Top 13 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers in 2023

best golf balls for high handicappers

If you’re a high handicapper, you’ll want to be sure you have the correct equipment to help you improve your game. It’s not easy to find the ideal golf ball.As a result, our ranking includes some of the best golf balls for high handicappers, as well as some that are more playable closer to the greens.

High handicappers are thought to swing the club slower and hit the ball farther than lower handicappers.

That is often true, but we’ve all played with high handicappers who hit it miles, their power betrayed by poor greenside skills or errant shots.

Things aren’t as straightforward in current golf ball design as they formerly were. Our tour-level balls are no longer exclusive to tour-level players.

Manufacturers are now manufacturing balls that are designed to aid the typical golfer, just like they do with golf clubs. Similar to clubs, some golf balls are more forgiving than others.

The perfect golf ball can help you improve on your strong points while also correcting some of your weaknesses. The difference between shooting in the 80s and lingering in high-handicapper purgatory can be as simple as choosing the right golf ball.

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Reviews of Top 13 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Let us glance at the best golf balls for high handicappers now that you know the basics of golf balls and handicaps.

Number 1


The Srixon Soft Feel, now in its umpteenth incarnation, remains a staple in Srixon’s ball collection. Because it’s a two-piece golf ball, it’s built for durability and distance, but the light layer gives it a smooth feel so you don’t feel like you’re hitting a rock.

Long drives and irons with a smooth feel on the clubface are to be expected.

For a high or mid handicapper, whenever anyone asks for a suggestion for a golf ball, I always say Srixon Soft Feel without hesitation.

Since I started using these balls, I’ve gone from a mid/high handicapper to a 5 handicapper. Off the tee, there’s a soft feeling and a lot of distance. You’re going to love these.



Number 2


With excellent forgiveness and ultra-low compression, it is a 2-piece Ionomer golf ball that comes in matte, yellow, or pink colors so you can easily see your balls on the course.

Moreover, it’s a long, exceptionally soft, straight-distance ball that would be an excellent choice for improving your game. According to other golfers, these Supersoft Callaway golf balls are wonderful with a great feel and control.



Number 3


Bridgestone has updated their e12 Soft and e12 Speed balls with the new Bridgestone e12 Contact for the year 2021. A unique and distinctive Contact Force dimple with a noticeable elevated area in the center is the key to performance.

Compared to standard dimples, this elevated area provides for 38 percent greater contact between the clubface and the ball at impact, enhancing core activity for even more efficient energy transfer.

The increased levels of contact result in enhanced ball distance, accuracy, and speed with every club, as well as a little more spin and grip around the green. Matte green, matte red, matte yellow, and white are some of the colors that are available.



Number 4


The Titleist Velocity is an all-distance ball from the industry leader. To boost initial ball speed on the straighter clubs, it uses a big, high-compression core.

The ionomer cover, which is made of a synthetic composite, decreases spin for straighter shots and is durable enough to endure 18 holes.

It’s not a big deal, even if one goes misplaced, because this is the cheapest ball in the Titleist inventory. It really is the warmest of the bunch. The trajectory is penetrating, with peaks located far downrange.



Number 5


The Srixon Z-STAR XV, a premium four-piece golf ball, now in its sixth version, provides maximum distance and total tour performance from tee to green for talented players.

In its sixth version, Srixon’s Z-Star is a long-distance golf ball.  A mid-layer mantle made of hard ionomers distributes energy to the core layers more effectively. To enhance deformation with the longer clubs, the dual-gradient core is softer toward the center.

In addition, the already gripping urethane cover has a unique outer coating that adds friction to the scoring clubs, which improves spin. Balls like this have been wished for by average-to-fast swingers who miss shots around the green.

The new Srixon Z-STAR XV, which comes in Pure White and Tour Yellow, gives Senior players maximum distance.

The sixth-generation Z-STAR XV features a new FastLayer Core and a 4th generation Spin Skin with SeRM for tour-caliber performance in a premium four-piece design for maximum distance and feel.



Number 6


E6 is an exception to a lot of norms since it combines softness with distance. A gradation of firmness in the core prevents it from over-compressing.

Compared to prior generations, the new Surlyn cover has a softer feel and a unique dimple design that delivers a more straight flight.

With an impressive beginning velocity, the e6 SPEED is a high-performance ball. For straight distance, the core is designed to deliver higher speed and low spin off the driver.

From the tee to the green, this multilayered ball gives optimal performance.



Number 7


Our Volvik Vivid Golf Balls have a better, bigger core for increased distance and a more durable cover. Aerodynamic uniformity and a greater trajectory are provided by the SF Matte coating.

 The very robust power core provides maximum distance with a softer feel and improved energy transmission. Increased visibility, ball striking, and focus with less glare.

For precise pinpoint control, higher greenside spin is required.

The Volvik Vivid’s hyper-colored golf balls feature a unique matte surface, but they’re not gimmicks. It is a 3-piece distance golf ball designed for players who swing slowly to moderately.

In contrast to many other low-compression balls, the 80-compression core is surrounded by a tougher mantle.

Despite its durability, the zirconium-blend ionomer cover has a smooth feel similar to urethane, and the bright colors make it simple to find on the course.



Number 8


Incorporated with graphene, the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls have a revolutionary Dual Soft Fast Core that maximizes compression energy while decreasing spin with a larger inner core.

As a bonus, these golf balls have a high launch angle, which is ideal for your long-distance. They’ll also help you with your short game, whether it’s with short-irons, mid-irons, and wedges.

The soft urethane cover, quick sub mantle, and low-compression core of the Soft Truvis will give you an unrivaled feel on the course, allowing you to better comprehend and improve your skills over time.

If you prefer truvis or yellow golf balls, you’ll have no trouble spotting these four-piece golf balls and you’ll be able to follow your shot from swing to hole on the course.



Number 9


Another terrific set of golf balls for the typical golfer is the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2. They are unquestionably among the greatest golf balls for high handicappers.

They’re made for modest swing speeds and deliver tour-quality performance.

They’re three-piece golf balls with a sensitive, low-compression core that delivers tour-level greenside control from long distances. At your moderate swing speed, the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 is likewise designed to go long and straight.

On the other hand, it’s another advantage is the tour-urethane cover, which has a 338 aerodynamic speed dimple design that lowers drag and ensures stable flying in all wind conditions at maximum distance.

They will almost surely give you a low spin on your full shots, allowing you to have a lot more control on the course. These balls are an excellent alternative for high handicappers looking for the best golf balls for their game level at a fair price.



Number 10


Wilson Golf has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-end and recreational golf equipment all over the world for almost a century.

Wilson Staff irons have won more major championships than any other iron maker in history, with 61 to their credit since 1914.

 This successful tradition continues today with the provision of high-quality equipment to all golfers in order to improve their performance on the course and the overall pleasure of the game.

A clear difference in short game performance distinguishes Wilson’s DUO Professional from the other balls listed above. As a result of this, the Duo Professional spins more with short irons and has a softer feel.

Golfers who prefer surlyn balls may have a little advantage in the distance, but the Duo Professional is a high-value golf ball that offers feel and spin at a great price point, all around.

Moreover, the texture of the cover stands out when the Duo Professional ball is first touched by you, and then the ‘bite test’ confirms that the ball is softer than others.

Off the clubface, the sensation is pleasing, and off the wedges, the sensation is unexpectedly gentle.

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Number 11


Callaway consistently produces high-quality golf balls. If you are a slower swinger looking for maximum distance and forgiveness, then the Supersoft Max is for you and it’s aerodynamically designed to get high up for a long, powerful carry.

Spin is reduced by combining the soft mantle and cover systems. The reduced spin also implies less side spin, which allows you to reduce slices and hooks on longer shots.

In recent years, Supersoft has become one of the most popular golf balls. Now we’ve introduced the new Supersoft MAX, which is built to maximize distance from maximum forgiveness. Slow-speed players will like our longest ball.



Number 12


Presenting The Kirkland Signature Performance Plus, a three-piece urethane cover golf ball and a high-performance ball that can be used for both leisure and competitive play.

Considering the urethane cover, it is extremely sturdy and performs admirably. When the ball flies long and settles on the greens; you will see the shallow dimples right away and wonder if that has anything to do with it.

The 338-dimple design produces a piercing ball trajectory, and the low compression highly elastic rubber core gives a soft feel with fast speed.

The three-piece structure of the speed-boosting mantle allows you to regulate spin with long irons while generating strong spin with short irons for better greenside control. There are 48 balls altogether.



Number 13


Our TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls are designed for those golfers who want a soft feel without losing distance.  Soft Response has a soft ionomer layer that improves durability while adding to the feel.

Our guide to the best value golf balls includes Soft Response, which is substantially less expensive than Tour Response and was built with modest swing speeds in mind.

It has a soft but durable ionomer cover that provides all-around performance with a gentler feel.

Because of its Extended Flight Dimple pattern, the ball encourages less drag and more lift, allowing the ball to stay in the air for longer at lower spin speeds.



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What to Look for While Choosing the Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

When purchasing golf balls as a high handicapper, there are a few factors to keep in mind. All of the balls are designed to make playing golf easier and improve your golf experience as a high handicapper.

Golfers Park has compiled a list of some of the best golf ball attributes to look for when purchasing a set of golf balls. These elements will also have an impact on your golf game and entire golfing experience.


The construction of a golf ball is one of its most important features. 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, or more piece constructions are available. These qualities have an impact on the ball’s behavior, which is what makes them different.

High handicappers should go for 2- or 3-piece balls, as their composition allows for low compression, which enhances their flying abilities.

Furthermore, there is also a correlation between how many layers are used in a ball’s anatomy; the more layers, the lower the spin would be.


The distance that a golf ball may travel is determined by its construction. Many golfers choose a 2-piece or 3-piece golf ball when they want to cover more distance with slower strokes, and you should too.

Be aware that the more layers the golf ball has, the further it can travel. Keep in mind that the 2-piece golf ball will often cover enough distance on slower swings for handicappers.


The golf ball also has dimples, which are also an important feature. The reaction, spin, and drag of the ball are determined by the dimples’ number, width, and depth while striking the golf ball.

Shallow dimples are your best bet if you want to make long shots at slower swing speeds. This is especially true for golfers with a rapid swing, who may benefit from adding some drag and spin to their shots by using golf balls with deeper dimples.

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The characteristic of the golf ball is also determined by the ball’s manufacture. The more dimples and layers a ball has the less distance it covers and the more spin it produces.

The ideal golf ball for handicappers is usually one with shallow dimples. You should search for a ball that produces less spin and travels further as a handicapper.

Fast spin balls are commonly utilized by experts due to their enhanced ball control skills, hence this is typically recommended.


It’s a good idea to look at your budget before buying a new set of golf balls if you’re trying to improve your handicap.

Keep the fact in mind that more expensive does not always imply better features; the money you’re prepared to spend may bring you better balls, but they may not be fit for your current talents and demands.

For high handicappers, the easiest approach to complete this stage is to compare the various qualities that golf balls have to offer, analyze their prices, and be aware of your present golf ball needs in order to get the best golf balls.

Outer Cover

Furthermore, your decision will have to be based on your existing needs. The way golf balls perform during play is determined by their outer cover.

A surlyn-covered golf ball should be your first pick if you want straighter flights. If you’re a little more advanced and can handle a little spin, urethane-covered golf balls are your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have some questions still in your mind, right? Here are some of the most asked questions with their answers to get more knowledge that will clarify your doubts.

Is the golf ball’s spin rate important?

It unquestionably does. Most expert players and professionals like a high spin rate. Because the higher the spin rate of the golf ball, the more distance it will lose. Thus you’ll need more abilities to hit high-spin balls.

Which of the following would be considered a high handicap?

Handicaps are used in golf to determine the golfer’s skill level using a numerical formula. In general, players are judged on their ability according to their handicap number.

It is a method of ranking golfers that takes into account the golfer’s scores as well as the terrain’s complexity. In most cases, a high handicap is greater than 20. In general, the global average is approximately 100. A professional is someone who has a handicap of less than ten.

What color you should pick?

When it comes to color, white is the most widely used. Therefore, if you have a large handicap and are aware that you lack the necessary skills, you should choose a different color.

Aside from white, common colors for golf balls include yellow, vibrant hues like orange and balls with various color patterns. Orange and Yellow will help you see your golf balls better on the course, making it easier for you to find your balls.

Which golf balls are the most suitable for high handicappers?

These questions are trickier because it relies on the golfer’s specific demands and circumstances.

Golf balls with forgiveness and a low spin rate are the most popular golf ball selections for high handicappers since they tend to have more difficulty keeping the golf ball under control as well as swing speed.

Does the spin rate of the golf ball have an effect on the shots?

The spin is controlled by the outer cover which can have a significant impact on the golf ball’s performance.

 When you hit the ball on the green with a higher spin rate on your entry shot, you’ll get more backspin. On pitch and chip strokes, higher spin also stops the ball pretty quickly. When driving off the tee box, a fast spin rate might result in a taller ball height.

Our Final Thought

A high handicapper’s golf ball is not easy to find. It’s not easy to select the ideal golf ball for you, whether you’re a handicapper or just a player in general.

Remember that when choosing the best golf balls for you, you should be conscious of your game talents because each one has various qualities. When it comes to golf balls, there are a variety of distinct attributes and objectives to consider, so doing some research before purchasing is highly recommended.

To assist you to locate the best golf balls for high handicappers, we’ve compiled a list of the best golf balls for high handicappers in order to make your decision easier for forthcoming games or tournaments.

Golf balls that are low-spin and forgiving are the best for high handicappers since they can go long distances while maintaining a straight flight path regardless of wind conditions.

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