Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands in 2023 (Top 12 Picks)

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Maintaining a good grip on the club might be difficult if your hands get sweaty on the green. There are numerous number of best golf grips for sweaty hands on the market to avoid striking a stray stroke or letting go of the club by accident.

I’ve noticed that every one of us sweats at a different frequency. Golf is one of the most difficult sports to play because of the constant drenching of one’s body in sweating. A good pair of grips, on the other hand, may assist keep you in control of each shot. Having a good set of golf grips, means that mistakes will become a matter of the past.

We strongly recommend that you go with an all-weather design with particular water-resistant technology.

We’ll take a look at some of the best golf grips for sweaty hands that can be placed on any golf club in this post. One of these grips will keep your golf club in your hands at all times and we’ve fitted these on some of the most famous clubs.

Here are our top 12 best golf grips for our cute and handsome readers:

  1. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip
  2. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align MultiCompound Golf Grip
  3. Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip
  4. Golf Pride MCC Align Decade Multicompound Golf Grip
  5. Winn Dri-Tac 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle
  6. Golf Pride Decade Multi- compound Grip
  7. Lamkin UTX 58R Grip
  8. Set of 13 New Golf Pride MCC Plus4
  9. Lamkin UTX Standard Size Grip- 2014
  10. Karma Velour Golf Grip Bundle
  11. Champkey Multi-Compound Golf Grips
  12. Lehui High Traction Rubber Golf Grips

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 5 Best Golf Grips for You

We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 golf grips for sweaty hands here; each of them described and reviewed in detail.

Number 1


This grip is a wrap grip, meaning the rubber will wrap around it. This grip has no cords, and it will give you an extremely tacky feel.

This is a famous Golf Pride grip that comes in a multitude of colors. If you prefer a medium grip, the Tour Wrap 2G is also available in this size. The Tour Wrap 2G is a popular choice among golf purists, who believe it makes it easier to line their hands on the club.

The rear of the Tour Wrap has a high ridge that precisely accommodates your fingers. The Tour Wrap 2G will let you have better control.



Number 2


The Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align comes next. This grip will be quite similar to the Golf Pride Multi Compound, but it will include a few additional characteristics. Golf Pride chose to install some latest technology to the MCC because it was working so effectively for golfers.

The Align Technology assists you in properly aligning your hands on the club ensuring that you can line up the clubface. It’s critical to start with a square clubface if you want to play properly.

This grip’s Plus4 technology simulates 4 extra wrapping of tape on the lower section of the golf club. This thicker section of the grip will allow you to apply less grip pressure and have a stronger overall feel for the club.



Number 3


The list includes yet another Golf Pride grip. This one is a little lower on the list, not because of its quality, but because of its capacity to grab a sweaty hand. These grips aren’t particularly slippery, but they might not have the same stickiness as other golf pride selections.

The CP2 Wrap is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from regular to jumbo. It is not suggested to use the giant golf grip unless you have a really large hand. The CP2 Wrap has a core that gives you the feeling of comfort and traction without forcing you to press the golf club too tightly.

You’ll discover a reduced taper on the lower hand. This is comparable to MCC +4, which allows for a lighter total grip pressure.



Number 4


The New Decade MultiCompound grip features a rubber and black velvet cord combination that improves overall performance with both the top and bottom hands.

The upper hand has a firm, all-weather grip, while the lower hand has improved comfort and responsiveness thanks to the high-performance rubber. Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Grips feature a multi-material design that is unique.



Number 5


There are a lot of rubber grips on the market. In general, rubber is a durable substance that’s easy to grasp, and rubber is known for its durability.

It’s possible that some companies have done fairly well with the polymer grip material. They’re comprised of a polymer substance that provides both comfort and performance for golfers.

You may feel that these DriTac grips won’t fall out of your hands thanks to their stickiness or tackiness.

In order to make this polymer material last for a long time, manufacturers have worked hard. This is a grip that works well for people with sweaty hands.

Besides the standard grip size, the DriTac is also available in midsize and jumbo. Its non-slip characteristics elevate it to the top echelon of hand grips. The Winn DriTac is available in a variety of colors to match the shafts and heads of your golf clubs.



Number 6


Golf Pride has a new color combination for their most popular grip. For maximum feel and responsiveness, the New Decade features Golf Pride’s proprietary black Velvet cord on the top hand and smooth orange rubber on the lower hand.

Rubber and cord combine for a unique look and feel in this novel hybrid grip. The MultiCompound sports Golf Pride’s proprietary black Velvet Cord in the upper hand area for robust all-weather control, and a soft rubber substance in the bottom hand for optimal control and responsiveness.



Number 7


The UTX tri-layer technology, which has been under development for two years, improves shot-making capabilities by optimizing grip feel.

Advanced Cohesive Elastomer (ACE) 3GEN is used as the basis. Engineers at Lamkin created the special synthetic rubber compound ACE to merge the improved performance of 3GEN technology with a tackier, more comfortable feel.

The integrated fabric used in the intermediate layer provides exceptional moisture wicking in wet circumstances and excellent comfort in all climates.

Decreased torque and shot dispersion can be achieved by the stiffness of the ACE compound’s top layer. For a long-lasting grip, 3GEN’s features include improved vibration dampening and UV resistance.



Number 8


With the same hybrid performance as the original MCC, the new Golf Pride MCC Plus4 golf grips have a little softer substance for a more comfortable feel. In fact, it arrives with a Tour proven shape.

The majority of professional golfers increase their grip strength to prevent hand fatigue. Because of its 4.6 percent wider lower hand diameter, the Plus4 promotes lighter grip pressure, resulting in a more powerful swing.

 For the majority of the world’s best players, it’s a must-have set. If you’re looking for something that’s both trashy and fashionable at once, this is it. As a bonus, they’ll absorb much of the impact.



Number 9


Golfers with moisture issues will appreciate the several technological innovations built into the Lamkin Utx Cord Golf Grips. Shock absorption elements in the grips make them ideal for use with your best drivers.

For those who have moisture issues, the Lamkin Utx Cord Golf Grips are built with a variety of tech features.

Shock absorption elements are included in the grips, which are very useful for your best drivers. They also come in three different sizes and coordinate beautifully with your club’s colors.



Number 10


The Karma velour midsize black/white grips have a traditional black body with a white fill and a well-known grip pattern. A new, softer rubber compound has been developed.

We all have a variety of clubs that require grips, and purchasing them separately might be costly. Thankfully, the Karma Velour 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle is a cost-effective collection of 13 grips.

The wetness is really absorbed by the ribbed texture, giving you complete control over each shot.



Number 11


The Champkey Multi-Compound Golf Grips are not made of rubber like the majority of the others.

Cotton yard is used in its construction. This threading technology is smoother than rubber and even more moisture-wicking than rubber. This will be ideal for reducing stress in those who have a tight grip on the clubs.

These grips are fantastic! If you choke up, the logo fades soon. They are slightly more difficult than the GP mcc plus4 grips, but only significantly. The real grip you get with these is incredible.



Number 12


This Lehui midsize alternative could be a wonderful choice if your hands are a little larger.

This grip is believed to have a lot of traction. On the grip, there is a sophisticated scale that helps to evaporate moisture and keep you comfortable and dry as you play.

Furthermore, this midsize golf grip is comprised of a soft, high-quality rubber that will assist absorb shock if you make a poor golf shot.

You may also acquire the grips for a very reasonable price because this firm is still trying to establish itself. This is unquestionably a viable option to examine.



A Golf Towel is Also Necessary for Sweaty Golfers. If You Need The Most Beautiful Towel This Article may Help You. Best Golf Towels for Every Golfer.

What to Consider When Purchasing The Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands?

Here are the key features we utilized to discover the best grips once you’ve viewed a few models. Using these features can help you choose the ideal set of grips if you’re in the market for a new pair. You’ll want to keep these things in mind while you shop for new grips for your golf clubs:


An important factor is the material. Although most grips are created from 100 percent rubber, grasping the club might cause pain to your hands. You might be able to get better results using a cotton substitute if that is the case.

Today’s grips come in a wide variety of materials. The majority of grips are constructed of rubber. There are some that are squishy and cushy. Firm cord grips, on the other hand, allow you to hold the golf club even more tightly. Personal preference dictates whether you want a delicate or firm grip.

While softer rubber grips are more comfortable, you should keep in mind that they will wear out more quickly and are less resistant to damp or sweaty hands.

Moisture Absorption

This is an important characteristic to look for, regardless of whether you want to use these clubs to lessen the amount of sweat that accumulates on your hands or if you just need a new set.

Although moisture absorption technology comes in a variety of forms, it is absolutely essential to have. Including these clubs, each of them has its own unique moisture-wicking technology.


In previous articles, we’ve talked about the importance of being confident in your ability to play your best golf. When you look well enough and feel good, you’re more confident. It’s the same with the best golf grips.

The greatest method to guarantee that your grips suit your appearance is to seek for something fashionable. Some of the most popular manufacturers provide a variety of color options to let you personalize your clubs.

There are also some lesser-known brands that offer a greater grip than the original one. Your golf cart will benefit greatly from a grip that is well-suited to the game.


The price of grips isn’t the most costly piece of golfing equipment, but they may still be pricey. If you want to regrip all of your clubs, the total cost after installation would most likely be over $100.

Each grip might cost anywhere from $3 or $4 to as much as $18 or $20, depending on the manufacturer. Because of this, you should stock up on grips. When you buy many grips at the same time, you’re more likely to get a discount.


It’s essential to ensure the grips fit your hands before purchasing them. As a result, you may be forced to make needless adjustments to your golf swing, which can result in bad shots and inconsistency.

The basic rule of thumb is that golfers with big hands favor larger grip sizes. Those with tiny hands, such as women or minors, should choose for smaller grips. Shock absorption while swinging is a major benefit of using the best golf grips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before making a grip purchase, it’s a good idea to ask yourself some few questions about your needs and preferences. On the other hand, there are some frequently asked questions for you to clear your doubts.

Players with sweaty hands should wear gloves?

Wet hands might make it difficult to feel what’s going on in the club, which is why wearing a glove is a good idea. In order to maintain control of your golf swing, it is important to wear a glove.

It doesn’t matter how thin your glove is; it will assist you avoid slipping. When the club slips out of your hands, you might end up with shots that go just about everywhere.

Does Cord Grip Ease Golfers with Sweaty Hands?

Cord grips provide a high amount of traction for players. If your hands tend to become sweaty, these grips are an excellent alternative.

Cord grips, on the other hand, have the potential to cause some damage to your hands. If you’re new to golf or have sensitive skin, you might want to reconsider using the cord.

A half-cord design like the MCC Plus4 is a great option for those looking for an alternative.

To Regrip My Golf Clubs, Do I Need an Entire Grip Kit?

To save money and improve the consistency of your clubs, consider getting a golf grip bundle rather than replacing each individual one. It might be tough to maintain a consistent playing style if you have three or four different grips on each of your clubs.

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When it comes to improving your game, which grips should you use?

It’s impossible to tell one set is better than the rest. Yet, these are all basically the same, other from a few minor differences in technology. If you’re looking for a decent deal, any of them would be our top picks. Let us know which of these grips you like and if we have overlooked any of your favorite in the comment section.


Golfers’ sweaty hands are an unavoidable feature of the game. Even though some people’s hands perspire more than others, this is a problem that affects everyone.

As long as there isn’t any wetness on your hands or grips, you can still have a fantastic round. As long as you spend some time doing some research up front, you’ll discover that there are several grips available to hold your hands in place. Some of them feature a huge lower hand covered with cord and rubber materials.

Without gloves, corded grips can be utilized. Many golfers enjoy using corded grips. If you can’t retain hold of your club on the warmest of days, you’ll still have the courage to keep going down the fairway. Most of them come in a variety of colors and sizes.

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