Top 14 Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers In (2023)

Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicapper

Do you know what a mid-handicapper is? And we are here with our top qualities of best golf balls for mid handicappers Reviews.

Golfers having handicaps of 9 to 19 are referred to as mid handicappers. This review will benefit you if your handicap is a little greater than a 19 but you have the capacity to get your handicap to a 19.

Mid-handicappers are in luck when it comes to finding a new golf ball. For the mid-handicapper, there are a plethora of excellent options available from golf manufacturers.

Even they also use their golf ball technology to assist these golfers to obtain a lot more distance and forgiveness. For mid-handicappers searching for a perfect mix of value and performance, we’ve put together a list of the best golf balls on the market.

If you’ve been unhappy with your golf ball selections in recent years, 2021 is a wonderful year to switch things up. But you can also be satisfied with these balls too.

Here is written our Top 14 best golf balls for mid handicapper. Each of these golf balls aids a mid-handicapper in achieving an improved feel, a greater launch, and effortless greenside spin.

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Reviews of 14 Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

Number 1


The new Tour Soft ball is designed to provide a soft feel, longer strokes, and more spin. That is the promise of every ball, but this one performs particularly well in this category.

A two-color variant of the ball is included in the packaging. This includes balls that are white or yellow in color and have a better visual appearance. The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are a great option for golfers looking for the softest feeling ball without compromising functionality.

This ball has a large core and is the largest they’ve ever produced. The ball has a fantastic soft feel when combined with a thin outer cover. The spin will absolutely kick the butt out of any old pebbles you may have used previously.

Because it’s aimed at mid-handicappers, it has a medium compression. The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball’s technology-based core construction allows for penetrating trajectories on shots. Additionally, it registers a steady flight in every shot.


Number 2


Without including the Titleist brand, any discussion of the top sixteen greatest golf balls would be incomplete. The Pro V1x Prior Generation includes important characteristics that every beginning, mid handicapper, or beginner desires.

Despite the arrival of new generation, the Pro V1x Prior Generation has remained a popular golf ball. For example, the Pro V1x’s overall shape allows it to offer exceptional distance off the tee. In addition, it has a remarkable greenside spin.

As a result, an intermediate player who requires a ball to compensate for his low swing will considerably benefit from the Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation.

Aside from giving greater distance, the golf ball also helps you in achieving a high trajectory and low long game spin.

The Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation comes in handy when you need to take control of your game and play a drop-and-stop short game. It has a three-piece construction from the inner core to the outer layer.

The innermost core is a dual-core mild compression ZG process. As a result, every shot maximizes distance. It has a low spin in the long game and a long life since it uses an ionomeric case layer.

The golf ball has a 328 tetrahedral dimple design, which is spherically tiled. It has an aerodynamic advantage because of its form.


Number 3


Titleist golf balls are consistently among the best-performing choice on the market.

Titleist golf balls are designed for low handicappers and beginners, with a number of alternatives. For the mid handicapper who lacks distance, the Titleist Velocity will be the best option.

The Velocity boasts a significantly faster ball speed than other Titleist balls, as well as it has an extremely high iron launch. You’ll notice a low spin in the long game, which will aid the ball’s roll when you need distance the most.

The issue with a distance ball that is focused solely on speed is that it is difficult to generate spin on the greens. Slower swing speed players who require more back up spin around the green will not benefit from this ball.


Number 4


The 11th iteration is a two-piece structure; however Srixon has reduced the compression to 60. That’s a lot better than the current ultra-low trend, and it’s amazing for us.

This is to say that with our normal swing speed, the distance from the tee with moderate pressure is much more impressive than the distance from the tea with a minimum pressure of less than 50.

Srixon has also improved the smoothness of the cover by reducing its thickness. This extra slope is a very important factor in the green spin, and Soft Feel moves with a ball of two very large pieces of Greens in hand.

Let’s not be moved: they won’t go back, but they will be cracks in front of the HARD Lake balls you’ve been Hitting.


Number 5


The cover is urethane, which means it’s not as durable as leather, but it gives you close to Tour-level spin on the greens and on approaches. This ball could give you the edge to eventually break 80 if you’re a solid mid handicapper who shoots in the 80s the majority of the time.

The low 75 condensation core reduces spin on longer shots, resulting in long straight drives, particularly at moderate swing speeds.

Simply said, forget about paying exorbitant prices for premium golf balls. Value Town is led by the Q-Star Tour.


Number 6


A two-piece structure is at the center of the Srixon Men’s soft feel golf ball. Although it is a superb golf ball for a wide range of players, also it is important equipment for golfers with slow swing speeds.

Srixon has chosen to use a gradient growth core this time. It’s softest in the center, but hardens as it gets closer to the edges. As a result of these characteristics, the ball has maximum inertia and performance at launch. That is to say, it can manage both high lift and low spin.

It has a low compression of 71, in addition to being exceptionally soft. As a result, it has become one of the best soft golf balls for slow-swinging golfers.

Its 344-speed dimple pattern can adapt to high speeds as well. It not only maximizes surface coverage, but it also reduces drag, allowing the ball to travel further. It’s the ball to choose if you want to improve your modest swing speed.

Its 0.071-inch thick ionomer cover reduces spin and increases driver speed. It’s no wonder it can go faster than 70 mph.

When you examine its high trajectory and tremendous lift force, it’s easy to see how it makes playing high long ball flights easier. It also has a great visibility due to its dual color alternatives of white and yellow.


Number 7


Golfers will be surprised by the Srixon Z Star XV5 which is a mid-dream handicapper’s golf ball. Srixon’s golf balls don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserves. This ball is made up of four pieces and has a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern.

Players can reduce drag by using the Speed Dimple pattern. The spin skin is a new technology included in the Srixon Z Star. The spin skin coating on Srixon golf balls is softer and more elastic than prior covers.

Players will get a more consistent spin around the greens with the help of this cover, and they will know what to expect on their short game strokes. Golfers who require additional distance will be benefited from the energetic gradient growth core technology.

The main drawback is that compressing this golf ball needs a fast swing speed.


Number 8


The Supersoft golf ball’s primary notion is that it is a long, straight golf ball with an extremely soft feel to it. Because of the low compression core, ball speeds are higher than usual, resulting in more consistency due to less spin.

The smooth feel of the ball might help some golfers improve their game and gain confidence. These balls may not be the best option on the table for those who prefer a firm feel off the face of their clubs.

Also, this might not be the greatest option for you, if you want to work the ball and spin it back on the green like the pros.


Number 9


The performance of these Hex Soft Golf Balls will appeal to golfers who have found the Hex aerodynamic low spin low drag design to be effective.

This ball has a reduced compression and is designed for players that require fast ball speed and a straight flight.


Number 10


One of the most popular selling golf balls for amateurs is the Callaway Golf Superhot. The more you use this golf ball, the more you notice how advanced the technology is.

The Superhot is designed for the average players who need a combination of forgiveness and distance at the same time.

A piercing ball flight will be delivered to you. The Callaway Superhot delivers tremendous distance and greenside performance.


Number 11


Wilson Golf has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing premium and recreational golf equipment around the world for almost a century.

In history, Wilson Staff irons have won 61 major championships since 1914, more than any other iron maker.

The historic tradition continues today by providing top-of-the-line equipment to all golfers in order to improve their performance on the course and overall pleasure of the game.

Duo Professional’s 60 compression pushes the boundaries of urethane cover technology, combining tour-level performance with our best-feeling player’s ball.


Number 12


The matte coating on this Vice ball is a cool feature. It contains anti-glare technology to protect your eyes from the sun and improve visibility in the sky or on the ground. Your drives will be seen as they travel down the fairway.

The low compression combined with the urethane cover produces in a ball that feels exceptionally soft around the greens – prepare to spin those wedge shots. Also, the putter has a great feel to it.


Number 13


The Snell MTB Black meets the bill when you need the top three golf ball that won’t rip a hole in your pocket. Despite being one of the greatest affordable golf balls, it passes USGA requirements and may thus be used lawfully in tournament games.

The MTB black golf ball has a compression decrease of roughly 7% when compared to other conventional MTB golf balls (on average 75 to 80).

Nevertheless, such a decrease in performance does not indicate a major drop in performance. For example, it uses quick core technology, which allows the ball to inject low spin while maintaining long-distance performance.

It also has a soft mantle layer and a low compression core. The MTB black ball has a softer feel than most other models thanks to its unique composition. It appears to be quite promising for a mid-handicapper looking for the best soft balls.

When you first look at the Snell MTB Black, you’ll notice that it has a dimpled patterned surface. As a result, it obtains refined aerodynamics characteristics. It has little drag and lifts as a consequence of this.

Moreover, the cast urethane not only adds longevity, but it also improves the club’s control and feel.


Number 14


For many years, the TaylorMade Noodle has been regarded as one of the greatest golf balls for players with a mid to high handicap.

Despite the fact that the Noodle has been redesigned, it still retains the same basic structure as a soft and long golf ball.

The stracture is a soft golf ball that promotes feel around the greens while also giving golfers a little extra spin in the short game.

In general, compressing this golf ball is extremely simple. Mid-handicappers with slower swing speeds will have no issue launching the ball off the clubface.


Are you a High Handicapper? This Article may Help You Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers.

How to Choose Good Golf Balls for Players with a Mid Handicapping

Choosing the best golf balls for mid-handicappers isn’t difficult if you know what features to look for. Because of this, observe the following key characteristics:

The Ball’s Construction

The structure of a golf ball relates to the various layers that make up the ball. There are multiple-piece and single-piece designs in the actual world.

Various factors are determined by the core construction of a golf ball. Trajectory, Spin and greenside control are all part of this. The following are the available categories:

 Single Piece Design (1-piece)

It is one of the most basic and inexpensive golf balls. Solid Surlyn material with sculpted dimple finishing makes up a one-piece golf ball. Due to this, it feels very smooth and durable, but due to its great softness, it does not move very far.

Beginner golfers will benefit from the best affordable golf balls in this category. However, it is incapable of producing a nice golf ball for actual use.

Two Piece Design (2-piece)

The two-piece golf ball is an incremental improvement over the one-piece ball. It’s formed by coating a solid high-energy core, such as acrylate, with urethane.

The two-piece ball is robust and delivers extra rollout distance because of its solid core and hard feel.

As a result, the best two-piece golf ball is more popular among novices and casual players. It is, however, more difficult to manage than soft-feeling balls.

 Three Piece Design (3-piece)

A solid rubber core is usually accompanied by an improved rubber substance and a dimple sculpted urethane cover in three-piece golf balls. The ball benefits from the several layers due to effective spin separation.

As a result, an average golfer’s ability to regulate ball direction and stop control is improved. Thus, it has become one of the greatest golf balls for mid-handicappers.

Four and Five-Piece Design (4 & 5-piece)

The layered designs of the 4 or 5 piece patterns rule them out for the average golfer from the best ball. Nevertheless, the ball’s multiple layers make it suitable for professional players.

Ball Compression

The compression of a golf ball determines its hardness. Low compression golf balls are softer than high compression golf balls.

Because it affects his performance, an average golfer must select a ball with the appropriate compression (based on his talents).

It affects the feel of each shot as well as the distance the ball can travel. You must choose a ball that you can compress with your swing speed without difficulty as a mid-handicapper. If you don’t, your performance will suffer lot in the end.

In general, if you’re a low handicapper, you’ll require soft golf balls. Low compression balls also provide fewer undesired spins.

High-swinging pro golfers, on the other side, can generate the distance they desire. High compression balls are therefore ideal for them.


It registers a feeling when you swing at the ball. Great golf balls, nonetheless, should provide the golfer a feeling of assurance. However, you should keep in mind that ball feel is also affected by compression and control.

You probably haven’t really understood how to significantly boost range as an average golfer. As a result, the best golf balls for beginner golfers should have a soft feel.

Selecting for this type of feel not only makes your swing more comfortable, but it also improves your flight.

Cost of the Ball

Intermediate or experienced golfers may lose a ball from time to time. If this describes you, you should think twice before buying an expensive golf ball.

That isn’t to say you should go for the cheapest balls you can get. Rather, focus on the best reasonable priced balls that won’t set you back an arm and a leg.


Aside from matching your talent level, it’s also critical to find a golf ball that will last you multiple sessions. After a few holes, a golf ball that has scratches on it is useless. For this reason, the outside material is so important.

Surlyn or urethane covers offers excellent scuff resistance for long-term performance. Furthermore, consumer reviews might provide insight into the product’s long-term viability.


Many of us don’t like to acknowledge it, but pricing influences our purchasing decisions. When it comes to golf balls, you should be aware that price does not always correspond to quality.

The lower-cost along with lower-spin balls will assist you in maintaining your high score.

As your game progresses, it’s a good idea to stay on track with your budget. To put it another way, a scratch player should avoid purchasing high-end balls.

The balls are more likely to wear off in this case. As your game improves, you’ll be able to benefit more from quality golf balls.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you still have some unanswered queries concerning golf balls for mid-handicappers? We appreciate how difficult it is to find the best golf balls for typical golfers.

In this article, you’ll discover answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about certain types of golf balls. Perhaps, this will put your mind at ease and dispel any questions you may have.

How to Select the Golf Balls for Mid-Handicappers


Colors of golf balls


The appearance of white golf balls is unaffected in any way. On the other hand, the white balls aren’t necessarily superior to the yellow ones.

Yellow, it turns out, is the most visible color, which is a scientific truth. When it’s utilized as the color of a golf ball, it really pops.

 Even if you’re hundreds of yards away from a little yellow golf ball, you’re more likely to see it without even thinking about it. It’s just the way people are.

To be more explicit about how yellow golf balls are more apparent than white golf balls, they are three times more noticeable.

This is especially important on overcast days, when it’s difficult to discover golf balls with a dull tint due to the lack of sunlight. Because yellow is usually bright and it is an excellent choice.

The main drawback is that good yellow golf balls are hard to come by. In stores, there are more and more yellow possibilities, but they’re all colored.


Color is the first thing everyone notices when buying a set of golf balls, and it is one of the many variables players should consider before purchasing a set.

 More significantly, each color selection has a specific function. Let’s begin with the most well-known.

White is a classic golf ball color that will never go out of style. It’s simple to detect on the grass because the brilliant green background draws attention to it.

Because of its adaptability to various environmental situations, white is also the most popular color for golf balls. Whatever the case may be, it is clearly obvious.

It’s also the most secure option. Why? Many players must initially become accustomed to colored balls before they could even perform consistently. Let’s admit it, brighter hues can be obnoxious.

What’s the drawback? When compared to colored golf balls, white golf balls have the most worn-out appearance. On white surfaces, flaws like filth, discoloration, and abrasion stand out more.


Red is one of the most apparent colors on green grass in daylight, making it one of the greatest colors for daytime golfing. Also it can assist you in tracking the golf ball in mid-flight because it is a wonderful contrast to the sky’s blue tint.

Red, on the other hand, is one of the worst colors for late afternoon and midnight use. In low light, it’s quite difficult to see.


Blue is actually the worst color. It’s unsuitable for both day and evening use; therefore it’s surprising that it’s a choice.

However, if blue is your favorite color and you’re okay with minor visibility concerns, go ahead and use it. Because it’s one of the most uncommon hues, other golfers are less likely to wear it. Any blue golf ball on the grass would be yours without a doubt.


Green may appear to be the worst color for golf balls in general, but it isn’t because it has a neon effect. It’s not ideal for use during the day, but it’s ideal for overcast days, late afternoon games, and overnight use.

What does exactly a mid-handicapper means?


A golfer with a handicap of 7 to 18 is considered to as a mid-handicap golfer. It signifies you’re in excellent company if you have a mid-handicap.

Approximately half of all golfers are in the mid-handicapper bracket. A player with a mid-handicap may consistently shoot in the 80s and break 90 in the next few games.

What Does the Ideal Ball for a Mid-Handicap Player Look Like?

Picking the right mid handicap ball is not as simple as it may appear. In terms of technicality, the answers to these questions are dependent on individual styles of play.

Some standard characteristics, however, will appeal to every mid handicapper. A long-lasting ball with good spin and shallow dimple patterns may be the best option.

This isn’t to say you won’t think about other factors. The perfect ball should really be multi-layered and constructed in two or three pieces.

Should a ball with 2, 3, or 4 layers be used by a player with a medium handicap?

For mid-handicappers, a golf ball with two or three layers is ideal. Each player’s option of two or three layers is based on their unique tastes.

Straightness and distance are both advantages of a two-piece ball. On the other hand, 3-piece is more effective in providing control.

Additionally, the 2-piece balls are less expensive and last longer. On the other hand, a 3-piece golf ball gives you more control. A 2-piece ball is best for players who slice or hook the ball frequently.

Our Final Thoughts

The best golf balls for mid handicappers are the first step toward improving your game as an experienced golfer. You will not be able to maximize your performance unless you get the correct ball for your ability level.

That is why, in the golf industry, we have examined the best-performing golf brands. And so, if you’re looking for the best greenside control, long distance, or a softer feel, this review will satisfy your needs.

It’s now only a matter of getting to the golf course. You’ll be ready to take your golf game to the next level this season if you have one of these fourteen golf balls in your bag. When it comes to high-performing golf balls, there are many of terrific options for mid-handicappers.

Even you can’t go wrong with any of the brands, including Srixon, Titleist, Callaway, and many others. You can have an easier time making a decision with the help of the buyer’s guide supplied.

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