The 15 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfer in 2023

best golf ball for average golfer

For your game, picking up the right golf ball is a pretty necessary thing to do. But the thing is, most of the people are actually choosing and using the wrong ones.

To improve your game, I’ll talk about the 14 Best Golf Ball for Average Golfer in this post.

For our average golfers,

In terms of value and performance, you have everything to gain as an average and, most likely, even a mid-handicap golfer. It is because the best golf ball for average golfer is not expensive and they cater simply perfectly to your style of play.

In the country, premium golf balls are made for more advanced players’ trend to highlight spin which means even the modest off-centre strike ends up right where you don’t want i.e. the rough.

Because of this kind of spin, fades turn to slices and draws to hooks. Premium means too expensive too on top of that.

Choose the golf ball that will not make you turn your back on the game due to affordability issues to continue the affordability and enjoyment of golf.

The good news is- the majority of golf balls are suitable for average players typically.

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Reviews of the 14 Best Golf Ball for the Average Golfer

Number 1


For average players, this is one of the most popular balls providing phenomenal distance, feel and control.

With a compression rating of 60, The Srixon Soft Feel is a 2-piece golf ball for the beginners and average golfers that develop medium spin.

To produce a highly resilient 71 compression super soft core The Srixon Soft Feel was engineered that gets progressively softer toward the center. From tee to green, this expends energy transfer for soft feel and greater distance.

By a 344 dimple lonomer cover with an advanced for maximum surface coverage and higher lift force pattern, the core of The Srixon Soft Feel ball is covered.

This increases ball speed and reduces the drag and spin off the driver resulting in incredible stability, distance and amazingly soft feel.



Number 2


With a compress rating of 75, The Srixon Q-Star is a high spin 3-piece golf ball aimed at intermediate to advanced golfer. This 3-piece golf ball is covered with an improved spin skin layer and has an energetic gradient growth core inside a thin urethane cover.

In the Srixon speed dimple pattern the urethane cover contains 324 dimples spread out over the ball. For enhanced ball flight, more control and longer distance, the dimple pattern creates low drag.

With moderate swing speeds, this generates the feel and performance of a tour golf ball and is aimed at golfers.

For the increase in feel and performance, The Q-Star sacrifices some durability and with the performance you will feel like a tour player that you will get from this ball.

With moderate swing speeds, the low compression core will control the spin and golfers will benefit greatly on straighter and longer shots.



Number 3


The 2-piece Callaway Supersoft is one of the most popular golf balls for average golfers. It has become one of the lowest compression balls because of the compression rating of 40 that is available.

With the help of the ultra-low compression core, it can promote increased accuracy and fast ball speed.

While promoting lift for longer carry distances, the incredibly soft Trionomer cover contains Callaway’s low drag HEX aerodynamics dimples for reduced drag.

With a soft feel on the clubhead, the Callaway supersoft is organized long and straight shots.

Without losing the feel and control on and around the green, A soft Trigonometry cover formulation keeps the spin rate low making it ideal for the intermediate golfer and the beginner.



Number 4


Snell has produced reliable results and has grown quite a following though it is a relative newcomer to the golf ball industry.

At a much lower investment, Snell MTB Black is almost comparable to some of the absolute best in the premium class of balls and the performance of them has been top class.

The Snell MTB Black has become one of the highest compression ratings in the class with a compression rating of 80 and enables the Snell Black to produce low spin for long distances with a fast core lowered compression of rating by 7%.

It reacts very well on the greens and the outer layer design provides the spin control preferred by batter players and you will experience low drag and low lift enabling you to control the ball flight and les ballooning in the air.



Number 5


Wilson created one of their most popular golf balls for the average golfer as a low-cost, high-performance ball.

The 2-piece ball has a compression rating of 50 and is designed for beginners to intermediate golfers. It’s a good choice for players looking for a low-cost golf ball with high performance.

Because of the enhanced rubber chemistry, the core is up to 22% softer than comparable balls. This contributes a great balance between a soft feel and a long-distance offering you the ultimate in golf ball control.

The outer layer is made of a new 302 PhD aerodynamics with a unique flat bottom for reduced air resistance and longer, more precise shots. To create a more stable and penetrating ball flight, Shallow dimples enables the ball to fly through the wind.

The extra yardage could put you in range on getting onto the green and closer to the pin for more eagles and birdies.

The ball’s longevity is aided with a new plastic slide pack, and there have been no complaints about its durability.



Number 6


Because of their overall performance and price, you’re actually going to love it and will be your one of the most favorite golf balls.

These are designed for those average golfers who can’t compress the ball that much. If you found a noodle on the course, this will help to last you the entire rest of the round.



Number 7


With a compression rating of 50 and Surlyn cover, the Bridgestone e12 soft is a 3-piece and high spin golf ball.

For intermediate to an advanced golfer with swing speeds below 105 miles per hour, the design is aimed at a higher launch angle and more carry.

On Bridgestone’s new Active Acceleration Mantle layer, the enhanced Delta Wing Dimple pattern on the cover creates improved aerodynamics features.

To increase thrust and higher initial velocity at contact to boost straight distance, the mantle comprises a new High-Performance Polymer. For an improved long game, the core is softer providing a less spin and a more forgiving feel.



Number 8


Titleist is one of the most well-known golf ball companies, and their Pro V1 and Pro V1x models are widely used on professional tours across the world.

Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about aspiring golfers and have created a wide range of golf balls to suit a wide range of swing speeds and golf swings.

The beginning to the intermediate golfer searching for good distance and control is the target market for this product. With a compression rating of 65, the new Tour Soft ball is a 2-piece construction delivering a high spin rate.

The ball promises a soft feel and improved spin control for longer shots.With the combination of the thin outer cover and the extra-large core, you will experience one of the softest golf balls in this category and you will find the largest core that Titleist has ever produced.

It is an exceptional golf ball in this category, capable of competing with the best in the field.

However, because Titleist is a premium ball manufacturer, the ball is more expensive than most, making it less appealing when compared to the best in the class.



Number 9


With a compression rating of 60, The TaylorMade Project (a) is a 3-piece golf ball that produces low spin. A tour-style ball for average golfers with handicaps between 8-18, has been released by The Project (a) TaylorMade.

This is one of the most competitive products on the market for average golfers. This ball will allow you to start shaping your shots as your game improves.

A larger, softer inner core is used in the dual-core design to reduce undesired spin and improve feel. For greater rebound and velocity, the inner core is covered by a stiffer outer core.

The outer core minimizes spin on your driver and long irons, as well as pinching the 322-dimple seamless urethane cover between the clubface and the greens to increase spin.

On the green, the stopping power is comparable to some premium tour golf balls.



Number 10


Our favorite distance choice for 2021 comes from Titleist. The Velocity provides multi-piece of a 2-piece golf ball for the price.

The Velocity provides a low compression core that helps slow swing speed without sacrificing distance for average golfers.

The Velocity’s ball flight is moderate to high, which is ideal for the average players who requires more distance and carry from their next shot.

The Titleist ball also boasts a low driver spin, which is ideal for swing speeds that require more accuracy to hit more fairways.



Number 11


Are you looking for high trajectory, soft feel, extraordinary distance and consistent flight in a golf ball? Then you are at the right place. It’s time to cross off all of these boxes, plus a few more.

It is because the Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Golf Balls are specially designed for the average player who doesn’t necessarily clash with distance.

Even so, these golf balls feature ZG Process Dual Core that helps to deliver outstanding distance on every shot.

It’s also a modestly priced option, which is another appealing feature for average golfers.  And the low spin on the long game and drop-and-stop control on the short game are the cherry on the cake.



Number 12


In the class of average golfers, Soft Feel Golf Balls are the way to go.

These Srixon balls are forgiving every time you enter mishit zone, similar to how golf drivers for women are designed with a large sweet spot to bring more forgiveness into play.

Just because you are an avenger golfer doesn’t imply you can swing quickly enough. So, at this time to achieve your distance goals, it will really help you.

It’s much effortless and easier to chip in comparison to distance balls and also good even around the green.



Number 13


For the best overall option on our list, the Titleist Pro V1 is our first choice.

The Titleist ball is at the top of the list for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it works wonders on the greens and is ideal for mid-handicappers trying to improve their game to the next level.

It’s the latest version of golf ball that provides the average golfer with an improved solid core that increases distance.

The ball has excellent low long game spin with the driver, allowing you to maintain the ball in the fairway and attack the green.



Number 14


If you want a golf ball that tour players love, the TaylorMade TP5x, our pick for best luxury alternative, is the ball for your game.

The TP5x is a sophisticated golf ball that works well around the greens and for players who need more distance from their golf balls.

The TP5x is a weapon to behold off the tee box. The multi-piece composition gives amazing length for an average player, making it one of the longest golf balls on the market.



If You are a Beginner this article may help you Best Golf Balls for Beginners.

Consider These Factors When Purchasing the Best Golf Ball for Average Golfer

So, while fitting your budget, it’s only profitable to buy golf balls that work in your favor. Here are some of the top topics about complete buying guide of golf balls suitable for average golfers:  

  1. Construction
  2. Compression
  3. Accuracy
  4. Dimple pattern
  5. Affordability
  6. Durability

Key Section Criteria

1. Construction

Do you know why does the construction of golf ball matter?

The construction of a golf ball matters because it’s this particular factor that decides how high and far it flies, how the ball spins, how much you can control it on the green and so on. So, choosing the right type of golf balls based on the level of your skills, it’s only logical and also much needed for you.

To improve the short game, if you need more feel and spin then you will need a different construction than someone that needs more distance and less spin.

To have a better understanding of the various types of construction and materials we will provide some more information here for you that which ball is more suitable for your playing style.

1-Piece Golf Ball

1-piece golf ball is the simplest construction of a golf ball that subsists of a single core and the outer cover. For beginner golfers, this is the most suitable construction that has the least spin of all the various constructions.

By driving ranges or businesses that prefer durability to the workability of the golf ball, this 1-piece golf ball is often used and if you once make consistent contact with the golf ball then you should moving on from the 1-piece golf ball.

2-Piece Golf Ball

The 2-piece golf ball provides you with a little more verity to your game which is one step up from the 1-piece golf ball.

2-piece golf ball is constructed from a solid rubber core that is surrounded by either Surlyn cover that is more abrasion-resistant and durable or urethane.

Beginners that want some extra distance and have mastered the basics will often move onto the 2-piece golf ball that rolls out further than any other type of golf.

That means when it comes to achieving a higher rollout, the 2-piece golf ball is best for beginners who need a lot of assistance.

3-Piece Golf Ball  

First of all, you have to know who is suitable for the 3-piece golf ball. The 3-piece golf ball is suitable for those who have a good grip on their game and they are often used by some professional golfers too.

The 3-piece golf ball is constructed from an internal rubber core and then around that core, it’s constructed with another second layer of rubber. Then the two layers are highly wrapped into an outer cover made from double Surlyn.

You can generate more spin and will experience a softer feel on the clubface. This will help you to exercise more control over the ball as well as more stopping control.   

4-Piece Golf Ball

 The 4-piece golf balls are highly made for professional golfers to fine-tune their spin control on the green so the average golfers should stay away from it.

With the help of a solid rubber core wrapped by two separate layers and a soft urethane outer cover, the 4-piece golf ball has consisted.

5-Piece Golf Ball

The 5-piece golf ball is the most complex golf ball that is currently available and it is only used by very professional or advanced golfers. The 5-piece golf balls are the most expensive golf balls on the market.

As an average golfer, you should know the fact that every layer is designed for catering to a different type of golf shot.

When you’ll become a professional golfer you can also use 4 and 5-piece golf balls unconditionally. Just have faith in yourself and be confident.

2. Compression (For feel, distance and spin)

The thing is, you can focus on buying golf balls that don’t necessarily travel far only if you have the ability to develop enough distance. But when the case is opposite then what matters the most is the wedge rating of the ball.

To get more control along with a straighter shot, the higher wedge allows the golf ball to travel more distance and the lower wedge yields less rejected spin. That means as an average golfer, it all depends on what you want.

Low-wedge ones are softer that creates more distance when your swing speed is below-average or average.

3. Accuracy

All golfers are well aware of the role that if you want your shots to be accurate then multi-layered golf balls are the best. With an average swing speed, these are perfect for mid-handicappers.

Needless to say, choosing the right golf ball for you will aid in your quest for the most authentic shots that you can hit as well as you can improve the accuracy of your shots through practice.

4. Dimple Pattern

Do you have any idea what dimples do? They produce a smoother golf ball flight after minimizing drag. So, while shallower dimples generate lower spin along with a higher trajectory, the deeper dimple pattern implies higher spin.

So, you should be choosing the latter of course as an average-level golfer.

5. Affordability

A golf ball is a product that has to be replaced very often unlike most golf equipment that is purchased once-off and then used for many years. Balls will tend to scuff and will need replacement if you do not lose them.

Just a simple truth- no golf ball is made to last forever so you’ll definitely need replacement of them.

Between the various construction brands and methods, the prices of golf balls can vary tremendously and if you lose a few golf balls, choosing the most expensive balls available can make your round expensive.

By selecting golf balls to suit your budget and where your game is at, you can control the costs luckily. Buy a less expensive golf ball and make sure that you have plentiful stock for the round if you know that you’ll lose some balls in a round.

You can always change to a less expensive ball if you find that you are losing too many from your selected expensive golf ball.

 Choose the golf ball that will not make you turn your back on the game due to affordability issues to continue the affordability and enjoyment of golf.

The good news is- the majority of golf balls suitable for average players typically come in packs of twelve with the price ranging anywhere between $5-50 per dozens

6. Durability

The fact is, durability totally depends on the construction of the outer layer. Expect a long-lasting lifespan which means less scuffing and more abrasion resistance, if it’s Surlyn. And if this outer layer is made of urethane then the durability takes a slight hit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Golf Ball Technology Important?

It wasn’t always like this. But things are different now, thanks to new technology that allows golfers to optimize their talents while compensating for their weakness. As a result, you’ll be able to take more controlled and longer shots.

Golf balls featuring incredible characteristics like HEX Aerodynamics, ZG Process Dual Core, and spherically-tiled dimples, among others that have a positive impact on the control and power of your shots.

As a result, you get to compensate for any shortcomings. After all, the technologies have a great impact on how high and how far the ball travels while retaining energy.

What Does Average Golf Handicap Means?

The average golf handicap is roughly 18 on a scale of one to ten. This handicap is classified as a mid-range handicap, and golfers with this handicap are known as mid handicappers.

Low handicappers are golfers who have a handicap of less than ten. High handicappers are golfers who consistently score over 95.

To be called an average golfer with an average handicap, a player must consistently score between 80 and 90 points on a regular basis. Average handicap golfers seldom three-putt and rarely hit the golf ball over 250 yards with their driver.

Due to the soft feel and sophistication afforded by the design, these players also play multi-piece balls.

How mph Average Swing Speed is?

For an average distance of 215 yards, the average swing speed with the driver is around 90 mph.

Clubhead speed is directly related to a golfer’s handicap. The handicap for players with average swing speeds rests around 18.

 Professional and advanced amateur golfers commonly hit the ball over 275 yards with an average swing speed of over 105 mph.

For both men and women, the peak age for clubhead speed is around 30 years old. Golfers with their driver speed, range averaged 100 mph in this age.

Is It Possible To Boost Distance With the Type of Golf Ball You Select?

Fortunately, by using low-compression golf balls, you can gain greater yardage. Many average golfers who are improving on their swing speed choose golf balls with aerodynamics because they reduce drag and increase distance.

When Should I Upgrade My Ball?

When you start to observe diminishing returns with your game, it’s time to upgrade your golf ball. Let’s imagine you’ve played ten times in the last ten days and your shot quality has dramatically improved, but your score has remained consistent.

Once this occurs, you must be honest with yourself about your game and where it stands, since this will determine the type of ball you should seek.

To take the next step in their golfing journey, most average golfers need to think bigger with their golf ball.

What Is The Best Overall Golf Ball?

The Titleist Pro V1 is the best overall golf ball.

The Titleist ball has been constructed with stunning creativity that provides unbelievable shot shaping capabilities along with extended distance, wonderful response and feel with the putter, and high spin from inside 100 yards.  

The adaptability of the Titleist ball with each shot is what makes it so popular among professional golfers. Whatever you need the ball to do, it is capable and always available.

In the end, The Titleist ball’s performance on each shot will ultimately determine by the golfer’s skill level.

Do Golf Balls Make Difference for Average players?

Definitely for average players, new golf balls can make a huge difference. A better ball can not only produce more spin and distance, but it can also lower drag for a longer flight and carry.

Because the average players have slower swings, new golf balls can help them maintain a strong baseline for a longer period of time.

Even if you choose a soft feel ball for your next ball, the extra spin will provide you better control in the short game. This improved accuracy from within 100 yards can aid shorter birdie and par putts and help lower scores.

Our Final Thoughts

Choosing a golf ball for average golfer is a difficult task, since several candidates have very identical attributes and specifications. The one that suits your golf swing and preferences will be the final decision.

Unwavering advocates of a specific brand could be influenced by the brand.

There are no poor golf balls among the ones we looked at in this category. Yes, each one has its own characteristics, and some will fly further, spin faster, and feel softer than others.

The one you choose will be the one that combines the criteria to your liking.

The Srixon Soft Feel and the Callaway Supersoft are two golf balls that stood out for you among the fierce competition. They may not be the greatest in every category, but they provide greater overall value and performance.

Keep one thing in mind at the end of the day that you should use a golf ball that is appropriate for your swing speed and handicap, whatever they may be.

Every golf ball is made differently. Some generate more spin, some feel softer, some fly farther, and on and on. But, most average golfers demand low spin on the whole, to make sure that even their less frequent mishits on track.

But that isn’t the whole truth. Many average-skilled players place a premium on distance as well.

By a whisker, the Callaway Supersoft takes first place in the category of best golf ball for the average golfer. Its low compression core and soft outer cover combine to give you the best of both worlds: plush feel and longer drives around the greens.

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