number 6


Towels that can be personalized for NCAA supporters who like golf and want to show their support for their team will be a hit. With a scrubber design that makes it easier to clean golf balls and club heads, NCAA towels differ from the competition in that they are entirely made of cotton.


Each of the NCAA’s 32 teams has its own set of colors, and you may pick the ones you like most. Your favorite team’s colors and embroidered crest can be added to the towels to show your support for your fellow golfers.


You can rotate the attaching clip to be attached to your bag or cart with ease. The clip’s quality is questionable because it’s composed of plastic rather than metal.


Fans of the 32 NCAA teams may personalize their towel to show loyalty to their favorite team. Additionally, it offers you a long-lasting cleaning towel.



Number 7


When it comes to cleaning the grooves of your irons and wedges, this towel works wonders because of its high absorption capacity.

The Stixx towel may be machine washed and air dried, and the fabric returns to its natural state quickly. You’ll note that the Stixx model does a fantastic job of keeping the towel moist throughout the round for simple cleaning once you’re on the course.

If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective towel, go no further than this one. The Stixx Microfiber Golf Towel is a must-have for every golfer looking for a long-lasting golf towel.



Number 8


In addition to cleaning your clubs, balls, and body, this high-quality golf towel comes in a set of three. Towels made of microfiber are extremely absorbent, and the anti-microbial properties help to eliminate unpleasant odors.

These towels are available in a variety of colorful hues. Carabiner-style plastic clip makes it easy to hang the towel on anything, including golf bags.

 The Greens golf towel is a wonderful option even if it isn’t as well-known as some of the more well-known golf equipment and accessory makers.



Number 9


Golfers may thoroughly soak the towels inside since it is separate from the towel’s outer layer and has a different internal part.


The towel outside remains dry, allowing for separate wet and dry zones. You can quickly and easily clean your equipment with this setup, which includes a place on the towel to remove all of the moisture.


When it’s raining, you may reverse the processes that keep the interior dry while the exterior becomes wet. This makes the Frogger towel extremely durable. Your clubs and balls will be clean regardless of the weather since you’ll have two portions of the towel.


You won’t have to worry about the towel falling out of your bag thanks to a sturdy carabiner clip on the towel, unlike other plastic clips. Golfers who play in wet areas may enjoy the Frogger Golf Amphibian Towel’s innovative design.



Number 10


When it comes to cleaning your clubs and golf balls, nothing beats Titleist’s StaDry Performance Golf Towel. It’s made with top-quality material to get rid of dirt and grime quickly and effortlessly.

Titleist’s multi-material StaDry fabric is a durable fabric that swiftly dries in the rain to keep your clubs clean.

A carabiner clip in one of the corners of the towel ensures that it may be securely attached to your bag. StaDry is a high-end towel worth its price for skilled golfers because of its superior quality and short drying time.



What to Look for While Choosing the Best Golf Towels?

There are so many options for towels that picking the right one is extremely difficult. To help you make the best decision, we’ve put together these following advices.


Even the most delicate clubs may get dirty when they’re in use, so it’s essential to have a practical golf towel that can remove dirt from the grooves as well.

If you want to remove dirt from your clubface quickly, you’ll want to invest in one of these unique towels, which are specifically made to provide you with that ability.

To determine how effective a towel is in cleaning the clubface, we should think about how long it takes to remove all traces of dirt and debris from the surface of the club.


Because of their plushness and size, golf towels may store enough moisture to be used for at least a dozen deep cleaning throughout the front nine holes.

Thickness is not an absolute necessity for making a great golf towel; nevertheless, it is less necessary for a player to remoisten their towels for cleaning purposes.

If the towel is too thick and dries quickly, the player will have to apply additional water to help remove dirt and impacted debris from the surface and grooves of the club regularly.


On the golf course, towels must have the ability to contain water so that the golfer may use a moist cloth to wipe dirt and filth from an iron’s face. Short, lightweight golf towels that require constant moisturizing might disrupt the flow of an enjoyable day on the golf course.

Golf towels should be absorbent enough to hold water for at least two hours before the user notices a difference in performance. The bend from the 9th green to the 10th hole is a perfect area for a golfer to add extra water to their towel.

A towel’s absorption rate may be determined most accurately by looking at the percentage rating. In terms of absorbency, a more significant percentage means a better towel. The suggested minimum rate is 400 percent.


One of the most critical aspects of the cloth’s effectiveness is its size since the golfer requires a lot of material to remove loose grass and dirt from the clubface.

It’s reasonable to estimate that even the most significant players will utilize their irons and wedges about 25-30 times during a round. There are many situations where a player will need the assistance of a towel to clean their grooves in the game, and that number might double for beginners.

Towels may accumulate a lot of grit and dirt after so many repetitions, and the golfer would need a lot of coverage to ensure that the clubface is exposed to a clean area of the material.


Microfiber golf towels, cotton golf towels, and polyester/nylon golf towels are the most popular material for golf towels on the market.

Microfiber has said that this is the most effective in cleaning and collecting dirt. It doesn’t leave behind any strands of fluff and land on the clubface or your hand. In addition, it is highly flexible and light, making it ideal for reaching into the grooves.

Microfiber towels are great for golf because of their high water absorption rate and short drying time. Microfiber towels can be laundered in the washing machine, so cleaning them isn’t a big deal.


Choosing a towel color is typically a matter of personal preference, but a few things to keep in mind. Lighter shades are more attractive to the eye and make a lovely addition from the edge of your bag.

Keeping your equipment clean and reducing the impact of dirt on your game is the primary goal of the golf towel, not its visual appeal.

Darker golf towels are preferable in this situation since they don’t show dirt as clearly as lighter ones do. To maintain the visual appeal of light-colored golf towels, they will need to be washed more regularly, which will reduce the fabric’s durability.


The golf towel is usually dipped in water at the beginning of the round to assist in cleaning your club from the first hole easier, and they also absorb water during the cleaning procedure.

You would not want to put a dirty golf towel in your bag’s pockets. You’ll find that most golf bag makers include a loop for attaching your golf towel, and that towel makers have added a swivel clip to their towels so that you won’t misplace them on the course.

Many towels come with plastic hooks for hanging the towel, but they are nearly sure to break at some point. Therefore, a metal hook is preferable.

Cooling Towel

Breathable fabric is used to manufacture cooling towers to achieve a hyper-evaporative process. After soaking in cold water, it maintains its cooling effects for almost an hour.

Towels that have been rung out of excess water remain cold to the touch, making them ideal for usage on warm days to decrease skin temperature. Cooling towers are more expensive than a regular golf towel.

This is an excellent option for protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays and dehydration during the hottest months of the year.

Advantages of a golf towel


Personal usage of a golf towel is also possible. Using a towel not only restores equipment to its original condition but also dries the golfers and upper forearms and hands from sweat.

 Golfers often use two towels, one for equipment and one for personal usage, primarily for wiping the sweat from their faces and arms.

Excellent for Cleaning Equipment

You may use a high-quality microfiber golf towel to wipe off your clubs and balls after playing golf. Using a towel, you may remove mud from the grooves.

Clean grooves help the golfer’s iron strokes spin more quickly. A moist towel may also be used to remove impacted soil from a ball’s dimples or grime from the grip to improve tack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you still have questions regarding how to choose the best golf towel? If that’s the case, we’ll try to cover it in our FAQ’s and answers section below.

Why Do You Need a Golf Towel On Your Bag?

As a golfer, you need to have a golf towel in your bag to clean the irons’ faces and maintain the grips of all of your clubs.

Every time iron is used to hit a shot. Its clubface will be covered in the dirt since it makes a divot in the ground. To ensure accurate flight, a golfer should keep the grooves of their clubs clean and free of dirt.

A moistened golf towel can quickly clean and dry a golf club before the next stroke.

Do You Know How to Attach Golf Towels to Your Bag?

Carabiner or plastic attachments are used to secure golf towels to a golf bag’s large ring at the top of the bag. Additionally, the ring serves as a shoulder strap for golfers. In most cart bags, there are additional rings that allow you to hang your towel in a variety of different ways.

Is it possible to wash golf towels in the washing machine?

Golf towels may be washed in the washing machine. To remove smells and stains, towels must be washed after cleaning clubs or wiping away sweat from a golfer’s skin. Despite their use of advanced fibers, most golf towels may be machine washed without causing long-term or short-term harm.

Is it easy to clean golf towels?

Before each round, you may quickly and easily wash your golf towel(s). To restore your towel to its former glory, simply place it in the washer and run a usual cycle. To preserve the shape of your towel, it is advisable to avoid using a dryer and instead let it air dry.

When Should I Change My Golf Towel?

A good quality golf towel should clean well during 40-50 rounds or each couple of years. A golf towel’s lifespan is mainly determined by the golfer who owns it and how well they take care of it.

As long as the golfer is diligent about washing and storing the towel, it should continue to provide appropriate performance. Nevertheless, if the towel isn’t cleaned or maintained regularly, additional factors might take hold and lead the material to break down or be smelly and be annoying to carry.

Due to frequent cleaning, a towel’s life expectancy is reduced, but this is necessary to keep the material fresh and odor-free when golfers are carrying their equipment.

Our Final Thought

Towels are essential for every golfer. In addition to keeping your clubs clean, a nice towel is a must-have for your golf bag since it can be used to wipe off your shoes, grips, and other items you may come across on the course, such as wet benches.

Therefore, many golf towels are the best method to keep your hands dry on the course. It’s convenient to have two, one for cleaning clubs and transporting them to the green. You’re also less likely to forget your wedges on the green if you have a towel along with you.

Having a few extra towels on hand is also a good idea if something goes wrong and you lose one. Make careful you tie them around your clubs or use a magnetic clip to prevent them from falling out.

Don’t forget to take care of them just like you take care of your girlfriend hehe… 🙂

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