10 Best Golf Balls For Women That You’ll Love

Best Golf Balls for Women

No doubt your game will be greatly impacted by the quality of the golf balls you choose. You will acquire greater confidence in each of your hits if you have the best golf balls for women, which are, as they claimed, exclusively created for women.

Men’s and women’s golf balls can sometimes only be distinguished by their color. In order to find the best golf ball for a woman’s game, you need to know what you’re searching for because it can make a huge difference in your game.

I’ve done a lot of research because I know the golf ball industry is really complex, with many different sorts and styles, and I’ve come up with this list of the 10 best ladies’ golf balls.

If you can make sensible decisions based on this information, I believe you will have a better experience of the course.

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Reviews of Our Top 10 Best Golf Balls for Women

Number 1


One of the best golf balls on the market is Titleist’s Pro V1. They are also used by many Tour Pros.

The Titleist Pro V1 is unquestionably your best pick if you’re seeking for a golf ball that will greatly increase the distance of your shots. Let’s take a closer look at some of their best qualities.

The first thing that sets these balls apart is their thicker case layers. This unique design aids in increasing the ball’s speed and optimizing its spin rate.

They also have a cast thermoset urethane elastomer cover system and a specially formulated fast core, which allows them to make the cover 17 percent thinner while still maintaining the great spin control of the balls, which is a unique feature in the industry.

For your shots, these unique attributes all work well together to help you reach remarkable distance with a highly steady flight and piercing trajectory.



Number 2


For women golfers, the Callaway Golf Supersoft golf balls aren’t specifically made, but they do the function for those with certain swing speeds. This is Callaway’s softest ball, and it comes in a variety of colors. (The colors are: red, white, green, orange, and pink.)

Golfers who want a combination of distance and feel will appreciate this Callaway golf ball which is two-piece construction.

The dimple pattern on the new Callaway Golf Supersoft golf balls has a Low Drag Hex design, which reduces drag. This will make it easier for players to get the ball into the air.

This is an excellent combination for slower swinging players who often have trouble getting their shots off the ground.

Ionomer makes up the majority of the golf balls’ cover The Ionomer cover provides a velvety feel while also ensuring that the cover does not cut after a single terrible shot. Like most two-piece balls, these are reasonably priced golf balls.



Number 3


Our Bridgestone e6 lady golf ball is a soft golf ball made for females and women who swing at a slower pace.

This is a soft golf ball that is designed to give you longer, straighter drives. This Bridgestone golf ball, which is available in pink and white, replaces the previous Lady Precept model.

The two-piece structure, delta dimple design, and, in particular, the low driver and long iron spin of these golf balls are all designed to help you hit the ball farther and more consistently.

The Bridgestone e6 also targets female golfers with low to moderate swing speeds, providing them with greater support to achieve straighter and more accurate flights, thanks to its ionomer cover and low compression core with a high level of smooth feel.



Number 4


The Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are ideal for beginners with high handicaps who have trouble hitting a high, consistent stroke with increased distance.

The most notable feature of these balls is their LSX cores, which are larger and faster, and are responsible for their excellent shots’ increased velocity and range. Apart from that, the exceptionally low spin enables straighter, more consistent carries with less drag.

Your balls will also fly higher because of the green’s formidable shot-stopping strength. Last but not least, they are available in pink and matte pink color options, so you can have even more fun and color while you’re out on the course.



Number 5


TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls in pastel pink are sure to win the hearts of every women golfer who sees them.

These balls are on my list of the best buys because, despite their reasonable price, they have good distance-maximizing capabilities and incorporate some special and useful features. They also have some unique and beneficial qualities.

To begin with, the TaylorMade Kalea balls are made specifically for female golfers and have a low compression core (60 mph) that gives them a very soft feel on the green while also enabling golfers to achieve better ball flight and longer distances with their shots.

Since the Kalea balls are two-piece constructions, with a high-energy REACT core and a soft ionomer cover on the outside, the distance they can travel on every shot is substantially improved, even by female golfers with low swing speeds.

The most notable feature of these balls is their long-lasting covers, which are all UV-resistant matte-finished, allowing them to withstand harmful ultraviolet light and thus extend their lifespan and protect their colors.



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Number 6


Volvik Matte Finish golf balls have a compression rating of 75 and are the first matte-finish golf balls. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other options we discussed.

Lower driver spin and higher wedge spin are the goals of these golf balls. These will not have the same high launch as the Bridgestone e6 lady golf ball.

It’s a 3-piece golf ball. Generally, the more materials a golf ball is constructed of, the better its performance and feel on the greens.

There are 11 various colors available for these golf balls, including black! Black golf balls and black club heads, which are now available on a variety of models, may aid to reduce glare on the course.

Though it might not be appropriate for all female golfers, it is only fair to include it for the ladies who swing their clubs more quickly.



Number 7


The Vice Pro Soft, which is part of the market’s high-end product range, will be a worthwhile investment if you want to be on the course even when it’s cold outside and there’s snow anywhere.

These balls are designed for golfers with a mid-to-high swing speed, so they’re best for average to above-average players. This is because they have a three-piece cast urethane structure that provides enough spin for golfers to maintain control.

Furthermore, they provide an extra-soft and sensitive feel, which is required for the balls to compress readily in cold conditions while maintaining their distance and velocity.

Its surfaces also include 336 durable dimples, allowing for faster ball speed and a straighter ball flight.

These Vice Pro balls are coated with a Urethane matte finish, which makes them thinner but at the same time stay warm inside so that they do not lose speed and spin.

Additionally, the surface is painted in very bright colors, easy to detect colors for better visibility for golfers.



Number 8


The Volvik Crystal would be the greatest choice ever if you are a mid-handicapper who enjoys colored golf balls.

They are extremely visible and easy to follow, ensuring that you do not miss them while on the course. Let’s have a look at some of their most notable characteristics now.

Players with swing rates of 60 to 95 mph will benefit the most from these balls. They feature a 3-piece construction, which promises to deliver explosive distances and maximum speed.

It also creates more spin, which makes these balls more comfortable on the course while maintaining the feel of premium softness with the Surlyn Crystalline coating, making it easier for golfers to attain a more penetrating trajectory.

Furthermore, your ball speed will become more accurate, and your ball feel will substantially increase, thanks to the bismuth control layer, the power core, and zirconium Z-I cover.



Number 9


If you’re a beginner golfer looking for a low-cost ball, the Wilson Women’s Tour Velocity Golf Ball should be your first choice, thanks to its affordable pricing and guaranteed quality.

This product comes in a package of 15 white golf balls designed specifically for women. These balls can go further with an optimal trajectory because of their two-piece structure, high-energy core, and spin-reducing technology.

Additionally, these balls have a very soft feel, thanks to the low compression technology and increased dimple pattern, allowing golfers to reach maximum distance and roll with ease.

The Wilson Tour Velocity is a good option for newcomers on a small budget; these balls will help you out on your first few swings on the course.



Number 10


Golf is a sport that people of all ages enjoy. However, for senior golfers, the perfect golf balls also have to meet certain special requirements. And the Srixon Soft Feel Lady is an excellent choice for senior females’ unique requirements.

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls have a 60 compression and are designed for women who want a straight ball flight and a better feel on the greens.

This Srixon ball is said to be exceptional at cutting through the air and extracting every last yard from each swing.

They come in a vibrant pink hue and are an excellent value for the technology and feel that this ball provides.



What to Look for While Choosing the Best Golf Balls for Women

What to Look for While Choosing the Best Golf Balls for Women

A golf ball is an important aspect in deciding your success on the course. Choosing the appropriate golf ball can help you hit the ball farther off the tee.

Now, before you make your purchase, let’s have a look at some of the most crucial considerations.


A two-piece ball, which is merely comprised of cover and core, is the most popular with beginners and high handicappers. The coverings on these balls are rather thick, which is helpful for extending the life of the balls.

In addition, these balls are mainly chosen by beginners or players with high handicaps as their main benefits are the reduction of hooks and slices, thus offering an ideal distance and straighter flight off the tee.


Do you know why there are hundreds of dimples on the surface of a golf ball and how do they affect the flight of the ball? In fact, these indentations are necessary for a smoother flow of air around the ball during flight, which assists to reduce drag and create a lower pressure when the ball is lifted.

An experiment has shown that if they use a non-dimple golf ball rather than a conventional dimple ball, the ball will not travel as far or as high.

As a result, the dimples on a golf ball are predicted to have a positive impact on two important areas of aerodynamics: drag and lift.

The average number of dimples is between 300 and 450. Furthermore, there is no optimal amount of dimples, and more dimples do not imply improved aerodynamics.

Spin and Accuracy

A golf ball’s spin is very essential. Low spin can help you hit the ball straighter and more accurately off the tee and on long drives.

On the other hand, a low spin on green means the golf ball will not checkup or stop when you hit it along the way.

 In order to manage and even put backspin on their green approaches, many low handicappers prefer a lot of spin on their high approach shots.

Compression Rate

When it comes to this element, it’s important to remember that most golf balls developed for women have a low compression rate. Why? As I previously indicated, a low compression rate translates to a softer feel and greater distance.

To achieve perfect distance, you don’t need a lot of effort or a fast swing speed (85mph or more); balls with a low compression rate (typically between 45 and 72) make it simple to have more distance with less spin.

More experienced players with faster swing speeds and stronger ball-controlling ability seem to benefit from mid and high-compression-rate golf balls.

Softness and Feel

When hitting the ball, certain golf balls have a matte finish that gives them a gummy feel. Some are gleaming but soft. This is a personal preference and how you desire the golf ball to “feel” when you hit it.

Some of this is determined by the compression rate, but it also relies on the covering material. Off the tee or on the green, golfers have a preference for how their golf ball feels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pretty ladies, sometimes you get confused by a few questions about golf balls and their complicated technical features.

You just don’t worry. I’ve already compiled a list of the most often asked questions and provided my succinct responses. Let’s take a look at them.

Do Women’s Golf Balls Travel Longer?

As I explained above, since women’s  golf balls usually have 2-piece or 3-piece and have rotational speed and low compression, the range these balls can carry will be longer, even if they can’t hit them at high swing speeds.

Are There Any Differences between Women’s and Men’s Golf Balls?

As anybody could use any golf ball they desire, there are golf balls made exclusively for ladies by golf ball makers and manufacturers. In the description of the golf ball, the term “lady” or “women” will appear.

This just suggests that they are targeting ladies with this golf ball. But what sets these apart from ordinary golf balls? Swing speed has a big role in it. Women’s swing speeds are often slower than men’s.

If you have a slower swing rate, a golf ball with a low compression rate can be a good choice. Moreover, you can use the “Women or Lady” golf balls if you want to, but you don’t have to. Simply select a golf ball that is appropriate for your playing or your needs.

Is It Necessary for Me to Get A Lady Golf Ball?

It is a fantastic question. The concept of a lady golf ball could be used for marketing purposes. The finest thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a high-performing golf ball. Find a “men’s” golf ball that works for you if the lady golf ball is too firm or causes you to lose feel around the green.

A business called Precept produced the Lady Precept golf ball decades ago when most golf balls were rough. People had never seen a ball with such a soft feel and compression ratings. Men, yep, men were going crazy for this golf ball.

The reason for this is that not all men have the necessary swing speed to smash golf balls with a 100 compression. Golf producers have recognized this throughout time, and men’s golf balls now come in a variety of softer compression options.

What Is the Best Golf Ball for a Woman?

Any lady’s ideal golf ball should have a two-piece or three-piece structure. Two-piece golf balls are more preferred and chosen by ladies, whereas 3-piece golf balls are designed for more skilled golfers with medium to low handicaps.

Ladies should also favor low compression and low spin rates as they allow them to hit higher, better straight strokes over longer distances.

Ladies are also concerned about the color of the golf ball. In reality, brightly colored golf balls serve to improve visibility and add style to ladies’ swings.

Our Final Thought

Regardless of what you see on each manufacturer’s website, most golf balls are designed to have a soft feel and a long-range. When a golfer stands over a golf ball, they seek this combination of characteristics.

However, I believe that my analysis has provided you with some valuable resources and recommendations to assist you in selecting your best golf balls.

Experts think that the Titleist Pro V1 Golf ball is the best overall golf ball for women since it will provide you with everything that you need to achieve your goals. Once your game progresses, you’ll begin to value sensation over distance.

Always remember to choose a compression that corresponds to your swing speed when shopping for a golf ball for a lady golfer. Or else, you’ll get less-than-ideal results.

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