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best golf ball for slice

Golfers require the best golf ball for slice the most. Many of us plan to slice on occasion, but we attempt to avoid doing so the majority of the time. We don’t want to witness the inaccuracy of the ball’s trajectory. It may land in unexpected places, and then we will be high handicappers as a result.

Slicing is a frequent miss among beginner golfers as well as those with higher handicaps. There are a variety of ways to remedy a slice, one of which is to use a low spin ball.

Let’s not be too puzzled. I’m here to assist you. For slicers, I spent a lot of time researching golf tactics and golf balls.

Readout my suggestions below to learn about the top 10 Best Golf Ball for Slice that are now popular in 2021. It might greatly assist you in locating your ideal match.

Here are top 10 Best Golf Ball for Slice:

  1. Bridgestone Tour B XS
  2. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball
  3. Polara XDS 3-piece Golf Balls
  4. Polara Ultimate Straight
  5. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls
  6. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball
  7. Callaway Golf Suparsoft Golf Balls
  8. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft
  9. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls
  10. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

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Reviews of the 15 Best Golf Balls for Slices

Number 1


The Bridgestone Tour B XS is an excellent golf ball for those that swing quickly and occasionally slice.

This is a higher-end ball that will provide you with an excellent feel in your golf game while also assisting you when the long game becomes too much for you.

The Tour B XS gives you plenty of spin across the greens while maintaining a low spin off the tee. The fact that the B XS is a three-piece golf ball contributes to its ability to assist prevent a slice.



Number 2


Our Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball is designed to provide both distance and accuracy. When it comes to slicing the ball, the accuracy factor is really important.

Because of the soft-core of this ball, it provides less instant resistance when it hits the ground.

For less wind resistance and improved control, the exterior layer is coated in Delta Dimples. With each shot, you’ll be able to enhance your playing ability. For long-distance strikes, your shots will usually be accurate.

You’ll have enough spin once you’re on the green to get across the course with pleasure. The ball drops softly and swiftly comes to a halt. This is when your ability will matter more than the ball’s assistance.



Number 3


The Polara XDS 3-piece Golf Ball is promoted as the best ball for golfers who want to develop their skills without sacrificing the enjoyment of the game. Extra distance is indicated by the XD in the name.

It does have a compass-like arrow. This should be aimed in the direction where you want your shot to go.

Each departure from the arrow’s indicated direction is reduced by up to 50%. The people that play the game for leisure are their target customers. In any way, These are not professional golf balls.

They perform admirably, however. When it comes to taking shots on the green, the golfer maintains a high level of control.



Number 4


For repairing a slice, The Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls are the best. It is a two-piece golf ball designed for players who have trouble straightening out their shots.

Even though, that Polara does not produce many golf balls on the marketplace, they have done an excellent job with this one.

The arrow that you can point right to your goal when you line up is one of the most interesting features of the Polara golf ball. This arrow is meant to assist players in not only lining up but also striking these low spin golf balls accurately.

Of course, the Polara isn’t magical golf balls. When using the Polara, you can still slice a ball, but the consequences will be muted. This ball is ideal for golfers who struggle to keep their drives straight.

This isn’t one of the most affordable golf balls on the marketplace, but if you can keep it in play and stop losing balls down the right side of the course, you’ll get your money’s worth!



Number 5


They provide a good balance of range and accuracy. These are touted as all-around balls that can be used by players of various skill levels and styles.

The ball is designed to deliver the feat with a high level of consistency once it is in flight. The ball’s surface is tiled with 352 dimples, which aids in this. They have a streamlined appearance.

The flexible urethane elastomer cover system comes to life on the green. This layer is also in charge of ensuring that the balls last a long time.

A final touch is an ionomeric casing layer. It aids in both shot control and quickness. On the green, the ball rolls better, allowing for more precise shot power measurement.

Both high and low swing speeds are ideal for these balls. A total of 12 balls are included in each box. They come in four boxes, each containing three balls.

You’ll obtain a 90 compression rate. In comparison to other balls, they are unquestionably more expensive. On the other hand, quality and workmanship are extremely difficult to quantify.

It’s always a benefit when you can do that. It’s simple to maintain consistencies if you stick to what you’re used to.



Number 6


Wilson is the next name on our list. This ball is designed to offer distance as well as direction. Moreover, their Smart-Core technology is designed to show a player’s swing speed in the most accurate way possible.

Luckily, once you’re on the green, this occurrence is conveniently reversed. You’ll be able to control and spin your shots better on the green. This is something you’ll see on chip shots as well.

The ball is made up of two cores. The ball’s external cover is composed of an ionomer. It features a total of 432 dimples. It has an 85 compression rate. This is a substance that is well-known for its long-term resilience, even when subjected to harsh situations.

On both the tee and the green, there are rebuttals. The ball reacts to the iron by speeding off the tee. The inner core is responsible for this. The ball is softer when it comes into contact with the green.

A total of 24 balls are included in each package. You will receive eight sleeves, each with three balls. They debuted in 2017 and have been running great since then. It has a strong swing as well.



Number 7


The distance you’ll lose is one of the most valuable aspects of a slice. The ball will not increase distance when it begins to turn to the right.

When a golf ball is hit with slicing sidespin, it is unlikely that the ball was struck in the middle of the clubface. As a result, golfers who require a golf ball to help them correct their slicing also need something that can go a long way.

The Callaway Golf Supersoft is the ideal golf ball for this situation. This ball has one of the lowest compression levels on the market and provides excellent distance.

The Supersoft is inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors, and features a durable ionomer cover that will last over one round of golf. Despite the fact that the Supersoft is not a tour ball, slicers will benefit from its low spin and higher ball flight.



Number 8


The TaylorMade Noodle Golf Balls have also been available for a long time. All of those are long-distance golf balls with a gentle feel all around the greens.

 The Noodle’s soft Iothane cover makes them both durable and more comfortable to handle around the greens. As a result, it’s an excellent golf ball for newcomers.

The low spin and dimple pattern of the Noodle makes it an ideal ball for repairing a slice. You’ll get superb ball flight and reduced drag with the dimple design on the noodle.

In general, these golf balls are famous for having less side spin, especially on shots that aren’t particularly well struck.

Noodle golf balls always have been inexpensive, and they’re now among the lowest on the market. Another feature that makes them an excellent choice for individuals who slice is their ability to withstand high temperatures.

You may lose a golf ball or two during a round if you hit a lot of right-handed shots.



Number 9


The 72 was their prior model, which was quite excellent. They’ve surpassed themselves this time. The goal of this new construction was to deliver softness without sacrificing performance.

This means that the ball’s core still needed to launch high. Even so, a slow spin was required. The Pana-Tetra and the Rabalon HR+ layered ionomer cover are significantly thinner than the previous models’.

This does not imply a loss of suppleness. It’s a wonderful match for the 324 aerodynamic dimple patterns, which were just released. The main factors are dimple design and increased surface covering.

The ball has a better greenside control overall feel to it. On such shots, you’ll be able to get more spin. The Simple Dimple’s aerodynamic design minimizes drag, allowing for greater wind-cheating flight and distance.

You’ll be glad to learn that these balls have less spin off the tee, which helps to decrease slicing. This is due to the ionomer layer as well. Ball speed is also a bonus, as the low compression would suggest.



Number 10


In case, the ProV1 or TP5/TP5x isn’t in your budget, the Nitro ultimate distance golf ball can be a nice option. They are available in four different colors and come in a pack of fifteen balls for a very low price.

The term “cheap” does not imply “nasty.” These Nitro golf balls are exactly what you need.

They have a balanced dimple pattern that can help with longer shots and genuine feels by reducing drag. The Nitro balls also feature a two-piece design that allows them to fly further.

Titanium is used to create the core of a Nitro ball. Even if you hit it with wedges or drivers, it can aid in the transmission of energy from your club-head to the ball, giving you greater distance.

The Nitro balls have a Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover, unlike the other golf balls on my list.

They stated that their ball features a cut-proof, long-lasting surface that can withstand multiple knocks. Unfortunately, these balls aren’t soft enough for certain players in return for their durability.



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When purchasing golf balls for slice, what should you look for?

As now you know what the finest golf balls are for fixing a slice, you can start narrowing down which ones are best for your game. So here are some things to think about when buying a golf ball to assist you to fix your slicing.


Whenever people say this is a two-piece ball and that is a three-piece ball, you might recognize them. The number of parts goes into making a golf ball. The more components a golf ball has, the more expensive it is.

You don’t have to start practicing with the pricey five-piece ball if you’re having trouble with slices. It is sufficient to use a two-piece ball made of high-quality material. The true feel, accurate sound, and straight ball flight are all still there in these balls.

If you’re a low handicapper or a pro, a four- or five-piece construction ball is a good investment. It boasts the highest spin, distance, and all of the other performance advantages you’ll need for tournament play.


A golf ball’s core and cover materials are equally significant. Because this component has an impact on how a ball absorbs your force, spins, and moves.

A solid core consisting of synthetic or pressured rubber is now found in the majority of decent balls. It’s bigger than the cover and can affect how the ball hits and bounces.

Moreover, the ball’s durability and aerodynamics are determined by its thinner outer layer. This layer should be made of high-quality materials such as ionomer and urethane to provide a softer feel while remaining robust enough to withstand several impacts.

Compression Rate

The slower swing speed corresponds to the lower compression rate. Furthermore, a higher compression rate indicates that the ball is more durable and harder than one with a lower compression rate.

Choose one golf ball with a compression rate of 80 to 90 if you are a lady or an elderly player with a sluggish swing speed. Those balls will be softer than regular balls, absorbing more force and flying farther.

Therefore, the smoother the ball, the more difficult it is to regulate its trajectory. If you merely want to work on your short game, though, a low or ultra-low compression ball is the ideal option. Otherwise, you’ll have to go with balls with a mid to high compression rate.


The visibility of a golf ball is really crucial, whether you are an expert or a beginner. The shinier the ball, the easier it is to see it as it flies off the tee.

Furthermore, if a high-visible ball falls into a pond or thicket, it will be easy to spot. If the company only provides white balls, try the larger size. You’ll have a better sense of whether your ball is going straight or not.

Additionally, a ball’s vivid hue can aid in its retrieval. When preparing and playing, you can save a lot of money.


When you strike the ball, the dimple patterns have an effect on how it responds. They can control the ball’s trajectory and reduce air drag. On the other hand, a golf ball with no patterns is only used in practice in a small area and cannot provide golfers with the actual sense.

Dimples come in a variety of shapes. It can be either a round or a hex shape. The golf ball is only affected by the depth and quantity of dimples. My advice is to get a golf ball with 300–400 dimples.

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Low-spinning balls can travel more straight in the air and roll forward when they fall. And those are the perfect balls for beginners who are having trouble figuring out how to get out of slices and hooks.

On the other hand, these balls can be difficult to manipulate and do not provide the same level of sensation as the higher ones.

Just choose a low spinning golf ball if you do not need to practice chipping. You can also go with the mid-spinning option to have the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have had some questions for me after studying all of the evaluations and recommendations. I’ve answered the most often asked questions below. Verify it out; you might just find what you’re looking for.

What exactly is an Ionomer?

Ionomer has been discussed multiple times in this text. It’s a crucial component in the creation of some golf balls. Wherever urethane isn’t used, it’s usually replaced by urethane.

An Ionomer is also known as surlyn, which is a brand name for a version of the substance. The cost difference between ionomer and urethane is obvious, with the latter being more costly.

Currently, it’s most typically seen in the form of surlyn, a Dupont-developed version. It comprises ethylene and methacrylic acid, which combine to provide an excellent coating substance.

These Ionomer-coated items are typically more durable than urethane-coated items. Ionomer’s ability to reduce slicing in your shots is due to this. Check to see if the set you’re buying uses Ionomer instead of urethane.

Can a slice be caused by being too close to the golf ball?

Yes, it is possible. On the backswing, if you stand too near, the club will be too far away. On the other hand, standing too far away from the ball is not a good idea. You should better balance your weight on two feet and practice fixing slices more.

Is it better to fix a slice with a two-piece or three-piece golf ball?

This is really a difficult issue to answer since both two and three-piece golf balls have advantages. When you play with a two-piece golf ball, the ball’s spin is likely to be substantially lower.

Obviously, some players may struggle to adjust to the low spin around the greens, which may result in extra strokes in the short game.

 On the other hand, the three-piece golf ball will be able to deliver lower spin off the tee and reduced spin around the greens as well.

Though the three-piece ball has numerous advantages, it is more expensive. As a result, you may argue that either the two-piece or three-piece ball will suffice as long as you are satisfied with the ball’s pricing and quality.

What Happens When a Golf Ball Slices?

When you strike the ball with the wrong clubface angle, you can get a slice. A side-wipe is frequently caused by an open clubface. For this, our ball will fly inexactly and land in an unexpected location.

Can I play with a colored golf ball?

Colors of golf balls

Golfers who slice the ball will benefit from using a colored ball. Let us just face it, if you start slicing, you’ll start losing a lot of golf balls. Generally speaking, your shot will fly out far for a long period before making a sharp right turn.

When you make a quick turn, keeping an eye on the golf ball becomes more difficult. It will be easier to track the sliced shot if you keep an eye on it, but you may need some extra assistance. In thick rough or in the leaves around a tree, the colored golf ball will stand out a lot more.

The majority of golfers are discovering that identifying the colored golf ball while it is in the air is also becoming easier. This is a terrific approach to start cutting down on your overall golf ball prices.

Almost all of the golf balls on our top ten lists come in a variety of colors. The colors yellow, orange, and lime green appear to pop the most.

 Avoid the blue, red, and black golf balls since they are more difficult to acclimatize to when switching to colored golf balls.

Our Final Thought

You must analyze each of the balls on its own merits before making your final decision. To stand out in a crowded market, a variety of techniques are employed. Many of them will make selecting the proper golf ball more difficult.

Sawing the ball is unpleasant, but repairing a slice is one of the most satisfying aspects of the game. If you’ve ever sliced, you know that products that can repair a slice are well worth the investment.

We’ve come up with a list of top 10 best golf ball for slice that will help you lessen your slice and, in some cases, entirely eliminate it. Using any of these will surely provide you with the results you are looking for.

What’s the best way to deal with slicers in your opinion? Please share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, and don’t forget to pass along this helpful information to your friends. Have a fantastic game day!

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