8 Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection in 2023

Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection

Golf is a famous sport that many people believe is entirely risk-free. For the most part, this is true, but golfers must know that being exposed to the sun’s UV rays without protection can be harmful.

There is always a need for the best golf hats for sun protection when you go for a nature walk, go fishing, or spend time gardening. After all, the ideal tool for protecting yourself from the sun is still a hat, and nothing is more destructive to your skin than a high-rise sun.

That’s why; I’ve compiled a list of the 8 best golf hats for sun protection that are currently available on the market. 

Here they are:

  1. GearTop Premium UPF 50+ Hats for Men and Women
  2. Tilley Endurables LTM5 Airflo Unisex Hat
  3. Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Women’s Matchplay Golf Hat
  4. EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men and Women
  5. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney
  6. Tilley LTM6 Broad Brim Airflo Bucket Sun Hat
  7. Simplicity Hats for Women UPF 50+ UV Protective
  8. Dukars Unisex Wide Brim Sun Hat

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 5 Best Golf Hats For Sun Protection

Number 1


I seldom choose a single best product since one alternative consistently outperforms the others in some aspects. However, with the GearTOP Premium, that is not a concern. There is no choice better fit for the title most OK all-around due to its multiple qualities.


First and foremost, this hat is made specifically for outdoor use. The GearTOP Premium will stay on your head no matter what you’re doing, including golfing, fishing, gardening, and so on, owing to the elastic band chin strap and adjustable drawstrings.


Second, because this is a list of the top golf hats, the UPF rating is significant. This hat has a UPF 50+ rating, which means it can shield you from the sun’s most dangerous rays.


If I had to discover a flaw in this fantastic product, I could only think of one. The hat will look crumbled if you compress the elastic drawcord in the back too tightly, spoiling its wholesome appearance.



Number 2


Because of its various characteristics, including breathability, durability, and sun protection, the Tilley Endurables LTM5 is our editor’s pick. The style of this model is versatile, allowing it to be worn with everything from golf polo to outdoor hiking gear on the trails.


The hat is composed entirely of polyester and Supplex nylon, keeping the user’s head cool and comfortable. Alex Tilley, a sailing enthusiast and outdoor enthusiast established Tilley Endurables in 1980.


The hat is designed to be wrinkle-free to be packed in luggage or backpack.


The hat’s water-resistant coating prevents water from staining it and allows wearers to cover their heads and faces dry during bad weather. If the hat is fallen in the water at the lake, river, or beach, it features a foam lining that floats.



Number 3


The large brims on the Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat are the most accessible feature to notice. With a brim of 4 inches in the front, this hat has the widest brim on the list.


Those brims are the right size to block off the sun without obstructing your vision. Despite the fabric being made of polyester, Coolibar has used an undiscovered formula to make it ultra-soft.

As an outcome, the hat is breathable, lightweight, and has a cotton-like feel, all characteristics that a pure polyester sun hat lacks.


However, the robust metal wire that keeps the hat’s brim in shape does not impress us. The pointed end of this wire can pierce the cloth and come into touch with your delicate skin. It’s not a really pleasurable experience, trust me.



Number 4


The Einskey sunhat is a comfortable hat worn by tourists or anybody who enjoys spending time outside. It has a chin string that can be adjusted to keep the hat on your head on windy or wet days. It also has a sweatband to keep moisture from leaking over the face or eyes.


The hat was created for various activities, such as cycling, camping, fishing. The Einskey sunhat is a comfortable hat worn by tourists or anybody who enjoys spending time outside. Tan, blue, dark gray, light gray, and khaki are the colors available for the hat.


It has a chin string that can be adjusted to keep the hat on your head on windy or wet days. It also has a sweatband to keep moisture from leaking over the face or eyes.


The hat was created for various activities, such as cycling, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, golfing, and even participating in action sports. Its primary function is to provide sun protection.



Number 5


Because the Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney is composed of 100% nylon and is well stitched, you can expect the Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney to last a long time.

Other hats may only last two years at best, but this one will endure at least three years, even if you engage in rigorous outdoor sports all day.

Moreover, thanks to the exceptional craftsmanship, you will observe that this hat features a mesh vent that allows wind to pass through your head. As a result, you’ll stay cool even while trekking or golfing in the scorching summer weather.

The Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney is significantly more expensive than its competition due to the high-quality material or professional construction, which is the only drawback I could discover with this hat.



Number 6


Anyone who has ever worn a hat knows how difficult it is to clean one without harming it. Approximately 90% of brimmed hats on the market now must be washed by hand.

The Tilley LTM6 Broad Brim Airflo Bucket Golf Hat, on the other hand, is composed of nylon, so you won’t have this problem. Because it’s composed entirely of nylon, this hat provides the best wrinkle resistance without compromising its ability to stretch.

Of course, nylon is one of the most durable materials for brimmed hats. The Tilley LTM6 Broad Brim Airflo Bucket Golf Hat has a couple of flaws. The ventilation system is the most obvious of these, as the perforations are insufficiently breathable.



Number 7


The Simplicity Convertible Beach Visor Hat boasts a clever design that allows it to be folded effortlessly without losing its shape, despite its large brim. As a result, its mobility is unsurpassed, as its modest size after folding makes it easy to carry.


This hat may be worn as a conventional hat or a golf visor. To convert a hat into a visor or vice versa, just remove the hat’s top with a zipper. Consequently, you may use the hat for a variety of outdoor activities such as golfing, picnics, hiking, and so on.


The Simplicity Convertible Beach Visor Hat’s main flaw, as far as I can tell, is that it has a significant risk of snagging your hair in its velcro. So, both velcro pieces must be precisely aligned.


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Number 8


Nothing beats the Dukars Unisex Wide Brim Sun Hat for sun protection.


Admittedly, this hat has a superb UPF 50+ rating, one of the highest available alternatives, ensuring that it will block out at least 98 percent of the dangerous UV rays.


There is also a temperature concern during outdoor sports, especially on hot days. This hat can manage even the warmest days in this regard, owing to its two-sided air vents and mesh panels, which keep your head cool and aired.



What to consider while buying best golf hats for sun protection?

In this article, I’ll show you how to choose the best golf hat for your needs. So, read them carefully.


Don’t forget to look at the hat’s vents and the material it’s constructed of. Some of them are made of polyester, while others are made of cotton.

You want a hat made of lightweight, long-lasting material. You also want it to be resistant to the weather. In general, the greater the price, the higher the quality of the materials, which means it will last you longer.

You should also look for mesh vents in your hat to allow extra ventilation. This will assist you in remaining cool during your whole game of golf.


When purchasing a non-traditional bucket hat, the most crucial consideration is the total size required to block out the sun. The more your face, neck, and ears are covered by a bucket hat, the fewer damaging UV rays will reach you.

It will take a bit of time if you have never worn a more oversized bucket hat while golfing. It’s a bit weird at first since you could see the hat while standing above your shot. You could also sense the chin strap on your backswing.

UV Protection 

While the hat’s shape does impact the level of protection provided, don’t overlook the rating. Most bucket hats have a UV rating that indicates how well they will shield you from the sun.

When shopping for hats, seek those with a higher UPF rating for the best sun protection.


Golf hats must be breathable to keep a player’s head cool. It would be inconvenient if you were attempting to keep your face out of the sun yet had a really hot head with the perspiration streaming into your eyes.

As a result, most golf sun hats include microscopic mesh holes that enable air to pass through.

Many sun bucket hats are sweat-resistant, which helps to wick sweat away from the wearer’s head and dry them.


Wrinkle-resistant golf sun hats are pretty convenient to travel. They may be stuffed inside a backpack or bag without worrying about wrinkling the hat.

It’s also essential to have a light hat if nobody wants to be wearing anything heavy on their heads while navigating the course.


Golf hat brims come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Depending on personal inclination, bills can be stiff or floppy. Floppy brims can get in a golfer’s eyes and confuse them when swinging; therefore, firm brims are generally preferable. The sun is shielded by the brim’s shade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any further questions concerning which golf bucket hats to wear on a hot day? Don’t worry. All the answers are here for you to clear your doubts. 

How to Pack Sun-Protective Golf Hats?

You should preserve the crown of your brim golf hat in good shape, but that’s not all. Trust us when we say that the brim is more significant than the crown for sun protection. As a result, you must treat your headwear as if it were the case’s focal point.

But keep in mind that various hats necessitate different placing techniques. Most hats should be worn with the brim down. However, there are times when the crown must be lowered. We recommend paying attention to the form of the hat’s brim.

When Purchasing A Golf Bucket Hat, What Should You Look For?

As ever, the first thing you should consider is the level of protection that a golf bucket hat can provide. Our ultimate objective is to identify the best golf sun hats. Thus, the size of the brim is critical.

After that, check to see if it fits properly on your head. Golfers, in general, sweat much, especially on hot days. As a result, the last thing you would like to worry about following a backswing is your hat falling out.

What is the most effective color for blocking the sun?

Lighter hues, such as light grey, white, and beige, are usually helpful. However, one disadvantage of wearing lighter-colored headwear is that sweet appears sooner and may not endure as long.

That’s why we recommend purchasing sweet liners to extend the life of your caps.

What is the ideal head size for me?

There are usually two major alternatives, as you can see from the hats above. A single size with a drawstring is available, and customizable sizes depend on the brim. The best way to accomplish this is to use a tape measure or string to measure the circumference of your head.

Simply take a measurement of the most comprehensive portion of your head and check it to the sizes available on the internet. You should be OK if your head doesn’t exceed the measurements. 

How to wash your golf hats?

That’s a valid question and one you should investigate before putting it in the washer. Based on the materials used, each hat is unique.

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After a round, certain materials enable you to put it in the wash with your clothes. Others may require it to be dry cleaned. Make careful to read the label and double-check to avoid ruining your hat in the washing machine.

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Our Final Thought

When you play a lot of golf, you will be exposed to the sun. Many golfers, however, are at risk of skin damage and maybe skin cancer if they do not protect themselves.

Your ears and neck are still too visible, allowing for those small cancer spots that so many of our friends had removed from their faces. Visors expose the top of your head, and a tan on the top of your head is only surpassed by burned ears!

After reading my carefully crafted shopping advice, I hope you now have a clear understanding of which of the finest golf hats for sun protection is ideal for you.

All of the hats listed above will provide excellent sun protection. If you wish to shield yourself from the sun, I recommend avoiding caps and visors.

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