Shimla Akter

Welcome! Hey I am Shimla Aktar. I have been a golf enthusiast since I was 16 years old. When my brother gave me a set of golf clubs, I fell in love with the game and haven't been able to put them down since. I was always looking for the best products, training guides, tips, and tricks to help me improve at golf. After researching for years, I decided to put together a website where I could share what I had learned with the world, or at least with people in the same situation as me. Then Golfers Park came into being! Our objective at Golfers Park is to present our readers with high-quality content that will hopefully result in more pars and birdies on the course and in-depth evaluations of the latest and greatest golfing equipment, all while having fun discussing golf. When we cannot play on the system, it aids in satisfying our golfing needs.