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Best Golf Ball for 10 Handicap

The most complete answer for average golfers appears to be the best golf ball for 10 handicap. Choosing the best ones will help us enhance our handicapped digits, raise our scores, and make our games simpler.

Most people consider you an above-average golfer if you have a 10 handicap. You’ll have days when you’re on the verge of breaking par and others when you’re fighting to keep your score below 90. The greatest golf ball for you should have a soft feel, be consistent across the course, and be extremely durable.

Anyone who enjoys the game of golf understands how difficult it can be. Sport equipment makers also strive to make it easier for participants to participate in the sport. And the best way to accomplish it is to discover the best product.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of features to assist you in your selection for the top best golf ball for a 10-handicap player. Allow me to assist you by listing my top 10 best golf ball for a 10 handicap in 2021.

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Reviews of Our Top 10 Best Golf Ball for a 10 Handicap

Please review my list to determine what the best golf ball for a 10 handicap is if you want to improve your game and learn how to deal with the issues of golf balls and throwing forces.


These Callaway Supersoft versions have an unrivaled spin and a high bouncing level. When you apply a lot of pressure on them, they become soft.

Throughout the game, the unit will provide you more control and improved performance. As a result, they are appropriate for all golfers.

They are expensive, but they have a four-piece construction that is the closest to the Tour class. Most players want to reach this level. During your battles, it will surprise you with its speed, spin, and performance control.




If you are looking for a soft golf ball and a double-digit handicap that will do everything for your game, I recommend you to try our Titleist Tour Soft golf balls. These balls have a unique cover characteristic and a low compression core to provide average players a true tour feel.

Although it’s not made of urethane or ionomer, it’s durable enough to survive a few rounds of golf. The 4CE is comparable to ionomer polymer, but it is thinner, which helps the ball feel better off the clubface.

The new side stamp design is another fantastic feature of these balls that is liked by some golfers. It stands out from the rest of the Titleist stamps. The “T-shape” can help you putt more accurately, and you won’t need to mark any lines on the ball.




This Callaway model has a low spin rate. However, you can have more control over how far the ball travels.

The Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis is an excellent enhancement to your game, particularly on the greens. It’s the smoothest Callaway ever made, and it’s possibly the smoothest option available.

This option is ideal for players with a swing velocity of less than 90 or a handicap of less than ten. They provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime performance that was before only a fantasy.

Its body shape makes it excellent for senior players who have strong skills but lack distance. They’ll be able to play as they did in the ancient days with Callaway’s Supersoft.




The Titleist Pro V1 golf balls have a high launch. You can maximize distance while maintaining control with an optimum trajectory. If you ask any player what they really want from a golf ball, you’ll find that distance and control are almost at the top of their list.

Another feature we like about Pro V1s is how their spin level varies according to whatever club you choose. You won’t be able to spin the ball much with your long irons, but you’ll be able to land the ball safely.

Because you’ll be attacking from a steep angle with your short irons, a lack of spin won’t be a problem. The ball will land and stop inside a restricted radius even if it is not spinning.

The only discomfort you’ll experience with one of them is when you take your first step onto the tee and drive it far into the trees. Losing a ball is never enjoyable, but losing a brand new Pro V1 is even worse.




Dual dimple technology is the weirdest or most distinctive feature of the Bridgestone Tour B XS ball. As a result of this design, you’ll notice that there’s a greater distance.

This dimple system aids in the enhancement of launch angle and aerodynamics. Simply said, you can hit it harder for longer with the same or less effort.

The Reactive Urethane cover is frequently mentioned by Bridgestone. We can’t say we blame them; it’s creative and effective. The ball cover responds differently depending on the loft and club speed.

The technique not only enables your wedges to stop faster, but it also helps your woods and long irons to carry and roll more smoothly.

It’s no wonder that this ball is gaining favor among average golfers, given the growing number of professional players who use it. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best golf ball for a 10 handicapper that can help you increase the distance to your game.




A player with a mid-handicap does not need to use an ultra-soft ball always. . To achieve more yards, choose a mid-compression ball such as the Titleist Velocity. It has a soft feel, low spin, and a steady trajectory.

The Titleist Velocity ball has a unique cover. It isn’t typically ionomer or urethane that you see. It’s the combination of the NAZ and Surlyn. It’s as tough as the Surlyn, but softer and more sensitive. This substance plays an important role in the ball’s force absorption.

In this scenario, you don’t need to swing quicker to hit the ball further. The Velocity ball itself functions as a spring mechanism, allowing you to convert your speed into yards faster while maintaining ball control. Even when using mid or long irons, this ball performs admirably.

In addition, the Titleist Velocity comes in four colors and three new matte surfaces. With an anti-UV light shield, you may now play pink, orange, or green balls. They’re helpful in keeping track of the ball’s flight in the sky and on the golf course.




The Titleist Pro V1 is the first golf ball that springs to me when I think of it. It will meet your needs even if you’re a beginner or a professional golfer. According to the package, this is the “#1 Ball in Golf.” This brand has made a strong statement, so now is the time to put the ball to trial.

You’ll need a ball that can go a considerable distance off the tee whenever you start a golf hole. This ball is ideal for tee strokes since it has less spin, resulting in increased distance and consistency in flight.

If you’re a professional golfer, you’re probably aware of how important it is to get a little spin while putting. This ball will provide you with the necessary spin on the green.

The manufacturer has changed the design of the ball in order to improve control. The ball features a 352 tetrahedral dimple design that is spherically tiled.




Distance, sensation, and contact are all issues that older players with a mid-handicap score have. If you’re one of them, I propose the Srixon Soft Feel, my pick for the best golf ball for seniors.

The Srixon Soft Feel balls, which are in the mid-price category, can please us with all of their qualities and characteristics. A decent golf ball for every player is one with a thin ionomer cover, a quick layer core, and typical tour quality color.

The ball is smoother and more responsive thanks to its low compression rate (60) and 2-piece design. These Srixon balls will forgive your errant strokes, straighten your ball trajectory, and make it easier for you to hit the target.

Each ball contains 338-speed dimples that assist the ball to obtain a high launch on every club by reducing drag. With them, you can obtain the distance and greenside spin you need even if your swing speed is modest.




From tee to green, TaylorMade Distance Plus delivers tremendous distance and consistency. Smoothness is available, which golfers of all ability levels will appreciate.

A good unit will enhance anyone’s game and help them fall even more in love with golf. It is not just for small handicaps or professionals.

If you’ve never tried a TaylorMade product yet, there’s no better way to get started than with the Distance Plus model and take the course.

The new urethane cover on the TaylorMade allows you to create more friction against the club and achieve even greater control.




The brand designed this ball intending to reduce spin while teeing off and providing better control while playing on the green. Bridgestone has included a Urethane cover system that is 20% thinner than its predecessors in order to achieve its goal.

The ball is designed with mental layers to travel more distance with greater accuracy and less backspin. The brand knows that if the ball varies during flight, the game might be destroyed. As a result, the 330 Dual Dimple Technology is used to ensure improved consistency throughout the flight.

On dark weather days, your visibility may be hampered, making it harder to identify the golf ball. As a result, you might pick a yellow ball for better visibility.

The ball’s outer core is neither too tough nor too soft. It has exactly the proper amount of toughness. You’ll have a better notion of the real distance with each swing.



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Things to Think About When Buying Golf Balls for a Golfer with a 10 Handicap

We’ve simplified the ball choosing process for you by providing some useful information that will assist you in selecting your ideal golf ball.

Aside from that, our in-depth assessment of the top 10 best golf ball for a 10 handicap will give you an idea of what qualities to look for when choosing a decent golf ball.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind while looking for the best golf balls:


The cost of a golf ball is determined by its structure, which also influences the ball’s speed and consistency. A ball’s price increases as the number of layers increases.

However, this does not imply that you must purchase a multi-layer golf ball in order to play. A 2-piece one is a typical design that can provide all of the essential features required by most golfers.

If you lose more than two sleeves on a regular basis, an inexpensive ball like the TaylorMade Noodle is the best option. My recommendation is to try to reduce your ball loss before going on to the 3 or 4-layer balls.

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The first thing you should look at is the compression of a golf ball. Nobody here wants to hit a ball as hard as they would hit a rock. It must be soft and sensitive enough to provide a realistic experience while avoiding damage to your club faces.

The harder the ball is, obviously, the more yards it may fetch you. If you want to achieve some distance, a golf ball containing surlyn, ionomer, or these two related compounds is ideal. If the sensation is prior, I would like to recommend you to go with the urethane cover.

Nowadays, many golf balls are designed to be soft to some extent. You may need to mix the cover material and the compression rate, as well as the testing results, to get the best sensation off the tee.


All golfers, especially mid-handicappers, require a distance golf ball, in my view. Without exerting more power, we want to hit it farther with our irons.

A great distance ball will have a thin cover, a high-reacting core, and maybe some stiff layers in between to improve energy transmission. The more length a ball can get, however, the more sensation it needs to sacrifice.

Before purchasing a distance golf ball, you should think about your target, swing speed, and even pricing range.

Spin and Control

A golf ball with outstanding control and spin can help you lower your handicap and progress to the next level. However, you must examine the kind of games in which you need to develop.

 In most cases, low spin balls are used for long shots while high spin balls are used for approach games.

A harder ball cover can help with control, but it’s difficult for practically average players to minimize spin on long irons. A soft one may perform better, but an ultra-soft one may be detrimental to swing speeders with medium or high swing speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After studying all of the above, I’m sure you have a lot of questions that need to be answered. As a result, I’ve chosen the most commonly asked questions and provided answers below. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for down there.

What is the best golf ball for a player with a handicap of 10?

If you’re a first-class golfer with a 10-handicap who’s steadily developing, the premium balls can be considered a near-must-have option for you.

Choose balls that will provide you with a lot of spin and control on short irons and approaches. As a result, you’ll have no trouble working the ball in fade and draw.

All of them promise a gentle touch and a lot of spin in wedge and approach shots. They have less spin with the driver to maximize the launch and get greater distance.

What Is the Average Golfer’s Handicap?

The average handicap for women is 27.5 and 14.2 for men, according to USGA handicap index figures updated in 2020 on These figures apply only to golfers in the United States.

Do any professionals use yellow golf balls?

The popularity of colored golf balls is slowly growing. Decades ago, yellow or orange balls were virtually only accessible in inexpensive labels or no-name brands. The well-known big manufacturers are now offering alternate colors as well.

Those who love the classic track will naturally remain with the white ball. However, several professional golfers are now using yellow balls on their tours.

Of course, that’s a marketing ploy to remove the popular golfer’s timidity and encourage him to believe in himself. Only when the player tees up his brand new yellow branded ball at a course that has forbidden this specific color version is it really unpleasant.

A new section of the course regulations has been added by certain golf clubs. During a round of golf, the golfer is not permitted to use yellow golf balls on the course. Whether it’s a personal round or a publicly announced tournament, it doesn’t seem to matter.

Our Final Thought

When you choose not to replace the balls after numerous tests, your performance may be impaired, resulting in a lower probability of winning.

Continue to use the same ones, and your game will marge as a result of your practice.

Keep the fact in mind that the most appropriate balls are determined by the player’s attributes. Beginners should aim to gain meters with every shot, while more experienced players should aim for more precision. In a sentence, you will be guided by your sensations.

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