Top 12 Best Golf Balls for Beginners in 2023

best golf balls for beginners

Most beginners, according to our guide to the best golf balls for beginners, are searching for good all-around performance at a reasonable price. You’ll need a lot of assistance if you’re new to golf.

The golf ball industry is flooded with a variety of models and brands. But the performance of each golf ball varies just a little bit from one to another.

On the other hand, beginners tend to buy used balls or a single brand and stick with it for years. Strive not to do this; instead, keep an open mind and try some new balls to see how they work for you.

Not all beginners have the same criteria, the most typical ball requirements are an appropriate feel for those strokes around the green; something to assist you to improve your striking distances; as well as a cost that isn’t too high.

As a result, we’ve put together this list of the top 12 best golf balls for beginners. The best golf balls for long distances, slow swing speeds, and even the most economical ones are all worth looking out for.

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Reviews of Our Top 12 Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Number 1


One of the greatest golf balls for beginners wanting to lower their score is the Titleist Pro V1. Beginners will immediately notice an increase in the distance of their drives after they get off the tee.

The Pro V1 balls are excellent from the fairway, providing greater feel and control as the shot approaches the green. With the Titleist, the golfer may be confident that the ball flight will remain steady in adverse weather conditions such as wind, allowing for better shot shaping.

The enhanced spin on pitch and chip shots provided by the new urethane elastomer cover with 352 dimples is another characteristic of the Pro V1 golf balls.

Even though multi-piece golf balls can be pricey, the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is the best pick for a beginner wishing to improve their game drastically.



Number 2


Callaway’s SuperHot golf balls are engineered to be a monster off the tee box, making them one of the finest golf balls for beginners.

The SuperHot has been designed to survive the weather with minimum drag and maximum lift, allowing the ball to stay in the air for as long as possible while maintaining a strong flight.

The SuperHot puts in a lot of effort from the fairway, and the longer distance allows for shorter second shots. The SuperHot is made up of three pieces for a fantastic sensation.

Because of its enhanced feel and spin control, pitch shots come to a screeching halt when using a SuperHot. These golf balls roll true on putts, making them one of the finest golf balls for beginners because they improve lag putts and increase birdies.

As an alternative, Callaway has designed a bold range of SuperHot balls in a variety of colors that will have your playing companions asking you what you are using that day. On the market, it’s one of the greatest beginner’s golf balls you can buy!



Number 3


Compared to its predecessor, the latest TruFeel version promises a longer driving distance.

Titleist had to re-design the core to include more speed-generating elements inside.

Due to this, the speed of the driver’s ball has increased, while the spin has decreased to maximize distance.

The aerodynamic qualities of the cover have also been modified to aid in the long-game distance. An updated Titleist all-rounder is now available for beginners who want to play golf’s most popular ball brand at a reasonable price.



Number 4


There has never been a better brand of golf ball than Bridgestone. For example, Tiger Woods has used Bridgestone balls for a long time and worked with the company’s R&D team to create their latest balls.

The Tour BX is equipped with a new REACTIV cover system. More distance or more spin was the choice for golfers back then. As a result of the Tour BX’s REACTIV technology, you can now achieve greater distance and spin with the same golf ball!

With a ball speed of 105mph, the Tour BX is designed for golfers with fast swing speeds.

The Tour BX has a ‘hit and sit’ performance on approach shots. When you approach the greens, your ball will land softer.



Number 5


Titleist began as a strict golf ball market and has remained committed to research and development ever since.

They continue to be the market leaders in golf balls, producing a variety of balls for golfers of all skill levels. The Velocity strikes a mix between quality and price to provide players with feel, distance, and value.

You may lose a ball or two during a round as a beginner, but it’s worth persisting with the Velocity because it will undoubtedly help you to improve your game.

It’s no secret to Titleist that a medium soft golf ball is ideal for beginners. You can count on its 328 dimples to assist with both trajectory and angle of descent, so you can expect it to land on the green and remain there if you make the right club choice with a good and accurate shot.

In addition to its soft core and cover, the Velocity is designed to generate minimal spin, which is very critical when hitting your driver, while still delivering a reasonable amount of distance, ideally down the fairway.



Number 6


Since its inception, the Callaway SuperSoft has been one of Callaway’s most famous beginner golf balls. With the ball’s attributes in mind, it’s easy to see why it’s still relevant today.

There are few two-piece balls that offer more control than the SuperSoft. With a wedge in your palm, the ball is a joy to hold and play with! It may not have the same spin rates as other balls, but it does give incredible greenside control for shorter birdie and par putts.

Even though the SuperSoft provides amazing forgiveness if you are a beginner who swings hard, it also reduces the unwanted side spin that causes those unsightly slices and hooks we are all wanting to stay away from. With this golf ball, you can’t go wrong.

Compared to the two-piece distance balls, the SuperSoft is a tremendous improvement on the greens. With its consistent performance on longer putts, the SuperSoft is a great value for golfers who are trying to develop a steady stroke. Golfers wishing to improve their touch will love Callaway SuperSoft.



Number 7


When it comes to the Project (s), TaylorMade continues its focus on low driver spin and long-distance. With a single ball, the golfer no longer has to pick between one and the other. Project (s) is the name of the ball.

An inner core with a big volume and low compression eliminates unnecessary driver spin and provides an excellent feel. There is a soft-resilient polymer on the outside of the ball, which enhances the feel and maintains high ball speeds.

Engineers were able to put a softer ionomer cover on the Dual-Distance Core because of the high COR. Its soft cover delivers more greenside spin and soft feel as compared to the competition set.

It employs TaylorMade’s high lift 342LDP dimple pattern, which decreases drag throughout the golf ball’s flight for additional distance, in conjunction with the lower backspin construction.

As a result, the golf ball provides both distance and feel.



Number 8


In order to offer the best golf balls for beginners, the Srixon has been completely revamped to deliver consistent performance from everywhere on the course. Srixon’s Soft Feel has a reduced compression core, which is the first thing they’ve done.

The redesigned core allows players to hit shots with a smoother feel while maintaining the same distance off the tee. A robust yet thinner cover is another characteristic that Srixon has added to the balls that you don’t generally see in two-piece best golf balls for beginners.

For the beginner, the cover of the ball provides increased spin and control.

The Soft Feel is one of the best golf balls for beginners and golfers trying to conserve money so they may play better courses without losing the benefit that appropriate equipment can have on their bottom line of low scores, making it one of the best golf balls for beginners on the market!



Number 9


This four-piece golf ball, which is only available online, offers great quality at a low price. Each of the 336 dimples on the ball’s urethane cover promotes low flight for a good distance.

Despite being more durable than the competition, the cover is also thinner. There is plenty of spin potential with short irons, so you can expect a strong feel and a great deal of spin.

When exposed to sunshine, conventional cast urethane golf balls tend to yellow quickly. This procedure has been greatly slowed by our engineers by employing a specific formula in the final urethane coating to slow down the process. As a result, the pearly white color of the ball will last for many rounds.

Additionally, this also allows you to track the ball as it flies and to find it if you stray off the fairway.

We named it “S2TG: Stick to the Green” because it gives supreme control, a high spin rate on short strokes, and a soft feel.



Number 10


The Srixon AD333 golf ball made its debut in 2003. Such a long lifespan is a clear indication of its well-deserved popularity. It is without a doubt one of the greatest Srixon golf balls since it provides all-around performance at a reduced price point.

For a high handicap golfer, the Srixon Core is created with spin, flight, and feel in mind. The AD333 has 324 dimples for low spin and an outstanding feel. The end result is an excellent combination of flying and range.

A lot of beginning golfers can’t rationalize spending a lot of money on a high-quality golf ball, but the Srixon AD333 plays well for its price. You should also be able to handle your short game better because of the ball’s mid-softness design.

An updated FastLayer Core helps enhance speed and reduce spin by being softer in the center. It’s also a little bit stiffer towards the edges. There’s no better combination of performance and value than the Srixon AD333 from Srixon.



Number 11


A new two-piece ball from Callaway, the Chrome Soft, is a reliable addition to the market. These are some of the greatest beginner’s golf balls available.

Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core gives Chrome Soft balls higher speeds and a more stable ball trajectory on drives.

An innovative core increases compression for optimum distance while decreasing side spin for straighter strokes making it one of the best golf balls for beginners.

It has a thin but durable Tour Urethane Cover that delivers an excellent feel.

It’s easy to see that the Chrome Soft has a high spin rate, which means it’s better at stopping shots. With its accommodating shape, the Chrome Soft can also be used by players who have trouble finding their sweet spot.



Number 12


Titleist began as a strict golf ball business and has remained committed to research and development ever since. They continue to be the market leaders in golf balls, producing a variety of balls for golfers of all skill levels.

The Velocity strikes a mix between quality and price to provide players with feel, distance, and value.

You may lose a ball or two during a round as a novice, but it is worthwhile to stick with the Velocity because it will undoubtedly help you improve your skill. A medium softball, according to Titleist, is all a beginner needs in a golf ball.

This ball’s 328 dimples aid with both trajectory and angle of descent, so you can expect it to fall on the green and stay there if you make the right club choice with a good and accurate strike.

Because of the Velocity’s low spin, it’s ideal for hitting your driver. It also provides a good distance, so you can hit it down the fairway.



If You are an Average Golfer This Article may Help You Best Golf Balls for Average Golfer.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing The Best Golf Balls for Beginners

In order to find the best golf balls for beginners, you’ll want to consider the following factors. These are:


In order for the golf ball to fly straighter and longer, the dimple system reduces drag against the surface.

The dimple system is designed to extend the length of two-piece golf balls, especially distance balls. For the most part, these golf balls lose spin to increase distance.

Multi-piece golf balls have a more complex dimple system that allows the golfer to achieve higher spin and variable ball height.

Dimples appear in a variety of shapes, sizes, and depths. It has been proven that the more dimples there are, the better the ball would be able to resist the elements, such as the wind and rain. By dimple design, spin and trajectory are also affected.

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Skillset Level

Before making a final golf ball decision, you should consider the two-piece and multi-piece golf ball. When it comes to golf balls, high handicappers and beginners tend to use two-piece balls, whereas mid and low handicappers choose to utilize multi-piece golf balls.

The two-piece golf ball is less expensive and probably has one distinct advantage, such as more range or higher spin, as well as a gentler feel on the greens.

Golf balls with several pieces have a higher level of sophistication, which improves durability and spin, as well as control. A multi-piece ball is required for skilled golfers to get the most out of their faster swing speeds.


There several factors to consider while choosing a golf ball. As a beginner, the concept of compression is likely to cause confusion. Quite often, they’ll look at what the ball offers according to its designer and see if it performs as expected.

Compression is invisible to the human eye, therefore you might be wondering how a solid golf ball can be compressed. When you consider a tennis ball, it’s easy to see how it will be compressed when struck because it’s soft. Take it for granted that a golf ball ‘’performs” in the same manner.

These days, the general “low compression” descriptor seems to suffice. Swing speed and the density of the ball’s core are two characteristics that increase compression; the tougher the core, the less compression.

Low, medium, and high compression golf balls are available on the market, and you should choose one that matches your swing speed. Because of their swing speed, beginners should rarely choose anything other than a low compression ball.

These balls are meant to jump off the club and achieve greater distance than a high compression ball, which is used by skilled golfers to gain more control.

Spin Rate

Controlling the spin rate is crucial. A spin rate can help you stop the ball on the green or control your pitch and chip shots more effectively, depending on the distance.

In spite of being advertised as soft golf balls with superior greenside control, two-piece golf balls fail to create high spin rates.

 To make the ball sturdier and endure longer, the outer layers of these golf balls are thicker and more durable. Even though these balls aren’t the best in terms of performance, they’re still a good value for golfers who are looking to save some money.

There will be high spin rates on shots inside 150 yards on multi-piece golf balls with a soft urethane outer layer. Wedges with sharp, clean grooves provide the golfer high spin and stop swiftly on the green.

Illegal Balls

If you’re not interested in competing, you may choose for a ball that’s unlawful but boasts greater distance. It’s debatable if it’s worth it. Illegal golf balls are ones that have not been approved by the R&A or USGA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You still might have some questions in your mind. Here given the answers to some of the most asked questions to assist you. Hope you can clear your doubt by these questions with their answers.

How Hard or Soft Should My Golf Ball Be?

Answer: On the golf course, the sort of ball you should use is determined by the precise characteristics your game needs to improve your scores the most.

Golfers who are just starting out may need extra yardage from their driver and might benefit from using a firmer, longer golf ball. There is an exterior layer and a one-piece inner core to these golf balls, which means they are two-pieced golf balls.

Softer golf balls are for beginners who need more control over the greens. This type of ball is similarly a two-piece ball, but the outer layer has a better grip. Think first about whether you need a firm or soft golf ball when looking for the finest golf balls for beginners.

Are there differences between an expert and a beginner?

Answer: Beginning golfers are those who have just begun to play the game and are still learning the basics. They have no idea how to swing a club or even what the rules of the game are. As a result, they are learning new aspects of the game every time they practice or play a game.

A high handicapper is a golfer who averages a high score on each round of golf they participate in. Golfers with a handicap of 18 or more are considered high handicappers. Scores of the 90s and 100s are not exceptional for these players.

Are high handicap golf balls different from those used by beginners?

Answer: This is not the case. Two-piece balls are preferable for both players since they may be used for longer drives or improved greenside control and feel. In addition to their great performance, these golf balls should be reasonably priced.

If you’re an inexperienced golfer, a multi-piece golf ball like the Titleist Pro V1 series will help you develop, but it’s not a must at this stage for you to have one of these balls just yet.

When shopping for the best golf balls for beginners nowadays, it’s crucial to keep these things in mind.

Is it necessary to use the same golf ball every time I play?

Answer: Yes, there are benefits to using the same golf ball every time you hit the links, but for golfers who are improving their basics and producing lower scores, a new brand or kind of golf ball can assist compress the golfer’s learning curve even further.

There are many advantages to using multi-piece golf balls instead of two-piece golf balls for golfers. The multi-piece ball has higher spin from inside 150 yards, improved greenside control, and lower spin off the tee for straighter shots, according to the player.

Our Final Thought

Playing golf has been increasingly popular in recent years. Learning the game has never been easier with so many new players, thanks to the availability of golf instruction manuals, driving ranges, and affordable sets of golf clubs.

Nevertheless, given all of the clubs, shoes, gloves, and balls that a beginner player will require, golf can still be an extraordinarily costly sport.

There are various inexpensive golf ball possibilities. It’s tough to decide which path to take. Small changes can make or break a selection when numerous prominent names in the golfing world provide affordable balls.

Know what sorts of golf balls are available and what features to look for before purchasing a pack might make the process go more smoothly.

Thank you so much for all of your support. Have a great day and stay in touch with GolfersPark!

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