Best 6v Golf Cart Battery for Your Needs!

Best 6v Golf Cart Battery

Golfers who spend significant time on the course and occasionally need to expedite the process might be wise to invest in a golf cart. This is not a cheap product, but it is worth the money.

Typically, an electric golf cart can travel between 8 and 13 miles on a single battery charge. However, this varies depending on the battery’s model and design and the cart’s voltage.

It’s critical to remember that the range gained per battery charge depends on whether a 2- or 4-seater vehicle is powered and the amount of luggage or weight carried.

According to one calculation, a round of golf requires approximately 40 minutes of run time, and if discharged at 56 amps, an average of two games per charge is possible.

When looking for the best 6-volt golf cart batteries, keep in mind that they aren’t all the same. It’s worth taking the time to figure out which ones will work best for you!

To help you choose the best 6-volt battery for your golf cars, I will tell you what I know from real life. Additionally, you will gain a thorough understanding of which 6-volt golf cart battery is ideal for you.

  1. Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105
  2. Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-4CT
  3. ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery
  4. Universal Power Group UBGC2 Sealed AGM
  5. UPG UB12350 (Group U1) Compatible Replacement Battery,
  6. NPP 6V 225Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 3 Best 6-Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Number 1


We were astounded to learn about the Trojan brand’s experience in this industry, as they have been in the market and in demand since 1925. Trojan’s 6-volt battery is a deep cycle flooded lead-acid battery ideal for golf cart applications.

Even on the hottest days, you can ride your cart around the course because this battery ejects at a slower rate. With a hybrid combination of strength, velocity, and quality, this battery sets the standard high for competitors and will earn a spot on your shortlist.

This Trojan battery is a superior flood leaded battery that has been engineered for long life, dependability, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced action performance.

One of the many reasons this became our top pick is the battery’s life cycle, which can easily be charged and discharged 750 times, making it one of the giant batteries on the market.

You no longer need to be concerned about battery degradation since the deep cells in this battery avoid degradation caused by frequent charging and are ideal for regular and periodic high-power usage.

You’ll be amazed by his battery, which features a 225 Ah capacity at a 20-hour rate and a 6-volt output voltage suitable for riding small to medium-sized motors.

We loved how little maintenance this battery requires, as it encourages you to enjoy countless carefree and infinite hours.

We conclude that this battery is highly durable. You may play golf as often as you like because it has an estimated 750 cycles and provides enough power for 200+ golf rounds even when used at its maximum capacity of 75Ah.

Product of Final Verdict:

“Extremely Satisfied User My T-105 Batteries Perform Significantly Better Than Specifications.”



Number 2


The Lifeline Marine AGM battery is designed for marine applications and is ideal for golf carts. We were astounded to learn that the golf cart marine RV battery is hand-made in the USA and has been authorized for use in US Military vehicles by the US Coast Guard. Thus, this demonstrated that this battery is well worth purchasing and quality is not an issue.

The GPL marine AGM battery is a cost-effective and adaptable deep-cycle battery. This battery is highly active in the number of deep cycles it can perform and is a market leader in battery life cycles.

 This battery is constructed to be highly durable and will easily last 1000 cycles at 50% thick charge and 750 cycles at 80% deep discharge.

Lifeline Marine AGM batteries are well-known for their compatibility with the broadest range of available chargers.

This AGM golf cart marine battery results from a highly productive design that includes ease of use and an appealing appearance.

You can end your fears of being abandoned on long-distance journeys with this shift toward 220 Ah power at a 20-hour pace.

Product of Final Verdict:

“These are wonderful batteries. We have four of these and use them for powerboat accessories.”



Number 3


Genuine ExpertPower batteries have also made the list of the most popular brands, and most giant sealed lead-acid batteries on the market today.

This battery is both a deep cycle and a rechargeable battery, and it is constructed with the highest quality materials.

We appreciated this user-friendly battery because it is straightforward and includes a one-time installation option.

You can use this battery for up to 2-3 months without recharging it in intermittent usage situations. Additionally, this battery retains a single charge for an extended period.

What we found fascinating is that this battery utilizes AGM technology, which results in a wide operating temperature range. This battery is constructed in a twisted configuration to ensure the highest possible quality.

This 12v 33ah battery is another lead-acid battery, which means it has a low self-discharge rate and is a dependable source of power.

 We observed nothing negative about the quality assurance process, as this is one of the best golf cart batteries on the market.

Their cost-effective battery powers your cart quickly and has two battery screw covers. It is also suited for use in other sorts of vehicles.

Product of Final Verdict:

 “After three months on a power wheel, it is still in excellent condition.”



Number 4


The UPG (Universal Power Group) is an Asian manufacturing company that manufactures this incredible AGM battery.

This battery features spill-proof technology, which protects it from damage. Throughout its service life, the battery will not require any water.

This is a multipurpose battery, so that you may use it for various reasons. The battery is a deep-cycle battery that you can install in any orientation.

The battery case is excellent, and the interior components of this product are of exceptional quality.

Product of Final Verdict:

“A durable, well-protected spill-proof, vibration-proof battery designed for usage on all terrains.”



Number 5


Since 1968, Universal Power Group has been a leader in the battery industry and is one of the leading manufacturers of quality golf cart batteries. Their up ub12350 12-volt battery is one of the most influential, robust, and state-of-the-art batteries. This sealed lead-acid battery is valve-regulated and available in 35Ah or 75Ah capacities.

We were taken aback by the fact that it contains non-corrosive components and a strong fiberglass pad with an electrolyte stabilized in a specific location.

You do not need to maintain this battery because it is a sealed unit. And most importantly, this battery is vibration- and spill-proof, making it suitable for all terrains, including hilly, rocky, rough, and more, due to its strength and well-protected plastic cover.

We discovered that this battery is rechargeable, and after trying it in various situations, we found that you can put it in any position.

This battery incorporates AGM technology, which provides a high-temperature capacity, making it suitable not only for golf carts but also for autos, ATV bikes, snowmobiles, buzzer networks, and UPS systems.

Product of Final Verdict:

“They’re wonderful and exactly what I was looking for. I intend to purchase other items.”



Number 6


This battery is perfect for those who need a large capacity and want to save money and energy.

It’s also a good option for those who need the battery to be lightweight, as it only weighs about 10 pounds. Durable and long-lasting, made with the latest technology to ensure 10-year service life.

Product of Final Verdict:

“NPP batteries are great for people who require a battery that works in both fresh and saltwater. They have an excellent discharge rate and are resistant to vibration. “



Essential Things To Consider While Buying The Best 6V Golf Cart Battery


Golf batteries are available in 6, 8, and 12-volt configurations. As you are probably aware, voltage refers to the pressure required to generate an electrical current or the battery’s stability.

Before purchasing a golf cart battery, you must determine the voltage needed for your golf cart. As a result, we recommend selecting as per your cart’s criteria.


We measured the amperage of each battery stated, calculating the strength capacity and indicating the amount of power your battery may provide when your cart is working.

We recognized that the amperage capacity is the steady force that keeps your cart going. You can select a battery with a more significant amperage capacity.


According to our experience, the heavier batteries are more stable and have a lower chance of falling out while riding the cart. In contrast, we discovered that the heavier batteries add additional weight to your cart, reducing the voyage.

As a result, our staff recommends that you choose an excellent battery rather than a lighter or heavier one.

Type of Batteries

A variety of factors determines the sort of battery you require. Golf cart batteries are available in three basic configurations. While they all operate admirably, they also have unique traits that may be advantageous for your particular needs.

Flooded lead-acid batteries

The most prevalent battery on the market is the flooded lead-acid battery. They are adaptable in terms of design and application.

They are available in a variety of sizes and are not sealed. This implies that you can replace any electrolytes that have been lost. These batteries use lead plates and sulphuric acid as their electrolyte.

Gel lead-acid batteries

A thickening agent keeps the electrolyte still in lead-acid gel batteries. It is unable to move freely. This is ideal if you bike aggressively. If your battery becomes cracked, it will continue to operate normally. The only disadvantage is that it is enclosed.

AGM lead-acid batteries

AGM lead-acid batteries are a relatively recent innovation. A fiberglass separator is used to keep the electrolyte contained in these batteries. AGM batteries are regarded as one of the most durable battery solutions due to their spill-proof nature, vibration resistance, and resistance to impacts.


When beginning your search for a golf cart battery, it is critical to establish a budget and work within its constraints. Simply evaluate the comprehensive list of features, disadvantages, remark name, email, website, and reviews.

As a result, we’ve given you an overview of the best golf batteries available.


We discovered that many batteries operate admirably in the beginning but degrade rapidly after six months. As a result, we suggest that you double-check and verify the manufacturer’s warranty conditions.

Additionally, you must determine whether the guarantee covers the entire battery or merely specific components. We conclude that manufacturers who are confident in their product will provide you with a lengthy warranty battery.


Batteries are not indestructible. They will fail after a predetermined number of cycles. A cycle is a process by which electricity is charged and discharged.

Each time you discharge and recharge your battery, the life of the battery decreases. The majority of batteries have a cycle life of 700 to 1,500 cycles. Choose batteries with superior cycling technology and a guaranteed lifespan.

Cycle Duration

Golf cart batteries must be capable of performing deep cycles. These batteries have a large capacity, and most owners make the most of them.

As a result, charging and discharging cycles are prolonged. This puts the battery under stress. Fortunately, high-density lead plates and other reinforcements enable longer cycle times and continuous charging.

Read Customer Reviews and View Ratings

It is now usual practice to look at the ratings and reviews of a product before making an online purchase. Any reputable product will have a 5-star rating and thorough reviews demonstrating its effectiveness.

If there are any bad reviews, ensure that you read them thoroughly to determine whether the issues addressed correspond to your expectations.

If you believe the product’s reviews are legitimate, you should purchase it.

Return and Exchange Policy

Occasionally, a product may be incompatible with your vehicle. If the battery does not perform satisfactorily, it is in your best interest to return it.

Before you purchase a product, verify its return or replacement policy. In this manner, you can either receive a refund or a replacement for the damaged goods shipped to you.

Test It Out:

Before purchasing any particular battery, you should test to determine how well it functions with your golf cart. The following are some pointers on how to accomplish this:

  • The most precise method is the multimeter method.
  • Additionally, the Hydrometer Method is commonly utilized.
  • For wet cell batteries, discharge testing is ideal.
  • Load testing is frequently performed on golf cart batteries.

It would be beneficial if you conducted all battery testing at room temperature. Temperature variations of a significant magnitude can affect the test findings.

When storing batteries, it is critical to monitor the room temperature since it should not be too hot or too low, which will shorten the battery’s life.

FAQs about Best 6v Golf Cart Battery

Is it possible to go from 8-volt to 6-volt batteries?

It is entirely dependent on the voltage of your golf cart. This is not a problem if you can make it work with 6-volt batteries rather than 8-volt batteries. For example, you can choose between 6-volt, 8-volt, or 12-volt batteries in a golf cart with 24 or 36 volts.

Because you are replacing 8-volt batteries, you will want four or six 6-volt golf cart batteries to operate your golf cart at the required voltage.

Is it possible to power a golf cart with batteries from different manufacturers?

Yes, technically. Each battery must have identical specs (Amp/h) to die simultaneously and be replaced concurrently.

Is it possible or safe to replace a 6-volt golf cart battery with a 12-volt one?

Yes, that is doable. It depends on the make and model of the golf cart you own. For instance, if you have a 36-volt golf cart and wish to upgrade to 12-volt batteries, you can add three 12-volt batteries instead of six 6-volt batteries. This is relatively safe to do.

How long does a 6-volt golf cart battery typically last?

It varies according to the brand, the product, and intended use. A golf cart battery should typically last at least five years. You can recycle the old battery and replace it with a new one.

Last Thinking

With the correct golf cart battery, you can ride for hours and enjoy your favorite hobbies, whether they are golfing, hanging around the country club’s green areas, or anything else.

Choosing a battery with the appropriate voltage and sufficient capacity to cover longer distances is critical.

You’ll find some of the top golf cart batteries available in our review area. You can choose which one is the best for you with the purchasing advice.

It is critical to properly care for the battery by draining it to the recommended DOD and charging it using a charger that supports the manufacturer’s requirements.

Additionally, we recommend that you store your battery ultimately charged. If it is reserved for an extended period, it may self-discharge.

 Therefore, it is critical to check the charge level regularly to guarantee it is in good condition for the next time you use it to ride in your golf cart.

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