The Top 10 Golf Cart Heaters For Winter Weather

Best Golf Cart Heaters

Can the cold weather deter a golf enthusiast from playing? Not.

Winter golf can be more enjoyable than summer golf. Because courses remain quieter, it becomes easier to schedule good deals. Additionally, you will not feel as uneasy as you do during the summer due to the heat.

 However, muscle stiffness caused by cold air can negatively affect your grip on the club, causing your game to go awry.

Keep your clubs and balls indoors, use a previously purchased golf cart cover, wear golf gloves, or perform warm-up exercises to help you feel less cold for a while.

However, these are not long-term solutions for staying warm. Rather than that, a golf cart heater is a simple and long-lasting solution.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best golf cart heaters available and included a buying guide to assist anyone in comprehending the process of selecting the right one.

We have highlighted both sides of these heaters following extensive research and analysis. That is to assist you in determining whether these are a good fit for your preferences or not.

  1. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater
  2. Stansport Portable Outdoor Propane Infrared Radiant Heater
  3. Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater
  4. Heater MH4B-Massachusetts
  5. Portable Gas Catalytic Heater, OUTDOOR Heating
  6. Climate Caddy 48V Electric Golf Cart Heater
  7. Comfort Zone CZ798 5120 BTU Multi-Purpose Utility Heater
  8. Martin Portable Outdoor Camping Infrared Propane Gas Heater
  9. Heater F242300 MH15C
  10. Comfort Zone PowerGear CZ285 1500 Watt Portable Ceramic Utility Heater

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 5 Best Golf Cart Heaters

Number 1


Mr. Heater’s F242010 MH4GC outdoor golf cart heater is certified. It features a safety switch that automatically shuts it off if it tips over.

Additionally, it includes an oxygen depletion system. This switches off the heater if the oxygen level is insufficient for the cart.

The golf cart’s powerful heat output of 4,000 BTUs helps keep it warm at all times. It lasts about around and allows you to concentrate entirely on the game.

This portable golf cart heater features an easy-grip handle that makes it more convenient to use.

Additionally, it features a wind-resistant burner and pilot system that keeps users warm in windy conditions or while operating the cart.

Though the cup holder adapter is not compatible with all golf carts, it is consistent with most of them.



Number 2


One 16.4-ounce disposable propane cylinder provides 8 hours of operation, which should keep you nice and toasty for a day on the water or the golf course.

It features a durable heat reflector and an electronic ignition that can be started without a match, making it simple to use consistently.

The fact that the Stansport golf cart heater is compact does not imply that it is inefficient. Indeed, it is a surprisingly powerful small heater for its size, and it is also highly reliable and user-friendly.

Indeed, if you want to begin golfing in the winter, this is a beneficial device to have on hand before heading out to the course. It simply makes golfing more comfortable when the weather is chilly!



Number 3


The Texsport Sportsmate portable propane heater has a maximum BTU output of 3,000. This can provide quite a bit of warmth and comfort on long rides.

 It includes an automatic shut-off valve that automatically cuts off the fuel supply when the flame goes out.

Additionally, it features an aluminum reflector safety grid to help prevent accidents and ensure your safety.

This golf cart heater is portable and lightweight. It includes a cup holder and a large plastic paddle foot base for a secure fit in the golf cart.

Due to its portability, it is also suitable for camping and other outdoor excursions. The stainless steel construction increases the durability of this portable golf cart heater.

However, it would help to hold the heater’s button for a few seconds to keep it lit. It may take some time for the water to heat up.



Number 4


Although the Mr. Heater Little Buddy propane heater was not designed for golf carts or motorized vehicles, it is frequently used for this purpose.

The ignition button is simple to operate and allows one-touch heater activation, which heats up to 100 square feet. It features a safety shut-off valve that prevents it from tipping over, and it also automatically shuts off when the oxygen level drops too low.

Due to this heater’s efficiency, many people use it in tents or cabins while camping or hunting, where it occasionally performs so well that the tent or cabin becomes a little too hot.

Even at low temperatures, such as those below 20oF, the heater performs admirably, and in some cases, it can heat up to 200 square feet.



Number 5


Martin’s portable gas catalytic heater is a flameless heater that provides approximately 7 hours of heat at 3,000 BTUs. That, too, with a single pound of propane.

 The heater is 99.98 percent efficient. This means that it will save money in the long run.

It is straightforward to use. This can be set to a high or low setting according to your preference at various times.

The foldable legs enable it to be set up almost anywhere. With its frameless design and safety fuel shutoff feature, you will not feel unsafe.

This portable golf cart heater is also ideal for camping and picnics. However, to secure it in a golf cart, you must arrange for your mounting system, as it does not come with one.



Number 6


Climate Caddy’s electric heater is the only one on our list of the best golf cart heaters compatible with all 48V electric golf carts.

 Three mounting options are available: portable cup mount, permanent cup mount, and permanent dash mount.

This golf cart heater features an adjustable cup base that makes installing golf carts simple. Additionally, it features ground-breaking energy management technology that prevents battery drain.

This golf cart heater features cutting-edge heater technology. This cart can produce warm air up to 100 degrees and cool air in the summer.

As a result, you can use this throughout the year. You must use it in conjunction with a golf cart enclosure to achieve the best results. It is better suited to smaller golf carts.



Number 7


This multi-purpose personal heater is easily adaptable with a golf cart, but it is also suitable for camping and indoor use.

 Its compact and straightforward design adheres to industry standards and provides an efficient airflow in your cart.



Number 8


Martin’s portable infrared propane gas heater for outdoor camping includes a safety grid and an auto-shutoff feature. These features protect in the event of a flameout.

 It features a large paddle foot base for stability, allowing you to place it wherever you want to stay warm.

It has a seating capacity of 3,100 BTUs. It operates on a single pound of propane and keeps the cart warm for hours.

You can adjust the heat to your liking. Though the configuration of this heater is pretty straightforward, you may find it a little complicated at times.



Number 9


Mr. Heater’s F242300 MH15C heater is a durable stainless steel model and high-quality chrome.

 It provides consistent heating regardless of whether you need it for cooking or warmth while spending time outdoors.

This heater generates 10,000 BTUs of energy per hour and has a heating area of 300 square feet.

 It is simple to operate with disposable or refillable propane cylinders, and all components are easily replaceable.

This golf cart heater features an automatic safety shutoff, a high-medium-low temperature regulator, and a wire stand.



Number 10


The PowerGear CZ by Comfort Zone is a powerful, portable, ceramic-based heater for your home.

 It delivers 1500 watts of heating power and has a pivoting cradle base that you can install in a wall or floor opening.

The CZ285 is a powerful 1500 watt portable ceramic electric heater with a pivoting base for hands-free operation.

 It delivers up to 7 hours of supplemental heat to keep your home warm while you’re away and has five heat settings for customized heating.

The Comfort Zone PowerGear CZ285 Heater is also available in various colors.



The Best Golf Cart Heater Buying Guide

The best golf cart heater should not only keep you warm but should also include adequate safety features. It would be so infuriating if the heater performed poorly after spending so much money on it.

 It would also be inconvenient if it required maintenance every so often to ensure safety. Therefore, consider certain factors to avoid these difficulties when selecting one. Let us discuss this in detail.

Choosing Between an Electric Vs. a Propane heater

When purchasing a golf cart heater, the first consideration is the type to buy. Which one should it be, an electric or propane? That, of course, is a matter of personal preference. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let us become acquainted with them.

Propane heaters

Propane heaters are less expensive and more efficient than electric heaters. These are more portable than electric heaters in general. These are compatible with both gasoline and electric golf carts.

However, the disadvantage is that a propane heater requires more fuel in the long run. Power is often more expensive than electricity in many countries.

 It would also help exercise extreme caution when using a propane heater. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when an outdoor propane heater is used in an enclosed space.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters do not require fuel and do not have an open flame system to make you feel uneasy. They are frequently equipped with a variety of temperature controls and advanced technologies.

When using these heaters, you will need to take fewer safety precautions. However, the disadvantage is that an electric heater is a more expensive upfront. Generally, it is less portable than propane heaters and quickly drains the cart’s battery.

The Safety of People

Whether you’re using a propane or an electric heater, you must take certain precautions to ensure your safety.

For example, following the proper guidelines when turning on or off, maintaining an optimal distance, and not allowing it to tip over are all mentioned in the manual. To ensure safety more effectively, some manufacturers incorporate certain helpful safety features. Let us discuss this in detail.

The Function of Shutting Down

When there is a risk of danger, an automatic shutoff function will turn off the heater. For example, it cuts off the fuel supply to propane heaters when the unit falls. It prevents the battery from draining entirely in electric heaters.

Another remarkable safety feature is the low oxygen shutoff. When the oxygen level falls too low, it cuts off the fuel supply. This prevents carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additional Security Features

Several unique safety features, such as a tip-over switch, pressure regulator, and secure installation option, contribute to the overall level of safety. When the heater tips over, a tip-over switch turns it off.

Additionally, a pressure regulator is a valuable safety feature when playing at altitude. It assists in regulating the pressure of fuel to ensure your safety. Further, having an appropriate setup option, such as a hook or cup holder, mitigates potential risks.

The Output of Heat (Watt or BTUs)

The heating power is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The higher the BTU rating, the more heat the heater can generate. Which BTU is optimal for your golf cart is determined by its size, enclosure, and desired level of warmth.

A small-sized or enclosed golf cart requires a significantly less powerful heater. Additionally, when using an enclosure with a propane heater, one of the enclosure flaps must remain open to allow proper heater ventilation.

This would allow for an increase in cold air in the cart. You will require additional BTUs. Take all of these factors when selecting a heater with a specific heating output.

Installation and Portability

Selecting a heater that includes a cup holder mounting system is preferable. This will allow you to relax without fear of tipping over. Using a hook system heater is also an option, as it is secure and keeps the flame at a safe distance.

However, you must exercise caution if you place it overhead to avoid accidents. Choosing one that includes a permanent mounting system for the cart is wise because it is the safest option and allows you to remain worry-free.

However, you will be unable to transport it or rent it. Thus, portability is critical.

The heaters that do not require a specific mounting system are highly portable and can be taken anywhere. You can also easily rent them.

Place them anywhere on the cart’s surface or in front of the steering wheel. However, these are the most prone to tipping over. As a result, they can be pretty dangerous if you are not careful.

Quiet operation, water, and wind-resistant

These are not necessary characteristics. However, these added features enhance your experience with a golf cart heater. You do not want a heater that constantly irritates you with strange noises.

A quieter heater will enable you to detect any sudden noises that indicate a problem with the heater.

Golf cart heaters that lack wind-resistant features may perform poorly or shut off entirely in high winds. Simultaneously, waterproofing enables the heater to operate effectively in wet conditions.

Cost and Additional Costs

Golf cart heaters are priced differently based on their size and features. Electric golf cart heaters are typically more expensive upfront.

Nonetheless, they do not require you to purchase fuel regularly. However, if your cart lacks an AC outlet, you’ll need a portable battery to power it and replace or recharge it periodically. This will increase the price.

Whereas propane heaters are less expensive upfront, they require a fuel cylinder every four to seven hours on average.

 This adds up to the final cost. Therefore, ensure that you purchase one while considering all future expenses. Additionally, compare all options within the same price range to find the one with the most features.


(FAQs) about Best Golf Cart Heater

What location should I use for the golf cart heater?

Generally, placing the heater three to four feet away from you lets you feel the warmth without feeling too hot. Keeping it too close here may result in suffocation.

As a result, it is preferable to maintain a few feet of separation. Additionally, please keep it in a less prone location to tipping over.

Is it safe to use golf cart heaters?

Yes, golf cart heaters are safe when used correctly. However, it would help if you exercised greater caution when using propane heaters.

Manuals for heaters include instructions on how to use them safely. Additionally, numerous manufacturers incorporate additional safety features to ensure your safety.


Final Thought

Allow the cold weather not to affect your game. Select the best golf cart heater to enjoy warm rounds on the golf course while remaining focused on the game.

Which one did you prefer? Kindly inform us in the comment section. Additionally, you are welcome to leave your comments and reviews about us or any of our thoughts to assist us in improving your golf experience.

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